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Hesitant Parents Pressured by Doctors

Posted: 6/6/2017 5:32:36 PM | with 0 comments

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A recent article in the journal Pediatrics reports that increasing numbers of parents are questioning or refusing vaccines, or requesting an alternative schedule for their children. Overall, fewer parents are specifically focused on fears of autism, and instead are expressing increased broader concerns about the potential effects on the immune system and long-term well-being, lack of adequate vaccine safety studies, and informed medical consent issues. Some 83% of all parents in 2013 are reported to express some hesitancy, up from 75% in 2006.

This increase in “vaccine hesitancy” has spawned a host of articles in the medical literature about how to “fix” the problem, with strategies targeted to the degree of hesitancy and education, and commitment to questioning. When gentle persuasion and carefully scripted education are not enough to change the minds of “misinformed” or “confused” parents, more aggressive tactics such as “presumptive delivery,” a “strategy of inconvenience,” fear, guilt, and denial of medical care have been used. Holding the unvaccinated responsible for costs of care when others contract illness for which there is a vaccine, or charging them higher insurance premiums, have also been proposed. Some have even suggested offering candy or lottery drawings as a bribe for convincing the truly intractable, which offers a telling glimpse into the way people who question vaccine safety are viewed by public health officials and the medical community. 

Read the full article, “Tactics Doctors Use to Pressure Hesitant Parents to Vaccinate” by NVIC staff writer Kate Raines in the NVIC’s online newspaper, The Vaccine Reaction

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Posted: 6/6/2017 5:32:36 PM | with 0 comments


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