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Frequently Asked Questions About Child Custody & Divorce

Divorce and Vaccines

Q: My spouse and I decided not to vaccinate our child. We have now decided to divorce and my spouse wants to vaccinate our child. What can I do? Can the court require that I vaccinate our child?

A: This is a difficult situation and qualified legal counsel is needed to assist in resolving the dispute. In general, it is best if both parties can negotiate a reasonable vaccination plan, which recognizes potential risks to the child's health and respects both parents concerns and personal beliefs. NVIC does not provide testimony or documents in custody or divorce proceedings.

For children, who have previously experienced vaccine reactions and have a medical waiver on file, it is very important to work with a qualified and trusted health care professional who can help determine what course of action should be taken. If, however, children were previously unvaccinated due to deeply and sincerely held religious beliefs or for reasons of conscience, it will be important for the parents to respectfully negotiate vaccination decisions for their children.

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