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Biography, Andrea Marconi, D.C., BS, CACCP

Doctor  |  Health & Wellness  |  Speaker |  Wife |  Mother

Andrea Marconi

Andrea Marconi, D.C., CACCP, is a graduate of Sherman College of Chiropractic, a mother, and a wife. In private practice for over a decade, Dr. Marconi is motivated by her ability to provide holistic health solutions and chiropractic care, with a special focus on the pre/post-natal and pediatric population. Her relentless dedication to be of benefit to others is what drives her.

Dr. Marconi continues to strive for more as she contributes to NVIC as Director of Professional Resources where she has the honor of working with the Chiropractic profession as well as other groups to educate and support doctors who are speaking with their patients and communities about protecting the legal right to exercise religious and conscientious belief vaccine exemptions to go to school, be employed and otherwise participate in society. Dr. Marconi cares very deeply about upholding the freedom of informed consent, protecting one’s legal right to make voluntary and informed health choices in America.

Holding both a Doctorate of Chiropractic and a BS in Biology, Dr. Marconi also completed post graduate level studies with the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association. Exposed to holistic principles inspired by her parents and practitioners at youth was the fuel that ignited Dr. Marconi’s passion for protecting our generations to come. Dr. Marconi’s special interest is on vaccine safety as it relates to the function of neuroimmunology, the overall effects on the ever changing, highly influential human microbiome and the long-term outcome with regards to epigenetics.

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