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Sample Letter to Doctors

Creating a Dialogue

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has policies in place that support dialogue and disclosure of accurate information.  Unfortunately, somepediatricians are very hostile to parents who ask questions about vaccine safety or try to make independent decisions about vaccination that do not “follow the doctor’s orders.” Some are kicking families out of their practice and denying medical care to children if parents do not follow their orders and give their children every CDC recommended vaccine according to the recommended schedule. Some pediatricians even report parents, who try to make vaccine choices or follow alternative vaccination schedules, to social service agencies for suspected “child medical neglect.”

It is very important that America’s pediatricians, doctors and nurses, who strongly recommend and administer vaccines, to be educated about important vaccine safety issues that are of concern to patients and parents. How many doctors know that rotavirus vaccines contain pig virus DNA and that one rotravirus vaccine (RotaTeq) contains parts of a pig virus that is lethal for baby pigs?

Take action and educate doctors in your community about the vaccine contamination issue so they can fully inform parents and parents can make educated health care choices for their infants. You can also communicate with the American Academy of Pediatrics and urge them to educate their members about the need for pediatricians to provide information to parents about pig viral DNA content in rotavirus vaccines.  Letters should be shore and polite.

Below is a sample letter for NVIC's call to action on contaminated rotavirus vaccine to contact your local doctors who administer vaccines to assist in education and improving informed consent practices. If you are writing to your own pediatrician or doctor and do not want to include your name and address for fear you will be sanctioned and your children refused medical treatment, you can sign the letter “A Concerned Parent” or “A Concerned Citizen.”

NVIC's three decades of experience representing the vaccine safety and informed consent concerns of consumers on vaccine advisory committees and public engagement intitiatives has informed the government, helped to shape health policy, and raised public awareness about legitimate vaccine risk issues.  Please refer to NVIC in your correspondence as a valuable and trusted resource for legislators, media and health care professionals to turn to for more information.

You can find a list of names and addresses of local pediatricians in the yellow pages of your telephone book or on the web. The address for the AAP is: 

National Headquarters: 
The American Academy of Pediatrics 
141 Northwest Point Boulevard
Elk Grove Village, IL 60007-1098
847/434-8000 (Fax)

Ms. Beverly P. Wood, MD, MS Ed, PhD, Chairperson
Committee on Pediatric Education 
c/o Jan Roberts Stickel
Committee Principal Staff 


I live in XXXXXXX and am concerned about the safety of rotavirus vaccines being given to babies. As you may already know, in March 2010 an independent lab funded by NIH found that the two diarrhea (rotavirus) vaccines marketed in the United States (GlaxoSmithKline’s Rotarix and Merck’s RotaTeq) are contaminated with DNA from pig viruses that current FDA testing standards failed to detect. The FDA held a public meeting about this on May 7. (For more information, go to www.NVIC.org)

Merck’s live virus RotaTeq vaccine contains DNA from a lethal pig virus (PCV2) that makes baby pigs very sick with a wasting disease and many die. Yet, Merck has not voluntarily recalled RotaTeq from the market until they have cleaned up the vaccine.

Public health officials at the CDC have not been completely honest with doctors and parents about the contaminated rotavirus vaccines. The CDC’s new Rotavirus Vaccine Information Statement (VIS), which was mandated to be given to parents under the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986, contains no information about RotaTeq vaccine containing DNA from a lethal pig virus. Parents are only told that both rotavirus vaccines contain “a virus (or parts of the virus) called porcine circovirus” and that “there is no known safety risk.” 

I have children and am very concerned about the potential serious health problems that could be caused now or in the future from giving babies vaccines contaminated with animal or other viral DNA, especially parts of a lethal animal virus.

The FDA’s current vaccine testing regulations are inadequate. The FDA only recommends and does not legally require vaccine manufacturers to test their vaccines for contamination. The FDA should immediately institute legal requirements for testing and raise standards for labeling. I believe the FDA should also adhere to the precautionary principle and recommend that Merck voluntarily recall RotaTeq vaccine until it is free from contamination with DNA from a virus that injures and kills pigs.

If you are giving rotavirus vaccines to babies, I hope that you are fully informing parents that one rotavirus contains DNA from a non-lethal pig virus and the other (RotaTeq) contains DNA from a pig virus that is lethal for baby pigs. Not many parents have this information or know they can make a choice because rotavirus vaccine is not a mandated vaccine.

Thank you for your help in making parents more aware they can make informed vaccine choices.  

123 Main Street
Hometown, XX  12345
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