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Intelligent People Who are Stupid About Vaccines?

Posted: 8/7/2017 11:16:52 AM | with 0 comments

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The observation that “the more highly skilled and educated populations are clearly questioning vaccinations,” has been confirmed in a study published last year in EBioMedicine, and is also reflected in numerous media headlines. Curiously, the recognition by mandatory vaccination apologists of the high education level and earning power of vaccine dissenters is often delivered as an insult. 

Millions of smart, well-educated, and financially stable people, who are trained in critical thinking and who have done their own research, disagree with the majority view about vaccination. Those who assume that these “smart” people are “stupid” about vaccines assume that the science supporting the belief that vaccines are safe and effective is rock solid. They assume that vaccine science is “settled” and cannot be revisited or revised. 

Pediatrician Dr. Paul Offit and other advocates of mandatory vaccination refuse to have a debate with these educated dissenters because they believe that anyone who questions the safety or effectiveness of vaccines does not understand science. They acknowledge the education status of dissenters on the one hand, but dismiss them as incapable of understanding vaccine science on the other.

Over 90 percent of American parents are asking pediatricians questions about vaccine safety and want to make voluntary vaccine decisions for their children. The arrogance and closed mindedness that medical doctors and public health officials apply to educated parents dissenting from strict enforcement of vaccine policy leads to the kind of cruel bullying that many parents experience from pediatricians when it comes to vaccination of children. Inquiring parents should be seen as thoughtful, responsible and deserving of respect. 

Read the full article, Intelligent People Who are Stupid About Vaccines? In NVIC’s online publication, The Vaccine Reaction. Learn more about race and class profiling by listening to Barbara Loe Fisher’s recent commentary entitled Class and Race Profiling in the Vaccine Culture War, Read more about the parent-doctor relationship in Tactics Doctors Use to Pressure Hesitant Parents to Vaccinate and Who Knows More—Parents or the Doctor?

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Posted: 8/7/2017 11:16:52 AM | with 0 comments


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