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Demian G.
CA California
United States of America
12 months
Multiple Vaccines Simultaneously
immune system problems
My son was a very healthy baby. He was breasfed and haven't has any health problems. At his 12 month check up, he was given 5 different shots. Soon after, his lymph nodes swallen, his nose became congested causing him to snore at night, his eyes became irritated and he was very sensitive to light, he developed ear infection that re-ocurred once a month for the following years. He was always treated with antibiotic which only worsen the problem. I allowed doctors to give him his 24 month shots. His health continued to deteriorate. By age 5 he was constantly sick, he was unable to attend school, he could not do physical activities and his upper respiratory infections were more severe than before. He was diagnosed with asthma. I desided a drastic measure was needed. I took him off all drugs and stopped vaccines. We started visiting a team of holistic doctors. Two of them suggested a link with the vaccine given to my son at age 1. It took us 1 year to get his immune system back to normal.
My son is now a healthy boy thanks to the team of holistic doctors that gave us full support.