NVIC Shares Back to School Vaccination Tips on "The Balancing Act"  Airing on Lifetime Television, August 31 & September 7 between 7-8 a.m. ET/PT


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For 30 years, the non-profit charity, the National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC), has been dedicated to public education and providing vaccine information tools for empowering informed decision-making. NVIC’s website is the oldest and largest consumer operated vaccine information website on the internet.

On Friday, Aug. 31 and Friday, Sept. 7, 2012, NVIC co-founder and president, Barbara Loe Fisher, and Vicky Debold, RN, PhD, NVIC’s director of research and patient safety, join celebrity host Julie Moran for a “Back to School Special” on The Balancing Act airing on Lifetime Television. During the 3-5 minute segment, Barbara, Vicky and Julie talk about childhood vaccine recommendations, state vaccine laws and the importance of finding a trusted doctor, who will be a caring, respectful partner with parents in making vaccine decisions for children.

Focusing on the need for parents to learn how to identify both signs and symptoms of childhood diseases and vaccine reactions in order to protect children’s health, they also  review the many ways to help keep children well during the school year, such as making sure they get plenty of exercise, sleep, vitamin D and nutritious meals. Viewers are encouraged to visit NVIC.org to get more tips about making informed vaccine decisions for children.

Learn More About NVIC's Programs and Services

We hope you will explore our website to learn more about infectious diseases, vaccines and vaccine laws in your state. The majority of information posted on our website, including print and video commentaries about vaccine science, policy, law and ethics, is anchored with references and live links to original sources to document accuracy and provide transparency.

Ever since the first vaccines one of the most serious complications of vaccination has been brain inflammation.  Brain inflammation can cause convulsions, also known as seizures. Today, it is up to parents to find a doctor they can trust, and who will take the precautionary approach to giving more vaccines in the face of previous vaccine reactions. Mothers also need a place to share vaccine reaction stories and NVIC provides the Vaccine Freedom Wall for mothers to share their stories of vaccine reactions and help inform and empower others.   

Many of the most commonly asked questions parents have about vaccination are addressed on our “FAQs” and “Diseases and Vaccines” webpages, as well as in downloadable brochures, such as “Ask 8 Questions” and “49 Doses of 14 Vaccines Before Age Six.” 

These resources contain critical information to help parents make informed vaccine choices for their children, including learning how to recognize vaccine reactions and report them to a doctor, as well as to the federal Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS).

Protect Vaccine Choices in Your State

NVIC has a long public record of working to make vaccines and vaccine policies safer and defending informed consent rights in public health laws. We encourage you to become a registered user of NVIC’s free online Advocacy Portal to receive email Action Alerts when there is proposed legislation in your state that will eliminate or restrict vaccine exemptions or add new vaccine requirements.

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After you have viewed NVIC’s segment on “The Back to School Special” on The Balancing Act on Lifetime Television, we hope you will want to learn more about vaccination and health and also become a donor supporter of NVIC. When you make a donation, there are special gifts we can send to you to share with your family and friends. Your donation makes it possible for NVIC to continue to provide free educational programs and support services to the public. 

  • NVIC Individual Donor Supporters making a donation of $25 can receive a copy of the 2008 book Vaccines, Autism & Chronic Inflammation: The New Epidemic by Barbara Loe Fisher. 
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