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Jessica Runquist
NJ New Jersey
United States of America
Hepatitis B
learning disabilities
Immediately after the first shot of the hepatitis series, Jessica began to tremble and shake. She laid in bed at home crying for months, and vomiting continuously. She needed to be home tutored from school. I did not want her to receive the other two shots in the series of three because it made her so sick. The doctor insisted that it was not the shot that made Jessica sick. And so, in trusting the doctor, I let them give Jessica the other two hepatitis shots in the series, and I have regretted it ever since. Jessica never recovered to be her old happy-go-lucky self.
Today Jessica suffers from constant abdominal pains and vomiting. She also has a Central Auditory Processing Disorder which makes having any kind of independent life extremely difficult for her. After the Hepatitis series, Jessica withdrew, and lost her friends, her learning abilities, and her social skills.
Jessica's life is now limited by the Central Auditory Processing Disorder caused by the vaccine.