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The Executive Director’s Corner

Posted: 6/16/2010 8:45:09 PM | with 3 comments

Theresa WranghamAs NVIC’s new Executive Director, I will stay in touch with Vaccine E-newsletter subscribers and supporters and keep you informed about NVIC’s work and advocacy initiatives.
It’s your health. Your family. Your choice.  Words we can identify with and live by as Americans whose roots are based in personal choice and participatory government.  These are the precepts of the vaccine safety and informed consent movement started by NVIC’s founders three decades ago. 

Take Action to Raise Vaccine Contamination Awareness
To that end, I hope you responded to our vaccine contamination information initiative on rotavirus vaccine that was in our last newsletter. If you haven’t expressed your concerns about contamination of RotaTeq vaccine with DNA from a lethal pig virus – which signals a lowering of vaccine safety standards - please consider taking action by clicking rotavirus.  Let your elected officials, federal agencies, your local media and doctors know that you support transparency in government and high vaccine safety standards and want their support as well.
NVIC has your back and advocates for informed choice, vaccine safety and transparency every day, but your voice is critically important and carries weight in your community. Your feedback and active participation allows NVIC to work more effectively to protect everyone’s health care choices and access to accurate and reliable information.  As parents, we can ill afford for the safety standards for biologic products (vaccines) to be lowered, or for contaminated vaccines to be used without properly informing the public of the possible risk involved when we are injecting these products into babies and children.  As demonstrated by the National Vaccine Advisory Committee’s report last year that identified deficits in the nation’s vaccine safety research agenda, there are many unknowns and a higher priority must be placed on closing vaccine safety research gaps.

NVIC.org Has Foreign Language Translation
We also hope that you have noticed we are continuing to expand and update our website. Because we support individuals around the world with information, our latest improvement is the foreign language translation of our website!  If you know of individuals for whom English is not their first language and they are struggling to find vaccination information – look no further.  Our website translation supports Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Korean, Japanese, Italian, Russian and Spanish – just click on the flag icon appearing on each web page for translation.  

Whatever Your Choice – You Are Welcome at NVIC
At its heart, NVIC is a not-for-profit organization where individuals can become strong and informed on the subject of vaccination and health.  Whether you choose to vaccinate with every CDC recommended vaccine and use the CDC’s schedule or you choose to selectively vaccinate and use an alternative schedule – or you choose not to vaccinate at all – you are welcome at NVIC.  We are an information clearinghouse for information on health and vaccination and we anchor our information with references from many sources, such as the medical literature, FDA, CDC, NIH, and investigative news reports. We also offer our own informed perspectives based on our decades of independent research and consumer advocacy experience to provide original analyses of information to empower individuals to make fully informed vaccination decisions. 

Your Suggestions & Support Are Important
 If you have suggestions about how we can better support you, please send them to contact@nvic.org – your input is always welcome!  We also thank you for your continued financial support of our efforts to protect your vaccine choices and right to access accurate, comprehensive information on which to make them. 


Posted: 6/16/2010 8:45:09 PM | with 3 comments


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