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Posted: 5/18/2014 10:01:09 PM | with 7 comments

by Barbara Loe Fisher
No matter who you are or where you live, it is difficult to be part of a minority. It takes courage to follow your conscience. It takes courage to stand up and speak out for what you know is right when you are being targeted and sanctioned by those who claim it is their right to bully and shun you for who you are or what you believe.
This is especially true for those speaking out and standing up for the right to make informed, voluntary choices about using vaccines, a pharmaceutical product that carries a risk of harm and failure that can be greater for some than others. 1 2 3

Informed Consent to Medical Risk-Taking: A Human Right
The freedom to make voluntary decisions about what you are willing to risk your life or the life of your child for is a human and civil right.
It is a human right to exercise voluntary, informed consent to medical risk taking,4 5 6 including taking risks with pharmaceutical products like vaccines. In America, parents of minor children have the legal right and responsibility to make medical risk decisions for their children.7 8 9
Freedom of Thought, Speech & Belief: A Civil Right
Under the U.S. Constitution, Americans are guaranteed the civil right to exercise freedom of thought, speech and belief.10 11 12 The right to dissent and petition the government for redress of grievances and hold beliefs that may differ from ones held by the majority is protected because our nation’s founders understood that minorities must be protected from oppression by the majority.13
Targeted, Bullied, Shunned and Sanctioned
In America today, some citizens are being discriminated against and persecuted for following their conscience and making vaccine choices that do not conform with federal health policy. They are being targeted, bullied, shunned and sanctioned. 14 15 Doctors 16 and politically powerful special interest groups 17 18 19 20 associated with private drug companies 21 and medical trade associations22 have joined with government health officials23 24 and lobbying state legislators to eliminate or severely restrict the legal right to exercise informed consent to vaccine risk taking.25 26 27
Laws Passed Restricting Non-Medical Exemptions
In the past three years, laws have been passed in the states of Washington,28 California29 and Oregon30 requiring parents filing non-medical exemptions to either undergo state mandated vaccine “education” or beg for signatures from pediatricians already refusing to provide medical care to children who do not get all 69 doses of 16 federally recommended vaccines right on schedule.31
Colorado Preserves Personal Belief Exemption
But this year in Colorado, concerned citizens turned out in force to publicly object to similar attempts by professional lobbyists to restrict vaccine informed consent rights.32 On May 2, 2014 the Colorado legislature became the first to vote to preserve the personal belief exemption to vaccination without modification.33
NVIC’s Pro-Vaccine Choice Message in Times Square
The same day that legislators in Colorado voted to affirm freedom of conscience in America, a pro-education, pro-vaccine choice message sponsored by the National Vaccine Information Center was up on the CBS Jumbotron in Times Square celebrating freedom of speech.34 The message is simple: “Vaccinations? Know the risks and failures: Your Health. Your Family. Your Choice.” That 24-hour message in the heart of Broadway on 42nd Street between 7th and 8th Avenues in New York City is going to stay there through mid-July.
NVIC Publishes Vaccine Law Reform Guide
Today, the National Vaccine Information Center is launching a national campaign to secure vaccine safety and informed consent protections in state vaccine policies and laws. We have published a fully referenced guide for legislators and the public called Reforming Vaccine Policy and Law and you can view or download it for free online on I wrote this Guide and it is anchored with more than 240 references and explains in detail why laws should be passed in every state to maximize vaccine safety for those choosing to use vaccines while protecting the legal right to get an education, hold a job, receive health insurance and medical care, enter a hospital or nursing home and function in society without being forced to get every government recommended vaccine.
These legal rights are important to preserve because, first, we are not all the same.36 37 We do not all respond the same way to drugs or vaccines just like we do not all respond the same way to infectious diseases.38
High Vaccination Rates and Vaccine Failures
Public health officials admit that for more than 30 years, the U.S. has had a 95% plus vaccination rate among children entering kindergarten for at least seven vaccines, including pertussis.39 40 Now, public health officials admit that children and adults can be fully vaccinated and still get infected with and transmit B. pertussis whooping cough to others without even knowing it.4142 There have been recent reported outbreaks of mumps and measles among fully vaccinated children and adults and the influenza vaccine has a less than 60 percent rate of effectiveness in most years.43 44 45 46 47
Pharma Shielded from Civil Liability
At the same time, the federal government has paid out nearly $3 billion dollars to victims of vaccine injury since Congress passed the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986.48 That law banned most vaccine injury lawsuits against drug companies selling vaccines and doctors giving them49 and, in 2011, the U.S. Supreme Court went one step further and gave vaccine manufacturers a complete product liability shield – even when vaccines could have been made safer!50 This sealed a cruel fate for the two out of three vaccine victims denied compensation under the federal vaccine injury compensation program.51 Now drug companies can fast track and market new vaccines52 that may be more reactive and less effective than they should be because there is no legal accountability for anyone who develops, regulates, markets, gives and promotes vaccine use.
Individual Susceptibility = Unequal Vaccine Risk Burden  
During the past three decades, the Institute of Medicine has published a series of reports pointing out the large gaps in vaccine safety science,53 54 confirming that some people are genetically, biologically and environmentally more susceptible to suffering brain inflammation and other types of serious vaccine reactions but doctors often do not know who will be injured or die from vaccination.55 56 It has become very clear that one-size-fits-all vaccine policies place a disproportionate and unequal risk burden on those more vulnerable to vaccine harm.57
Have you or your child already discovered you are a member of that vulnerable minority who is at increased risk for vaccine injury- or do you have a relative or friend who is?
If so, then you understand why a law that compels everyone to use a pharmaceutical product which carries an unpredictable and greater risk of injury or death for a minority of vulnerable individuals – most of whom do not even know who they are – is not humane. There is nothing moral or just about a government policy that facilitates a de facto selection of certain individuals for sacrifice in the name of the public health.
Every Life Is Important
Every life is important and it is time for all Americans to stand up, speak out and take action to defend our human and civil rights when it comes to vaccine risk taking. Join with NVIC and help us secure vaccine safety informing, reporting and informed consent provisions in all vaccine policies and laws to protect both those  who choose to use every government recommended vaccine and those who don’t.
Please read the guide to Reforming Vaccine Policy and Law. Check out the referenced version and share it with your family, friends, community leaders and state legislators. Sign up to become a user of the free online NVIC Advocacy Portal that will inform you about vaccine legislation moving in your state.
What you choose to do, what we all choose to do right now will determine what kind of America we leave to our children and grandchildren. Because if the state can tag, track down and force individuals against their will to be injected with biological products of known and unknown toxicity today, there will be no limit on which individual freedoms the state can take away in the name of the greater good tomorrow.
It’s your health. Your family. Your choice. 
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Posted: 5/6/2014 3:45:24 PM | with 8 comments

Just before midnight on Friday, May 2nd 2014, members of the Colorado House of Representatives voted 39 to 29 to accept the Senate-modified version of HB 1288 that rejected a requirement forcing parents filing a personal belief vaccine exemption for their children to undergo state-mandated vaccine “education” or obtain a signature from a pediatrician or other state-approved vaccine provider. Removal of the signature requirement and re-education component of the bill is a victory for the hundreds of concerned Colorado citizens who contacted their legislators and worked closely with NVIC’s state advocacy team to present testimony in public hearings in the House and Senate.  
Legislators Listened to Constituents and Affirmed Parental Rights

“Many legislators took the time to listen to constituents expressing deep concern about a bill that would penalize parents for making medical decisions for their children,” explained NVIC Colorado State Advocacy Director Cindy Loveland. “This action shows that a majority of Colorado legislators support and trust parents to make informed vaccination decisions for their children without interference from the state.”
NVIC Executive Director Theresa Wrangham, who represented NVIC in a 2013 public engagement project examining the state’s personal belief exemption, testified at both public hearings and added, “I am proud to be a Colorado parent and stand with such an articulate and responsible group of parents who understood the stakes. They used NVIC's Advocacy Portal tools to pull together and uphold parental rights and defend informed consent.”
Colorado First State to Protect Personal Belief Exemption Without Modification

Colorado is one of 17 states that allows an exemption to vaccination for personal, philosophical or conscientious beliefs. This year’s orchestrated and well-publicized campaign by politically powerful groups associated with pharmaceutical companies, public health and other medical trade associations to restrict the personal belief vaccine exemption in Colorado was similar to campaigns waged in Washington, Vermont, California and Oregon between 2011 and 2013.
Washington and California passed laws compelling parents filing a personal belief exemption to first obtain a signature from a doctor or state designated health care worker, while Oregon mandated state-vaccine education and Vermont now requires parents to sign a statement acknowledging the risks of remaining unvaccinated. Colorado is the first state to protect the personal belief exemption currently in state public health law without modification.
Contentious Bill Provision Opens Door for Harassment

The stripped-down version of HB1288 heading to Governor John Hickenlooper’s desk for signature still contains provisions that NVIC opposes. The final bill requires every daycare facility and school in the state to publicly release vaccination rates, which opens the door for identification of children with a medical, religious or personal belief exemption on file with daycare facilities and elementary, middle and high schools.
Commenting on the bill’s potential for targeting of families with children taking vaccine exemptions, Dawn Richardson, NVIC’s Advocacy Director said, “While the bill no longer contains an offensive and discriminatory state enforced re-education requirement, what remains in HB 1288 could open the door to revealing which children in the daycare centers or schools have filed vaccine exemptions and make them vulnerable to harassment. In addition, much of what is still in the bill can be accomplished under current state statutes. The Governor should veto it.”
The bill, which becomes effective July 1, 2014, also requires the state health department to establish “a joint policy on immunization data collection and sharing” in consultation with other state departments.” In addition, it gives the state heath department discretion to require parents filing personal belief exemptions to re-file them more than once.
Take Action Now - Register for the NVIC Advocacy Portal Today

To review the complete history of NVIC’s efforts on HB 1288 and be notified by email of what happens if the Governor signs the bill, sign up and become a user of the free online NVIC Advocacy Portal and link to the Action Alerts on the Colorado state team page.
Watch a video of the final House vote and discussion (starting at 5:19:20) and read details (pages 43-44) about the final House vote on May 2 in the Colorado General Assembly House Journal.  

Thank You and Appeal for Vigilance

“Thank you to each and every citizen in Colorado who took the time to get involved in the legislative process and work through the NVIC Advocacy Portal to make your voice heard,” said Dawn Richardson. “We are grateful to legislators in Colorado for keeping an open mind and taking seriously the legitimate concerns of informed parents and health care professionals defending the legal right to make voluntary vaccination decisions.”
NVIC is encouraging everyone in Colorado and every state to stay engaged and continue to educate community leaders and legislators over the summer and fall and be prepared to respond if similar legislation is reintroduced.  
“The forced vaccination lobby has a long term goal of persuading legislators to eliminate all non-medical vaccine exemptions,” said Theresa Wrangham. “We have to remain vigilant and ready to take action in every state. The best way for families and health care professionals to do that is by plugging into the NVIC Advocacy Portal so we can work together to respond in an effective way.”

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Posted: 4/16/2014 9:01:42 PM | with 5 comments

Parents and health care professionals filled the Old Supreme Court building in Denver at an Apr. 9, 2014 public hearing of the Colorado Senate Military and Veterans Affairs Committee to testify against a bill (HB1288) to restrict the personal belief exemption to vaccination. The bill is being sponsored by Irene Aguilar (D-District 32) and co-sponsored by Lucia Guzman (D-District 34); Nancy Todd (D-District 28); and Jessie Ulibarri (D-District 21).
Testimony for and against the bill went on for nearly five hours. Just like the Mar. 13 House hearing, parents opposing the bill outnumbered those speaking in support of the bill. Unlike the House hearing, however, the Senate hearing was not as extensively covered by the media.
Burdening Parents and Judging Personal Beliefs
Colorado resident and NVIC Executive Director Theresa Wrangham testified at the hearing that the bill is “discriminatory because it burdens those choosing to take vaccine exemptions with higher education requirements than federal law requires for those choosing to vaccinate. “ She added that “Those harmed by vaccination are as important as those harmed by a disease” and that requiring state sponsored education or a doctor’s signature to obtain a personal belief exemption puts “the state or health care provider in the position of approving another citizen’s religious or conscientiously held beliefs.”  
Threatening Medical Privacy and Singling Out Parents for Harassment
NVIC Advocacy Director, Dawn Richardson, submitted written testimony on behalf of NVIC and said the bill “threatens the medical privacy of children and sets them up for harassment by requiring their individual school or daycare to publicly release vaccine exemptions rates upon request.” She pointed out that the small number of parents taking exemptions will make it likely the family will be “singled out, harassed and be discriminated against” and said that this is already happening in California where a similar bill restricting personal belief exemption was passed.
Parents Testifying About Vaccines Injuries and Health Choices
Parents testified that they followed doctors’ orders without questioning and their children suffered vaccine reactions and were left with permanent brain and immune system problems. Ronnie Prine brought his severely vaccine injured adult son to the Capitol in a wheelchair and Kathy Sincere testified that she has four adult vaccine injured children.  Robyn Charron, who has a four year old vaccine injured son and wants to protect her two year old daughter from becoming vaccine injured, expressed the concerns of many parents testifying in opposition to the bill. She said, “This moves us toward vaccinations for everyone and eliminating exemptions altogether.”
Health care professionals also testified against the bill, including a doctor of chiropractic with four children. She said, “I Iive in a different paradigm for my family when it comes to their health care.”
Watch a report on the hearing by KDVR-TV.
Listen to the April 9 hearing in the Senate Military and Veterans Affairs Committee. (Starts at 02:50)
Colorado residents still have time to contact their elected state representatives and senators and express their concerns about HB1288.  Sign up for the free online NVIC Advocacy Portal and stay informed.

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Posted: 4/16/2014 5:03:50 PM | with 17 comments

Barbara Loe Fisher: Parents Should Be Free to Choose.
On Apr. 13, 2014, USA Today became the first U.S. national newspaper to call for an end to the personal belief exemption to vaccination in the U.S. and for narrowing of “strictly defined” religious and medical exemptions. In an opposing OpEd, NVIC President Barbara Loe Fisher disagreed and said: “Non-medical vaccine exemptions immunize individuals and the community against unsafe, ineffective vaccines and tyranny.”
The OpEds generated a heated online debate among USA Today readers. Within 72 hours, there were more than 15,000 “shares” and 450 comments for the “pro-choice” OpEd and 3,000 “shares “ and 140 comments for the “anti-choice” OpEd. A USA Today reader poll overwhelmingly supported informed consent to vaccination and the freedom to take non-medical vaccine exemptions for religious, philosophical or conscientious beliefs.
Below is a fully referenced version of Barbara Loe Fisher’s OpEd that appeared in USA Today on Apr. 13, 2014. To read the USA Today OpEd, click here.
Leave Parents Free to Choose Vaccines
by Barbara Loe Fisher
USA Today
Apr. 13, 2014

The public conversation about vaccine safety and choice began after Congress passed the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986 shielding drug companies from product liability and doctors from vaccine injury lawsuits.1 Under that law, $3 billion has been paid to the vaccine injured2 while liability-free drug companies enjoy profits from a multi-billion dollar market.3 4     
U.S. health officials now recommend 69 doses of 16 vaccines for every child.5 States mandate up to 15 of them - twice as many as 30 years ago.6  7  
With 95% of kindergarteners fully vaccinated8 and one child in six in America learning disabled,9 1 in 10 asthmatic10 and 1 in 50 living with autism,11 educated parents and health care professionals are asking legitimate questions about why so many highly vaccinated children are so sick.12 They are examining vaccine science shortfalls13  14  15  and wondering why Americans are coerced and punished for declining to use every government recommended vaccine16 while citizens in Canada, Japan and the European Union are free to make choices.17  
Vaccines carry two risks: a risk of harm18 and a risk the vaccine will fail to prevent disease.19  The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention admits that U.S. pertussis outbreaks are not due to a failure to vaccinate but failure of the vaccine to confer long-lasting immunity.20  21    
The Institute of Medicine acknowledges major gaps in scientific knowledge about how and why vaccines cause injury and death and who will be more susceptible to suffering harm. 22 23  Vaccine risks are not being shared equally by all because “no exceptions” vaccine mandates discriminate against and penalize those vulnerable to vaccine complications.  
Public health officials and pediatricians are not infallible and what is considered scientific “truth” today may not be true tomorrow. When doctors cannot predict ahead of time who will be harmed by a vaccine and cannot guarantee that those who have been vaccinated won’t get infected or transmit infection, the ethical principle of informed consent24  becomes a civil, human and parental right that must be safeguarded in U.S. law.  
Non-medical vaccine exemptions immunize individuals and the community against unsafe, ineffective vaccines and tyranny.
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Posted: 3/20/2014 8:05:51 PM | with 9 comments

Parents Opposing Colorado Vaccine Bill Outnumber Supporters 3 to 1 at Public Hearing to Restrict Personal Belief Exemption

More than 70 Colorado parents and health care professionals attended the Mar. 13, 2014
House hearing to oppose restriction of the personal belief vaccine exemption.
In a vigorously debated six hour public hearing in the Colorado House Health, Insurance and Environment Committee on Mar. 13, 2014, more than 70 Colorado citizens attended to testify in opposition to House Bill 1288 that would restrict access to the personal belief vaccine exemption in the state. By 3 to 1, they outnumbered individual citizens testifying in support of the bill.

Even though the Committee voted 9 to 2 in favor of passing the bill out of Committee, the vote did not come until after hours of powerful testimony by parents describing how their children suffered debilitating vaccine reactions that ended in chronic disability or death. Sadly, by 10 p.m. when the hearing ended, many parents opposing the bill had already left without being able to give their three-minute testimony because they were unable to stay into the night. 

The hearing was extensively covered by the national and state media, including Associated Press, the Huffington Post and Denver affiliates of CBS and ABC.

Resource Links

Colorado House Bill 14-1288
House Committee Hearing Mar. 13, 2014 (6 hrs)
House Floor debate Mar. 21, 2014 (40 min) In menu on right, scroll down and click on HB 14-1288
House 3rd Reading of HB 14-1288 (9 min) In menu on right, scroll down and click on HB 14-1288

Dr. Susan Lawson, a Colorado veterinarian and mother, whose child was awarded federal vaccine injury compensation after suffering a severe reaction within eight days of an MMRV vaccination at age one, was quoted in an Associated Press article: "Parents have a constitutional right to parent their children," said Susan Lawson, whose daughter suffered brain damage after contracting encephalitis from a routine vaccine when she was a year old. "I am not an uneducated woman."
Bill Passes House, Heads to Senate
After a spirited 40-minute debate on the House floor on Mar. 21, the bill passed second reading on a voice vote. On Mar. 24 it was voted out of the House on third reading with a recorded 42-19 vote and sent to the Senate.
During the House floor debate on Mar. 21, Republican House Leader Brian DelGrosso (District 51) told lawmakers that he vaccinated his own children but his younger brother did not. "And basically what this bill does is, the sponsor is basically saying that my brother is an idiot, my brother is a moron," he said, adding that the message lawmakers are sending is that they know better than parents. "That's exactly what this bill does," said DelGrosso. “You can spin it any other way you like, but this basically says, 'Parents of Colorado that choose not to get immunizations for their kids, you're too stupid to make this decision on your own.'"
Rep. Janak Joshi (District 16), a retired physician, said "We have to give the choice to our parents and whatever they believe in." Joshi noted that while he was vaccinated for smallpox growing up, he wasn't immunized for anything else. "I'm still around," he said.
“I stand firmly for parent rights on this issue,” said Rep. Steve Humphrey (R-District 48). “I’m not confident that [education] is the ultimate goal.” Rep. Lori Saine, (R-District 63) agreed. She said the bill isn’t needed because “Parents have done their research.” 

NVIC Leads David and Goliath Battle   

NVIC Executive Director Theresa Wrangham and Colorado State Advocacy Director Cindy Loveland, both Colorado residents, led an effort to bring citizens opposing the bill together to make their voices heard. They held a meeting at a local library in January and kept parents informed through the NVIC Advocacy Portal.
At the Mar. 13 House hearing, Theresa handed out CDC Vaccine Information Statements (VIS) that doctors and vaccine providers already are required under the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act to be given to parents being offered childhood vaccines. She said the bill “discriminates against a minority of parents by falsely assuming they have not educated themselves, though the evidence base consistently shows these parents are highly educated.”
Pointing out that “No vaccine is 100% safe or effective and there is no public health official or provider who can guarantee that the vaccine you get today will protect you and won’t harm you,” Theresa added “There is no public health crisis in Colorado….The CDC has acknowledged that the unvaccinated are not to blame for recent [pertussis] outbreaks, as evidenced by Colorado’s own surveillance data.” Read Theresa’s full testimony here.

Cindy testified that “The State of Colorado has no business mandating that parents must go through additional state education or be forced to get a signature from a medical doctor to exercise their right to do what they think is best for their child. We don’t do that for other medical procedures.”

In written testimony, NVIC Advocacy Director Dawn Richardson said “Under the guise of education, HB1288 makes it legal for the state to brand a minority of citizens as intellectually or morally inferior and serves to harass and coerce citizens making health care decisions for their minor children. This violates the informed consent ethic and is a violation of human and civil rights by the state.” Read Dawn’s full testimony here.

Bill Requires Schools Release Vaccine Exemption Rates 

The bill requires parents filing a personal belief vaccine exemption for their child to obtain a signature from a pediatrician or other state-approved vaccine provider or submit a “certificate of completion” to a child’s school or daycare affirming that the parent has completed an online vaccine education module developed by state health officials. The bill also requires all daycare centers and schools to publicly release the percentage of children with vaccine exemptions attending a particular daycare center or school. An amendment was added to the bill pertaining to children participating in a “nonpublic, home based education program” or those educated through an online education program.
In the past several years, Washington and California have passed laws requiring state designated medical personnel to sign personal belief exemptions. Last year, the state of Oregon eliminated the religious exemption and added a legal requirement for parents declining one or more state mandated vaccines to complete an online education module developed by the state promoting compliance with the federally recommended vaccine schedule.
Bill Backed by Pharma-Medical Trade–Public Health Alliance
The Colorado bill is being backed and promoted by state health officials and wealthy and politically powerful medical trade groups, many of which are allied with pharmaceutical companies that profit from vaccine sales. There are more than 20 organizations lobbying for the bill to pass, including the American Academy of Pediatrics, Colorado Immunization Coalition, Every Child By Two, Voices for Vaccines, Vaccinate for Healthy Schools, Meningitis Angels, Boulder County Health Department, Children’s Hospital Colorado, Colorado Academy of Family Physicians, Colorado Association of Local Public Health Officials, and Colorado Association for School-Based Health Care.
Colorado House Bill 1288 (HB 1288) was introduced into the state House of Representatives by Representative Dan Pabon (D-District 4). In the House the bill is being co-sponsored by the chair of the House health committee, Beth McCann (D-District 8); House health committee vice-chair Sue Schafer (D-District 24) and also Representatives Lois Court (D-District 6); Bob Gardner (R-District 20): Cheri Gerou (R-District 25); Joann Ginal (D-District 52);  Jeanne Labuda (D-District 1); Frank McNulty (R-District 43); and Cherilyn Peniston (D-District 35).
Parents Describe the Suffering of Their Children After Vaccination
Among the parents who testified against the bill was Robyn Charron, who has a bachelor of science in biology and a law degree from Pepperdine and is the mother of a four year-old vaccine injured son. She said: 
“When my son was two months old, he received the standard round of vaccinations. Within four hours he began the high pitched “neuro scream” associated with encephalitis due to have an allergic reaction to vaccines…..within a few weeks my child was covered in eczema and started exhibiting contact rashes to grass, laundry soap and food…at six months old he was diagnosed with a deadly peanut allergy. When I confronted his doctor with information about vaccine ingredients and safety, I was kicked out of the practice for refusing further shots for my child….I am here as the example of the vaccine education level of the parents who chose to execute personal belief exemptions for their children…You do not need to waste my time or any other parent’s time forcing them to get their vaccine education. We know far more about the topic than you ever will.” 
Another parent who testified against the bill was Captain Pam Long, who graduated from the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, and served in the Army Medical Service Corps with NATO as a Medical Intelligence Officer. She pointed out that the bill fails to recognize medical exemptions: 
“I am here representing educated parents on the vaccine issue….I once thought with my medical training that vaccines were safe and beneficial for all children. My son was neurologically injured and immune-compromised by a vaccine. He could die from a person shedding the influenza vaccine. He has a medical exemption because three doctors agreed that he was vaccine injured….Will you mandate that I take my injured son’s sibling every year to a doctor who will impose his personal belief that I should vaccinate my healthy son? Because the medical community does not know all the contraindications for vaccines, you must honor personal belief exemptions without compulsory education for parents like me and others who have educated themselves on vaccine injury and are not willing to take that risk with their young child on the supersized vaccine schedule that we have today.” 
Bill Headed to Senate
In the Senate, the bill is being sponsored by Senator Irene Aguilar (D-District 32) and co-sponsored by Senators Lucia Guzman (D-District 34), Nancy Todd (D-District 28) and Jessie Ulibarri (D-District 21).
Residents of Colorado need to contact their Colorado state senators immediately and make their voices heard.
 Sign up for NVIC Advocacy Portal
If you haven’t already, sign up for NVIC’s free online Advocacy Portal to access timely information on legislation moving in your state that will restrict or expand your legal right to make vaccine choices. You will receive email Action Alerts and be connected with your own state legislators on your smart phone, tablet or computer so you can make your voice heard.

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