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Request Materials & resources from NVICNVIC provides a variety of information and materials for public use. If you need to request copies of brochures or other printed materials, please contact us for more information on available items. We have also made shareable digital materials available on our Ask 8 Vaccine Information Kiosk, where you will find everything from downloadable posters and brochures to embeddable web badges for your website.

One of our most popular resources is our fully referenced Reforming Vaccine Policy & Law Guide. Other popular brochures and posters include our Ask 8 Questions poster and How to Stay Healthy This Flu Season brochure. Online, a popular shareable graphic is our state vaccination exemptions map. You can find a downloadable poster version of the exemptions map, here.

Additional Resources

Visit our Resources webpage for more information on various support organizations, advocacy, vaccine information and more.

Make a Difference

NVIC is 100% funded by donations. Please give. Help educate families about preventing vaccine injury and death by donating to NVIC today.

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