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TAKE ACTION TODAY! - Multiple bills have been introduced into state legislatures that could affect vaccine exemptions.
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Current News

Fallout From California SB-277: What Happens Next?

Despite strong opposition, California legislature signed SB-277 into law. Learn more about what the law does, does not do, and what Californians can do to help restore their rights to personal and religious exemptions...

Blackmail and the Medical Vaccine Exemption

Vaccine safety research is not a priority because long ago public health officials made a calculated decision that the lives of those harmed by vaccines are expendable...

ACIP Votes Against Universal Meningococcal Vaccine

CDC cost effectiveness analyses revealed that universal use of meningococcal B vaccines would be very expensive ACIP did not recommend universal use...

California Enacts Vaccine Law That Forces Parents to Choose Between Human Rights and Civil Rights

California enacts vaccine law SB277. Legislation requiring parents to choose between the Human Right to make medical risk-taking decisions and retaining the Civil Right to education...

ALERT: We Will Not Give Up Our Human Rights For Our Civil Rights

California SB277: Dangerous legislation requiring parents to sacrifice the Human Right to make medical risk-taking decisions to retain the Civil Right to education. ...

ALERT: California Assembly Fast Tracking Forced Vaccination Bill

The California Assembly is fast tracking SB 277, a bill to eliminate all non-medical vaccine exemptions for religious and conscientious beliefs from the mandatory vaccination law governing school attendance...

The Vaccine Culture War in America: Are You Ready?

NVIC is hearing from more and more parents, grandparents, health and childcare workers and other citizens reporting vaccine reactions and vaccine failures than ever before. Watch the video in a series that will be highlighting case history reports made to NVIC, here...

Vaccine Witnessing at NVIC

Discrimination, societal sanctions, it all started with a few measles cases at Disneyland. What does the elimination of religious and non-medical exemptions mean for your family? The future is in our hands - read on to discover how you can stand up for your rights...

Democratic Process Sidelined as Public Opposes Attempts to Change State Vaccine Exemption Laws

Public opposition to changes in state vaccine exemption law blocked by legislators and the democratic process sidelined. Learn what you can do to take action in your state today!...

NVIC's "No Forced Vaccination" Message in NYC Times Square, Philadelphia and New Jersey

NVIC continues its "No Forced Vaccination" campaign just outside Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) and vaccine manufacturer Merck & Co. headquarters. View NVIC's “No Forced Vaccination” message that is reaching 12 million people weekly in New York, Pennsylvania and New Jersey...


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