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A New Look for NVIC Vaccine News

Posted: 6/20/2009 7:58:55 PM | with 6 comments

Today, we are launching a newly designed NVIC Vaccine News that will make it easier for you to quickly scan on your I-phone or computer bulleted headlines about our newsletter’s content. Then, with one click, you will be taken to www.NVIC.org for access to my entire written commentary that contains references with live links to original information sources. Most commentaries will also feature a video commentary option. Archives of past written and video commentaries will also be available in a searchable archive.

In the future, the NVIC Vaccine News will also feature smaller news item alerts as well as guest commentaries written by doctors, ethicists, constitutional law experts, health freedom advocates, journalists and others concerned about vaccine safety and protection of the informed consent ethic. This new newsletter format will also allow you to give us feedback on commentaries through a comment feedback mechanism.

As always, we will continue to document our facts and statements so you can have confidence in the accuracy of the information NVIC disseminates. Let me and our readers know what you think.

New & Improved NVIC.org
As many of you may have noticed, NVIC launched a newly designed website (www.NVIC.org) earlier this year. The new website design, technology and information features were made possible by a generous in-kind donation from Joe Mercola, D.O., a courageous, principled leader in the holistic health care movement in America.

We are still in the process of updating and creating new information about vaccines and diseases that focus on vaccine science, policy, law, ethics, economics and other vaccine-related topics. We are committed to making www.NVIC.org the most comprehensive consumer-operated vaccine information resource on the internet for citizens who are making informed vaccination choices. We welcome your input and suggestions.

Join In the Vaccine Conversation
We are entering a time when it will be important for all of us to stand up and be counted in the fight for health care freedom, including the freedom to make informed, voluntary vaccination decisions.  The vaccine safety and informed consent movement, which was launched by parents of vaccine injured children in 1982, has raised public consciousness during the past three decades about the urgent need for dialogue about vaccination. The new NVIC Vaccine News is creating a community forum for a robust conversation about this critical health issue and we hope you will join in that conversation.

Yours in health and for freedom,
Barbara Loe Fisher
Co-founder & President
National Vaccine Information Center

Posted: 6/20/2009 7:58:55 PM | with 6 comments


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