Be in Atlanta October 24th at Noon To Stand Up at the Truth, Transparency & Freedom Rally

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Event Information

Truth, Transparency & Freedom Rally
Saturday, Oct. 24, 2015 * Grant Park
840 Cherokee Ave. SE; Atlanta, GA
New Time - 12:00 – 4:00 PM
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by Barbara Loe Fisher

1986 march in Atlanta (CDC)
In the spring of 1986, NVIC co-founder Kathi Williams and I gathered with a small group of parents in Atlanta, Georgia to hold the first public demonstration demanding that the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) be truthful with the American public about vaccine injuries and deaths. We held up signs with photos of children who had died or been brain injured by toxic whole cell DPT vaccine to witness and honor them, the children who had no voice and had no choice.

Pharma-Led Forced Vaccination Lobby Attacks Human & Civil Rights

Almost 30 years later, on Saturday, October 24, 2015 from 12 - 4:00 p.m. (please note updated time), Kathi and I will again gather with parents in Atlanta, this time for the Truth, Transparency & Freedom Rally in Grant Park. The rally is being organized and sponsored by the parent-led Vaccine Injury Awareness League (VIAL), a small California non-profit founded this year after the Pharma-led forced vaccination lobby descended upon that state’s legislature and attacked the human right to informed consent to medical risk taking so they could eliminate the personal belief vaccine exemption and the civil right to a school education.

NVIC Stands in Solidarity with Parents 

Dave McCutcheon and parents marching in Atlanta 1986
The National Vaccine Information Center stands in solidarity with parents who are gathering in Atlanta and witnessing about what happened to their once healthy children, and are again calling on the CDC to tell the public the truth about vaccine injuries and deaths. 

We stand with in solidarity with all who want to protect the right to know and the freedom to choose how to stay healthy in America.

We stand in solidarity with all who reject the politics of demonization, discrimination and segregation that pit parent against parent, citizen against citizen, and violate basic human and civil rights.

We will not allow another generation of children to lose their health because government continues to protect the liability free vaccine industry and covers up vaccine risks and failures, while our children are crippled in the chronic disease and disability epidemic sweeping through America’s schools.

YES to Democracy, NO to Corporatocracy

Many people coming to the rally in Atlanta are united in defending freedom of speech and conscience. They believe it is time to speak out about the business partnership between industry and government that is turning our democracy into a corporatocracy and threatening the health of our nation.

Defend Inalienable Natural Rights and Health Liberty!

On Saturday, October 24, be in Atlanta and defend the inalienable natural rights embodied in the U.S. Constitution, which unite all of us regardless of where we live, the color of our skin, the faith that sustains us or the philosophies that define us. Bring your friends, your spirit, your love and your commitment and stand in solidarity with others who are there for the same reason.

Go to to learn more.

It’s your health. Your family. Your choice.

Download poster about rally here.

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FDA Fast-Tracks Licensure of MF59 Adjuvanted Influenza Vaccine

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During the Sept. 15, 2015 meeting of the FDA's advisory committee on vaccines, Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee (VRBPAC), the committee voted to fast-track licensure of the MF59 adjuvanted Fluad influenza vaccine. NVIC's President and Co-Founder, Barbara Loe Fisher gave the following public comment in opposition to licensure of the Fluad vaccine. NVIC has also issued a press release on the VRBPAC decision that may be read here.

Public Comment
Barbara Loe Fisher, Co-founder and President
 National Vaccine Information Center
Opposition to Fast Track Licensure of MF59 Adjuvanted Fluad
FDA Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee (VRBPAC)
Sept. 15, 2015
Squalene adjuvants hyper-stimulate the immune system and have been linked with development of autoimmunity, narcolepsy and other chronic disease.1 2 3 Based on the very limited safety and immunogenicity evidence submitted by Novartis,4 MF59 adjuvanted Fluad vaccine should not be fast tracked to licensure for use by seniors over age 65 in the U.S. for the following reasons:  
  1. FDA states there is uncertainty about how MF59 affects immune function but it is “thought” to activate local cells and has been “shown to directly increase phagocytosis” in human immune cells and to induce cytokines.5If MF59 does that, it is an active ingredient and should be proven safe in a placebo controlled trial. 
  2. Influenza vaccines induce immune mediated responses, whether adjuvanted or unadjuvanted. Comparing adverse responses following receipt of one adjuvanted bioactive product to those of an unadjuvanted bioactive product does not prove safety unless both are compared to an inactive placebo.6 7  Novartis did not compare Fluad to an inactive placebo. 
  3. It is well known that responses to vaccination are affected by genetic factors. The Pivotal Study population clearly was not genetically representative of U.S. seniors over age 65, a population that is over 80 percent Caucasian, 9 percent Black, 7 percent Hispanic and 4 percent Asian.8 Fluad was only given to about 1,000 U.S. seniors, while more than 2,400 Fluad recipients were from countries with high majority Asian or Hispanic populations.9 
  4. The trial exclusion criteria is so broad that the health of most of the study participants does not match that of the majority of U.S. seniors over age 65, of whom two-thirds have two or more chronic conditions such as heart, lung and kidney disease,10 11 and will be candidates for receipt of Fluad post-licensure. 
  5. Compared to Agriflu, Fluad produced a much higher number of pain, tenderness, redness and swelling reports; a higher number of systemic adverse event reports and more deaths and cases of new onset chronic disease.12 
  6. The Pivotal Study provides no information about the safety of giving seniors with multiple chronic conditions repeated doses of squalene adjuvanted Fluad every year and no information about how Fluad performs when given simultaneously with other vaccines. 
  7. Using surrogate markers in the Pivotal Study, Novartis was not able to demonstrate that Fluad was superior to Agriflu with regard to immunogenicity, while Novartis was able to demonstrate that squalene adjuvanted Fluad is more reactive.13
Why does Fluad need to be fast tracked to licensure for seniors without additional evidence? There is public concern that fast tracking Fluad is really about fast tracking MF59 to licensure so it can be added to lots of new vaccines targeting infants, pregnant women and every American without adequate evidence for safety or effectiveness.

1 Kuroda Y, Nacionales DC et al. Autoimmunity induced by adjuvant hydrocarbon oil components of vaccine. Biomed Pharmacother 2004; 58(5): 325-327.
4 Novartis. FDA Advisory Committee Briefing Document: Fluad, Seasonal Adjuvanted Trivalent Influenza Vaccine (aTIV). FDA Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee Meeting Sept. 15, 2015.
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6 What is a placebo? Feb. 10, 2013.
7  Massachusetts General Hospital. Clinical Trials 101: Placebo Controlled Trials.
8 Ortman JM, Velkoff VA, Hogan H. An Aging Nation: The Older Population in the United States. US Census Bureau May 2014. Table 3, page 12.
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13 FDA. Briefing Document: Influenza Vaccine, Adjuvanted Fluad, Novartis Vaccines and Diagnostics, Inc, Applicant. Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee Sept. 15, 2015 Meeting. Page 5.

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Parents Deserve To Know More Than School Vaccination Rates

Posted: 9/8/2015 4:46:10 PM | with 23 comments

by Barbara Loe Fisher

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NVIC recently reported that the federal government has directed all public and private schools to publish vaccination and personal belief vaccine exemption rates, even though less than 1.7 percent of kindergarten children have any vaccine exemptions and less than one percent of children under 36 months old are unvaccinated.1 2 3 This Centers for Disease Control (CDC) directive comes at a time when nationwide 94 percent of kindergarten students have gotten multiple doses of federally recommended vaccines for the past three decades,4 including five doses of pertussis and two doses of measles containing vaccines. 

truthBut what the CDC is not telling parents, is the rest of the story about the real health status of school children in America. Perhaps the CDC is pursuing higher and higher vaccination rates and gutting vaccine exemptions to try to take attention away from the chronic disease and disability epidemic sweeping through classrooms that makes it harder and harder for children to learn and be healthy.

California: CDC’s Role Model

California is serving as the CDC’s role model for how states can go about shaming schools with less than a 95 percent vaccine coverage rate and blaming students with non-medical vaccine exemptions for endangering the public health. After California health officials joined with the liability free pharmaceutical and medical trade industries this year to lobby for elimination of the personal belief vaccine exemption (PBE) so they could segregate partially and unvaccinated children into homeschools,5 they created a new website with an interactive map to post the names and addresses of kindergarten and middle schools; the numbers of children enrolled; the personal belief exemption (PBE) rate; up to date (UTD) vaccination rate, and the coverage rates for nine state mandated vaccines, including DPT, polio, MMR, hepatitis B and varicella zoster vaccines.6

Putting Color Stars on Schools

The CDC has created a similar national website dedicated to incentivizing all states to use electronic medical records and vaccine tracking systems to publish school vaccination and PBE rates. 7 But health officials in California have gone one step further: they also “rate” schools from “safest” to “most vulnerable” with the following color coded rating system:

  • GREEN *       Safest. 95 to 100 percent of students fully vaccinated.
  • YELLOW *     Moderately vulnerable. 90 to 95 percent fully vaccinated.
  • ORANGE *     More vulnerable. 80 to 89 percent fully vaccinated.
  • RED *             Most vulnerable. Less than 79.9 percent fully vaccinated.
  • BLUE *           Did Not Report in 2014-2015.

Giving Parents More Relevant School Health Information

If government health officials are determined to violate the medical privacy of children and post detailed vaccination and PBE rates for schools, then at the end of the 2015-2016 school year, parents should have access to much more relevant health information about each school and the students attending those schools, information like:

  • The total number of sick days taken by students due to illness;
  • The percentage of students infected with HIV, hepatitis, tuberculosis, syphilis and other transmittable diseases;
  • The percentage of chronically ill students on medication for asthma, diabetes, ADHD, epilepsy, anxiety, bipolar disorder and depression;
  • The percentage of students with life threatening peanut and other severe allergies;
  • The percentage of students with learning disabilities, autism and other conditions requiring special education services; and
  • The percentage of fully vaccinated and unvaccinated students who contracted infectious diseases.

The Immune Deficient: More Virus Shedding and Transmission

classroomParents may also want to know the percentage of children in each school who have cancer and other immune compromising diseases. Immune deficient children and adults, whether or not they have been vaccinated, are much more vulnerable to becoming infected with both wild type and vaccine strain viruses. The immune-compromised also are more likely to shed wild type and vaccine strain viruses for longer periods of time in their body fluids and transmit viral infections to other vaccinated and unvaccinated persons.8

If, in the name of transparency and the public health, government health officials are going to identify and demonize schools with a vaccine coverage rate of less than 95 percent and encourage discrimination against and segregation of students with religious and conscientious belief vaccine exemptions – especially when almost no medical condition qualifies for a medical exemption9 - then parents deserve to know the truth and nothing but the truth about the health of children attending different schools.

How Many Highly Vaccinated Students Are Not Well?

Just exactly how many children attending public and private schools with different vaccine coverage rates are chronically sick and disabled?10 11 How many are taking medication for severe allergies, asthma, diabetes, epilepsy, anxiety, bi-polar disorder and depression;12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 or are suffering with learning disabilities, ADHD and autism;23 24 25 26 or are severely immune compromised and sick with cancer, HIV, hepatitis, tuberculosis, syphilis and other kinds of immune compromising diseases, some of them transmissible?27 28 29 30 31 32 33

IOM AEFI ReportThese crippling medical conditions have increased by 10 to 100 percent or more among school children over the past 30 years at exactly the same time that public health officials have pounded children with three times more vaccinations than children used to get. There are long standing vaccine safety research gaps that the Institute of Medicine identified 20 years ago and as recently as 2013,34 35 36 including lack of adequate evidence that the government’s childhood vaccine schedule of 49 doses of 14 vaccines before age six is safe.37 And there are still no credible scientific studies funded by government to compare the health of highly vaccinated children with children receiving fewer or no vaccines.

Full Transparency or Respect for Human Rights?

Full transparency about the health of schools and student populations would provide parents with a way to identify which schools and school populations are actually healthier, not simply how many children in a school have personal belief vaccine exemptions or what color star public health officials have pinned on them. Of course, a more intelligent and compassionate operation of our nation’s public health program would serve the people much better, starting with respect for the human right to informed consent to medical risk taking and rejection of the politics of demonization, discrimination and segregation.38

Protect your right to know and freedom to choose by becoming a vaccine choice advocate in your community today. Go to and to learn how.

It’s your health. Your Family. Your Choice.

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