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Zero Tolerance Vaccine Laws in America: Will You Defend Vaccine Freedom?

Every July Americans celebrate the day in 1776 when we declared our independence from a monarchy and began to secure liberty and justice for all. Today, we are witnessing the erosion of core values that our constitutional democracy was founded upon...

What's Old is New - 1996 Vaccine Safety Research Priorities


Current News

What's Old is New - 1996 Vaccine Safety Research Priorities
NVIC's 1996 statement to the Institute of Medicine's Vaccine Safety Forum on vaccine safety research priorities remain valid today. Learn more about the research priorities that remain unaddressed today... 

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Baylor’s Doc Hotez Bullies Parents of Vaccine Injured Children
The doctors operating the mandatory vaccination system with an iron fist, who refuse to acknowledge or address the suffering of people for whom the risks of vaccination turned out to be 100 percent, would do well to reflect upon the primary role they have played in the crisis of public trust in the safety of vaccines and doctors forcing everyone to use them... 

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Are Vaccine Ingredients Safe?

Even though some ingredients in vaccines may be in small amounts, not every one has been adequately tested for negative effects on the brain and immune system. Before you take a risk, find out what it is...

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Sudden Infant Deaths Remain High in the U.S.

Correlation may not equal causation, but when between 2,000 and 3,000 babies die every year in the U.S. before their first birthday and their deaths are categorized as SIDS or “unexplained,” the potential association between unexpected infant death and vaccination merits deeper consideration and more thorough scientific investigation...

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New Human Fetal Cell Lines Available for Vaccine Production

A third aborted human fetal cell culture may now be used in vaccine production. Source tissue for this new cell line was obtained from the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology of Yunnan Hospital in China. Relatively little additional information about Walvax-2 is publicly available...

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