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Melissa Palfreyman
AZ Arizona
United States of America
3 months
DPT (diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis)
mental retardation
autism spectrum
My daughter was born 7 wks premie and received the first set, the 4 in 1 vaccination, at age 3mths and had high fever then seizures within hours... Doc said this was normal???? Next shot she had high fever for several days..still developed normal til 3rd set and then I noticed her change..delay in walking (15mths), only spoke 10 words in her life and by 18mths she was diagnosed MR...after the MMR/HIB Shot she had severe regression , lost use of hands, began hand wringing, lost steadiness in gait, total loss in ability to use stairs, screams alot(still does w/o meds)bites self & by 3 yrs after total loss of speech, seizure disorder, sleep patterns disrupted, diagnosed with rett syndrome. Two yrs later, my eldest sister's son diagnosed Aspergers, younger sister has one son HF autism and youngest daughter Aspergers...Sad that we all realize that all of us sisters and our kids have severe allergy to METAL!!!!!!
Has rett syndrome, gait ataxia..can barely walk, severe digestive disorder, no speech, no purposeful hand use..scholiosis in spine, calcium deficiency, unable to be in large crowds, anxiety attacks... total dependent on me/ others for all needs in life to be met..given life expectency 25 yrs...Little girl has been trapped in this world..
My baby girl was lost within 2 yrs after 1st shot