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Vaccine Awareness Week

September 30th to October 6th, 2012

National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC) and Mercola.com are co-sponsoring the third annual Vaccine Awareness Week Sept. 30-Oct. 6, 2012. A series of articles published during the week will support increased consumer education and empowerment to protect informed, voluntary vaccine decision-making in America. Article topics include:

  • Impact of government influenza death "estimates on flu shot mandates, promotion and sales;
  • Vaccines using genetically modified organisms and the association between companies selling vaccines and GMO seeds;
  • The responsibility of doctors to inform parents about the complications of vaccines, as well as the complications of diseases;
  • Importance of becoming educated about both sides of the vaccine safety and informed consent debate highlighted in the film documentary "TheGreater Good."
Vaccine Awareness Week Articles 

Dr. Joseph Mercola Interviews Dr. Lawrence Palevsky About Vaccination and Health
Posted on: October 6, 2012

Holistic pediatrician Dr. Lawrence Palevsky talks with Dr. Joseph Mercola of Mercola.com, about how parent concerns about vaccine safety prompted him more than a decade ago to take a closer look at the quality and quantity of vaccine science. Read more...


Influenza Deaths: The Hype vs. The Evidence
Posted on: October 3, 2012

The CDC has been telling the public for nearly a decade that an estimated 63,000 people die from influenza in the U.S. every year. A review of Vital Statistics data shows this number is grossly iaccurate. Read more...


Are You Concerned Over Genetically Modified Vaccines?
Posted on: October 2, 2012

Genetically modified vaccines are already being produced - some are even on the recommended U.S. vaccine schedule - even though we know very little about their long-term effects. Read more...


How Vaccine Policy & Law Threatens Parental Rights In America
Posted on: September 30, 2012

Rigidly maintaining the assumption that an ever increasing number of vaccines must be mandated “for the greater good” is a dangerous assumption that fails to take into account the possibility that one-size-fits-all mass vaccination policies may be contributing to the rise in chronic disease and disability among children.  Read more...



Act Now to Protect Vaccine
Exemptions & Parental Rights

Vaccine laws and policies are made at the state level. Join like-minded individuals in your state to protect and expand vaccine exemptions.

State Vaccine RequirementsState Vaccine Requirements

Learn about your state vaccine law, including medical and non-medical exemptions.

Disease & VaccinesVaccine Ingredients CalculatorLearn more about the risks and complications of infectious diseases and vaccines.

How To Legally Take Vaccine Exemptions in the U.S.How to Avoid Vaccinations

As you read this work and put its principles into practice, there are two basic axioms you never want to forget. They are the rock upon which all your actions are based.


Mini Guide to Flu and Flu Vaccines

Mini Guide to Flu and Flu Vaccines

This free guide answers frequently asked questions about flu prevention and flu vaccine safety.


Vaccine Ingredients Calculator

Vaccine Ingredients Calculator

Calculate the total amount of ingredients in vaccines your doctor may recommend.


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