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Parents Testify in Colorado Senate Opposing Vaccine Bill

Parents, healthcare officials and others testifying against Colorado bill HB1288 once again outnumbered those in favor of the bill at the Senate hearing.

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USA Today: Eliminate Personal Belief Vaccine Exemptions

Barbara Loe Fisher opposes USA Today, the first U.S. national newspaper to call for an end to the personal belief exemption in the U.S.

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Increased Use of Vaccines Strongly Promoted by Federal Vaccine Advisory Committees

NVIC's Theresa Wrangham shows the history behind the federal Vaccine Injury Compensation funds and provides updates on Healthy People 2020 goals relating to vaccines.

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CDC Launches Media Campaigns to Increase Vaccine Use

New media campaigns by the CDC target adults, pregnant women, and teens for higher vaccine uptake. Discover how federal agencies strategize to force vaccine compliance.

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