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Posted: 10/31/2011 12:50:45 PM | with 3 comments

NVIC and Mercola.com Publish New Videos & Articles
For the second year, the National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC) and Mercola.com are teaming up to co-sponsor Vaccine Awareness Week (Oct. 30-Nov. 5, 2011) to raise public awareness about the urgent need for those operating the mass vaccination system in the U.S. to make vaccine safety and informed consent protections a much higher priority. 
Click here to watch our one minute video promoting this extraordinary event. 
Never-before-seen video profiles of two victims of vaccine injury and their families produced by NVIC will be featured. The two families, who are interviewed by Barbara Loe Fisher in their homes, talk about a wide range of concerns that many Americans are facing when they try to make vaccination decisions.
Flu Vaccine Reaction Leaves Former Nurse a Quadriplegic
The first vaccine injury profile video was featured yesterday in an article on influenza vaccine released in the Mercola.com newsletter. It is the heartbreaking story of a former professor of nursing at a Connecticut university. She and her daughter, Katie, talk about what happened to their lives after a Guillain Barre Syndrome (GBS) complication of a routine flu shot led to strokes and ended in complete paralysis for this once active, vibrant mother and grandmother.
Pertussis Vaccine Reaction Leads to Developmental Delays
The second vaccine injury profile video, which will be included in an article on pertussis vaccine published on Wednesday, Nov. 2 in the Mercola.com newsletter, is the moving story of a young girl, who suffered brain inflammation and permanent brain dysfunction after a reaction to the DTaP vaccine. She was given DTaP together with six other vaccines at 15 months old.
Interviews with this Houston family reveal a three-generation history of vaccine reactions. They continue to struggle today to make vaccine choices in a climate of prejudice and stubborn denial of their increased biological susceptibility to vaccine reactions, which makes one-size-fits-all mandatory vaccination
policies so dangerous for them. 
New Award Winning Film Premieres Online 
On Sunday, October 30, the groundbreaking documentary, THE GREATER GOOD, which focuses on the science, policy, economics, law and politics of vaccination premiered online at Mercola.com and can be viewed online for free through Nov. 5. You can purchase DVD copies of the movie to show your family and friends for only $10 for a limited time while supplies last.
Click THE GREATER GOOD to view movie online until November 5th. Click purchase a copy to receive your copy of THE GREATER GOOD movie.  
Voices of Vaccine Injured, Advocates, Doctors & Scientists
THE GREATER GOOD movie features the perspectives of families with children, who have been injured or died from childhood vaccinations, along with pro-informed consent advocates, including Barbara Loe Fisher; pediatricians Lawrence Palevsky, M.D. and Bob Sears, M.D.; Stephanie Christner, D.O., whose infant daughter died after a series of vaccinations in Oklahoma; Gabi Swank, who suffered a severe reaction to a series of Gardasil shots in Kansas; and the King family in Oregon, whose now-teenage son suffered regressive autism after childhood vaccinations.
Vaccine researchers, including Chris Shaw, Ph.D. and Diane Harper, M.D., PhD, discuss gaps in the vaccine safety science. The film also includes the perspectives of prominent pro-mandatory vaccination proponents, who are associated with vaccine manufacturers, the American Academy of Pediatrics and federal health agencies.
Film’s LA Premiere: “What is Being Said is Staggering”
THE GREATER GOOD was first shown at the Dallas Film Festival last spring and, since then, has received the Amsterdam Cinematic Vision Award and the Sidewalk Moving Picture Film Festival Koroni Award from the School of Public Health at the University of Alabama.
At the LA premiere last week, a reviewer in the LA Weekly said, “What’s being said is staggering, especially if you don’t know much about the science and politics behind vaccines” and a reviewer for the Los Angeles Times commented, ”Deftly examined….provocative….film is an effective eye-opener.”
Film’s NYC Premiere in November
THE GREATER GOOD film is part of the November 2011 New York’s Documentary Festival. There will be a special screening of the film co-sponsored by NVIC at the International Film Center on Nov. 18 at 8 p.m. (check NVIC’s Facebook page for more details closer to the event).
NVIC Educates on Delta Air Lines in November 

During the month of November, the National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC) will have a 3-minute video on flu prevention included as part of in-flight programming call "Lifestyle365" aboard Delta Air Lines. The video features NVIC co-founder and president Barbara Loe Fisher urging viewers to become informed about influenza and how to stay well during the flu season.

To view the video, which will be seen by travelers on Delta, please go to YouTube.
CBS “The Doctors: Which Side Are You On?”
On Monday, October 17, CBS-TV “The Doctors” featured a segment that included a debate between “The Doctors” on whether or not pediatricians should deny medical care to unvaccinated children. The six minute segment has been divided into three parts on "The Doctors" website. Please click the hyperlinks provided below to view the segment.  
Click Scott Goldstein, M.D. to view a pediatrician from Chicago who turns parents away from his practice for exercising their medical informed consent rights. This link also shows the first part of “The Doctors” panel debate on kicking parents out of a practice for vaccine refusal. (Part 1 – About 1.75 minutes)
Click Barbara Loe Fisher to view NVIC’s comments on informed consent to vaccination and “The Doctors” continued debate (Part 2 – About 1.5 minutes). (changed “here” to your name – better traffic for us this way and is becoming more the norm)
Click CDC’s Dr. Melinda Wharton to view the comments she made on the vaccine schedule recommended by the CDC. (Part 3 - About 1 minute) See notes above on change.
NVIC Debuts New Website Homepage and Navigation 
Take a look at NVIC’s new, updated website homepage that makes information easier to access. “We are continuing to update the content and make the navigation of NVIC.org as streamlined as possible for visitors to NVIC’s website. Stay tuned for more improved and new features in 2012,” said Theresa Wrangham, NVIC’s Executive Director.
If you haven’t already, make sure you sign up for NVIC’s free on-line Advocacy Portal and learn how to take action to protect vaccine exemptions, which are under attack by the Pharma/Medical lobby, in your state.
If you have been threatened, thrown out of a doctor’s office, denied health insurance, employment or the right to get an education because you tried to exercise voluntary, informed consent to vaccination, share your experience with others on NVIC’s Vaccine Freedom Wall.

Posted: 10/31/2011 12:50:45 PM | with 3 comments


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