NVIC Back Up in NYC Times Square for Christmas and New Year’s Eve

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NVIC posted the “No Forced Vaccination” message in the heart of Times Square last year to protest heavy lobbying by pharmaceutical and medical trade industry lobbyists working with public health officials to eliminate personal belief exemptions and add more vaccine mandates in New York and many states. In June 2015, California became the first state to remove all personal belief exemptions, including religious, from vaccine laws for school attendance but lawmakers in nine other states rejected similar bills.

For the past several decades, NVIC has been warning Americans that unless they stand up and fight for their vaccine informed consent rights, they will be denied an education, medical care and employment. “Forced vaccination laws are a violation of civil and human rights and an attack on fundamental values and beliefs that Americans have honored since the Bill of Rights was ratified in the U.S. Constitution,” said NVIC Co-founder and President Barbara Loe Fisher.

New York Supreme Court Strikes Down NYC Flu Vaccine Mandate

In 2013, outgoing Major Michael Bloomberg approved an annual influenza vaccine mandate for all pre-school children instituted by the NYC Department of Health under an administrative rule amending the NYC Health Code. In January 2014, all children under five years old attending NYC daycare centers and pre-schools were forced to comply with the mandate or turned away.

In November 2015, five Moms from Brooklyn and Manhattan sued the health department for failing to secure a vote on the new vaccine mandate from the legislature in violation of New York State Public Health Law. On Dec. 17, 2015 the New York Supreme Court agreed that the health department had exceeded its legal authority to require vaccinations without first getting approval from the legislature. Judge Manuel J. Mendez issued a ruling that “permanently enjoined” New York City from implementing and enforcing amendments to the NYC Health Code because the amendments “are not lawful.”

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Please remember the work we do at the National Vaccine Information Center and make NVIC one of your favorite charities by offering a tax-deductible donation by the end of this year. NVIC has been here for families every day for the past 33 years. Please help NVIC prevent vaccine injuries and deaths and protect the legal right to make voluntary vaccine decisions in America.

Every dollar you give makes a difference in someone’s life.

Please send NVIC a gift today and ask your friends and family to do the same. Go to NVIC.org and make a tax-deductible donation in memory of someone whose life has been forever changed by a vaccine reaction, or honor someone you love and want to stay healthy.

It’s your health. Your family. Your choice.

Report and Share Your Vaccine Experiences

On our website you can make a report to NVIC's 33-year old Vaccine Reaction Registry and/or publicly post a vaccine reaction report with a photo on the Memorial for Vaccine Victims .

On the Vaccine Failure Wall , you can describe your experience if a vaccine failed to protect you or your child from disease.

If you were bullied, threatened or punished by a doctor, government official or employer for making an independent vaccine choice for yourself or your child, you can post a report on the Cry for Vaccine Freedom Wall .

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Combating Vaccine Extremism in America

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By Barbara Loe Fisher

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2016 will be my 34th year as a vaccine safety and human rights activist.1 For more than 20 years I have been warning that the day would come when vaccine extremists and profiteers would move to legally force Americans to buy and use all government mandated vaccines and punish those who refuse.23 Still, it was a shock to see it happen in California this year,4 even as I know that preparations are being made by vaccine extremists to attack the religious and conscientious belief vaccine exemptions in more states next year.5 6

But knowing and predicting what will happen is very different from watching it actually happen.

Born in Minnesota to a mother, who was a nurse, and a father, who fought on the beach at Anzio and then re-enlisted in the Army after returning from World War II,7 I was raised with a deep respect for the values and beliefs upon which this Republic was founded and for the natural rights and principles of democratic government outlined in the U.S. Constitution.8 Like so many others who are grateful for freedom of thought and religion in this country, my abiding faith in a Creator of the natural order sustains me during my life’s journey and I believe Americans will not give up the natural rights and cultural values that define who we are as a nation without a fight.

f-report-card.jpgEarlier this year, when vaccine extremists and profiteers used a few cases of measles at Disneyland to attack freedom of speech, thought, religious belief and assembly,9 my heart sank. It was painful to watch good people be demonized for simply criticizing poorly tested vaccines and inhumane one-size-fits-all vaccine policies.10 11 Then, when dozens of pharmaceutical and medical industry-backed bills were introduced in multiple states to eliminate religious and conscientious belief vaccine exemptions so citizens could be tracked, discriminated against, segregated and punished for making vaccine choices that do not conform with government policy, I held my breath.

What would the people do? Would they bow down and cower before their oppressors, or would they stand up and defend their natural rights and civil liberties?

In a remarkable display of outrage, common sense and courage, we witnessed mothers, fathers and grandparents from every walk of life in California show up by the thousands to testify in legislative hearings and hold rallies in Sacramento opposing a forced vaccination law that was rammed through the legislature, despite the biggest public protests in that state Capitol since the Viet Nam war.1213  The same thing happened in Vermont, where industry lobbyists strong armed enough legislators to eliminate the philosophical belief vaccine exemption despite overwhelming public opposition,14 even as spirited citizen action in Texas and nine other states was successful in blocking the passage of bills stripping away personal belief vaccine exemptions.15

handshake.jpgRecently, I attended several FDA vaccine advisory committee meetings where I watched vaccine extremists and profiteers hijack the vaccine licensing process so future vaccines targeting seniors and pregnant women can be fast tracked to licensure without first proving safety and effectiveness.16 17 There were only a few of us in that room representing the general public to voice opposition to exploitation of the most vulnerable among us.

I felt sick to my stomach as I realized the foxes were not only guarding the chicken coop, they were in the coop having a feast because they were sure that nobody would stop them.

Why are we seeing this unprecedented gutting of informed consent rights and vaccine licensing standards in America? One big reason is that during the past three decades, while the majority of us have been struggling to get an education and work two jobs to pay rent or a mortgage and put food on the table for our children, Congress has directed federal health agencies to create a business partnership with the pharmaceutical industry.18 Politicians have given vaccine extremists and profiteers the money and power to do whatever they want to do to the people, without any legal accountability for their actions,19 20 21 including forcing us to buy and use dozens of doses of vaccines or be denied a school education, medical care and employment.22 23

Now we are facing the biggest public health disaster in our nation’s history as 1 highly vaccinated child in 45 develops autism in America today;24 1 in 6 has learning disabilities; 25  1 in 9 has asthma;26 1 in 10 has ADHD;27 1 in 12 suffers with depression;28 29 1 in 400 become diabetic30 and millions more struggle with other kinds of immune and brain disorders marked by chronic inflammation in the brain and body.3132 33 34   So many of our children's brains and bodies are on fire, a fire stoked by a poorly tested federal vaccine schedule that starts in the womb and on the first day of birth,35 36 and artificially manipulates the immune response to induce inflammation that may never resolve.

We must combat vaccine extremism in America. We cannot afford to allow this failing public health report card, which has gotten worse with every new vaccine added to the government mandated list, to go unchallenged any longer.

wake-up-clock-(1).jpgIt is going to take a lot of muscle and money to turn this sinking ship around before we all drown. Waking people up is the first step. Getting engaged and voting at the polls to elect men and women with integrity to defend our freedoms, and un-electing those who threaten our freedom, is the second step.

And while we are waking up, engaging and going to the polls, it is also critical to financially support charities uncorrupted by industry and government money that are speaking truth, fighting against extremism and defending freedom. NVIC is one of those charities.

NVIC has been here since 1982 providing accurate, referenced vaccine information to prevent vaccine injuries and deaths and help you educate your family and friends. We have been standing up to vaccine extremists37 and empowering Americans with information they can use to protect the legal right to make voluntary vaccine choices.38

So, while NVIC may be a small charity, we are mighty in spirit. We are here every day, year after year, monitoring and reporting on vaccine science, policy, law and ethics; educating, counseling, and encouraging everyone to fight against vaccine extremism.

Please remember the work we do at the National Vaccine Information Center and make NVIC one of your favorite charities. NVIC has been a beacon in the night, a flag on the hill for many, many years. But we cannot continue to be that for families across this country or expand our mission to reach more people without your financial support.

Every dollar you give makes a difference in someone’s life.

Please send NVIC a gift today and ask your friends and family to do the same. Go to NVIC.org and make a tax-deductible donation in memory of someone whose life has been forever changed by a vaccine reaction, or honor someone you love and want to stay healthy.

Please help NVIC combat vaccine extremism in America.

It’s your health. Your family. Your choice.

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