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Investigate Gardasil Vaccine Risks NOW!

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NVIC’s Investigate Gardasil Vaccine Risks NOW! petition is petitioning President Barack Obama, his Administration and Congress “to investigate the expedited licensing and universal use recommendation by federal health agencies that all girls aged 11-12 years old and young women up to age 26 receive three doses of Gardasil. The petition on behalf of families is urging the President and Congress to take action to minimize the human and economic costs of Gardasil vaccination for individuals and the public in order to protect the lives of Americans who trust the government to ensure that vaccines licensed for public use are safe, effective and necessary.”

On June 27, 2006, the National Vaccine Information Center issued a press release “Merck’s Gardasil Not Proven Safe for Little Girls,” which was the first warning to Americans that the newly licensed vaccine to prevent HPV infection had not been adequately tested, especially in girls under 16 years old. On February 1, 2007 and February 21, 2007 NVIC published two analyses of Gardasil adverse event reports to the federal Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) which gave evidence that Gardasil was causing serious health problems involving neurological and immune system dysfunction. By August 15, 2007, NVIC had published a third and more comprehensive analyses of VAERS reports involving Gardasil vaccine and, on October 24, 2008, NVIC once again called the safety of Gardasil into question after the Centers for Disease Control dismissed all of the deaths and injuries reported to VAERS as a “coincidence.”

If you or someone you love has suffered a Gardasil vaccine reaction, please report the reaction to NVIC’s Vaccine Reaction Registry and to the government vaccine reporting system, VAERS.

Sign the "Investigate Gardasil Vaccine Risk NOW!" Petition


"Show Us the Vaccine Data" Petition

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The national on-line "Show Us the Vaccine Data Petition" was announced by the National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC) at an August 23, 2004, meeting of the Institute of Medicine (IOM), National Academies of Sciences in Washington, D.C. At that meeting, parents of vaccine injured autistic children protested that the Vaccine Safety Datalink (VSD) was being used by federal health officials to cover-up vaccine risks associated with mercury preservatives in vaccines. That day, the National Vaccine Information Center, as well as SAFEMINDS, National Autism Association, Moms Against Mercury, CoMed, NoMercury.org and Unlocking Autism, all called for full public disclosure of all government-held vaccine risk data in the VSD.

The federally operated VSD electronic database has collected information on vaccination and children's health in cooperation with large Health Maintenance Organizations (HMO's) for more than a decade. The CDC has conducted its own analysis of the data and published articles, most of which have denied a causal link between vaccines and chronic brain and immune system dysfunction. During the past two years, independent researchers were repeatedly denied access by CDC officials to the publicly funded VSD for the purpose of replicating and validating the CDC's analysis of the data.

The hallmark of good science is replication and the hallmark of good government is transparency. Signing the "Show Us the Vaccine Data" petition will add your voice to the tens of thousands of other citizen voices who know how important it is for government-held vaccine risk information to be open to independent analysis.

For more information on the VSD and vaccine risks, click the link to read a presentation made by NVIC President, Barbara Loe Fisher, at the August 23 IOM.

Pass this on to all your e-mail friends and relatives. Our goal is 100,000 signatures!!

Sign the "Show Us the Vaccine Data" Petition

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