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The Vaccine Reaction: News, Analysis and Opinion

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Help NVIC Defend Your Vaccine Choices: Donate by Dec. 31!

In 2016 over 9,000 people received one-on-one counseling support from NVIC; tens of thousands received our newsletters, legislative analysis and action alerts; hundreds of thousands of visited NVIC's websites and shared information from NVIC with their friends and families. There will be an even greater need for NVIC to educate and advocate for vaccine choice and provide information to the public in 2017...

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Current News

Forced Vaccination: The Tragic Legacy of Jacobson v. Massachusetts

Read on to learn how the Supreme Court Jacobson v. Massachusetts ruling is still used today to take away your rights when making vaccine decisions for yourself and your family.

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Protect Life: Witness a Vaccine Reaction by Video

Barbara Loe Fisher introduces the International Vaccine Victim Memorial Video Collection and invites the public's participation. Learn why vaccine witnessing is important and what you can do to help.

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End Pharma Liability Shield Endangering Public Health and Human Rights

There should be no liability shield for any industry making products that are used by humans, especially products mandated by government for use by everyone...

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CDC Wants to Expand Power to Eliminate Measles What You Need To Know and Do Now

CDC Wants to expand their police powers to eliminate measles. Read on to learn what you need to know and how you can act now to make a difference!

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