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Vaccine Awareness Week 2018

Vaccinations: Know the Risks and Failures

Beginning Sunday, Sept.23 and through Sept. 30, 2018, the non-profit charity National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC) and holistic health pioneer Dr. Joseph Mercola, founder of Mercola.com, are co-sponsoring Annual Vaccine Awareness Week, a week dedicated to raising awareness about vaccination, health and informed consent.

Since 1982, NVIC has been dedicated to preventing vaccine injuries and deaths through public education. In defense of human rights, including freedom of thought, speech, conscience and informed consent to medical risk taking, which includes vaccine risk taking, NVIC works to secure flexible medical, religious and conscientious belief exemptions in U.S. vaccine policies and laws.

During Vaccine Awareness Week 2018, Dr. Joseph Mercola will double match your donations up to $100,000 to the National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC). You can also donate directly to NVIC by CLICKING HERE to help support our mission and join the vaccine freedom of choice movement today!

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Vaccine Awareness Week Links & Details

Please pass this information on to your family and friends.  Revisit this webpage during Vaccine Awareness Week Sept. 23-30, 2018 for release of live links to video interviews, commentaries, articles and a special NVIC legislation action report that will be provided on the following days in the schedule below.

Barbara Loe Fisher and Dr. Mercola

Video Interview with Dr. Joe Mercola and Barbara Loe Fisher and referenced article about influenza and pertussis vaccine risks and failures, how to stay healthy during the flu season, and protecting vaccine freedom of choice

Click here to view the VAW Sept. 23 featured interview and referenced article.

In a wide-ranging video interview, holistic health pioneer Dr. Joe Mercola and NVIC co-founder and president Barbara Loe Fisher talk about influenza and pertussis vaccine risks and failures and how vaccinated people still can get infected and transmit infections to others, sometimes showing few or no symptoms. Giving their perspective from years of experience as a holistic health physician pioneer and a longtime consumer advocate championing vaccine informed consent rights, they talk about why it is so important for everyone to be aware of efforts by the vaccine industry to restrict the legal right to make voluntary vaccine decisions in America.

NVIC has updated the Diseases and Vaccine webpages for Influenza and Pertussis on NVIC.org to share with your friends and family.

beating drum

Video and referenced written commentary "The Pertussis Vaccine Blame Game" by Barbara Loe Fisher

Click here to view the VAW Sept. 25 featured video and referenced commentary.

In this eye-opening illustrated video and referenced written commentary, NVIC co-founder and president Barbara Loe Fisher reviews the history of whole cell pertussis vaccine and DPT vaccine injury lawsuits in the 1980s and why parents of DPT vaccine injured children worked for more than a decade to get a less toxic acellular pertussis vaccine (DtaP) licensed for babies in 1996. Anchored with more than 150 references, primarily from the medical literature, this commentary explains why both old and new pertussis vaccines are failing and why the vaccine industry is determined to re-write history so that consumers will never again be able to advocate for a licensed vaccine to be made less harmful.

NVIC has updated the Diseases and Vaccine webpages for Pertussis on NVIC.org to share with your friends and family.

2018 Annual Report on U.S. State Vaccine Legislation: Breakdown, Trends and Predictions

Click here to view the VAW Sept. 27 featured legislation update.

A follow-up and update of last year’s NVIC Vaccine Legislative Action Report 2015-2017, this year the NVIC Advocacy Team analyzes and explains in detail what types of vaccine-related bills were passed or defeated in state legislatures in 2018. Reporting that vaccine exemptions remained stable with no losses in 2018, NVIC breaks down which states passed bills adding new vaccine mandates, enrolled more citizens in electronic vaccine tracking registries, allowed pharmacists to give children vaccines, and approved vaccine promotion programs in daycares, schools and residential care facilities. Find out if your state legislators were among those who introduced 47 bills that NVIC supported or 78 bills that NVIC opposed this year, and what could happen if the vaccine industry targets your state in 2019 for legislation that removes or restricts vaccine exemptions.

Drug Companies Pay FDA and NIH Pays Universities to Fast Track and Market Vaccines

Click here to view the VAW Sept. 28 featured article by The Vaccine Reaction staff.

A referenced article by The Vaccine Reaction staff explaining why, when it comes to cozy business relationships between government and industry, there is nothing like the lucrative one that Congress has encouraged federal health agencies to create with the drug and vaccine industry

NVIC has updated the Diseases and Vaccines webpage for Influenza and Human Papillomavirus (HPV) on NVIC.org to share with your friends and family.



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