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Taking No Prisoners in the Vaccine Culture War

With CDC narrowing of contraindications that qualify for a medical exemptions, vaccine risks are not equally shared by all. Why are the lives of those at risk for vaccine injury valued less by public health officials than the lives of immune compromised children?

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Zero Tolerance Vaccine Laws in America: Will You Defend Vaccine Freedom?

With the attack on voluntary vaccine choices, today, we are witnessing the erosion of core values that our constitutional democracy was founded upon.

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Vacunación Forzada: El Trágico Legado de Jacobson vs. Massachusetts

Por Barbara Loe Fisher...

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From Nuremberg to California: Why Informed Consent Matters in the 21st Century

NVIC co-founder and president Barbara Loe Fisher calls for rejection of utilitarianism as the foundation of public health laws and the embracing of a more compassionate ethic based on respect for autonomy and informed consent. A powerful defense of freedom of thought, speech, conscience and religious belief, Fisher provides a brief review and analysis of the history of philosophy and ideology that has impacted public health polices and vaccine laws in the U.S.

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