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Barbara Loe Fisher

Co-Founder & President, National Vaccine Information Center
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barbara loe fisher

Websites:  www.NVIC.org and www.NVICAdvocacy.org and www.TheVaccineReaction.org

Contact:  Tel: 703-938-0342

Co-author: DPT: A Shot in the Dark (1985, Harcourt Brace Jovanovich; 1986 Warner; 1991 Avery; 2000 Reprint Penguin/Putnam)

Author:  The Consumer’s Guide to Childhood Vaccines (1997); Vaccines, Autism & Chronic Inflammation: The New Epidemic (2008);The Emerging Risks of Live Virus and Virus Vectored Vaccines: Vaccine Strain Virus Infection, Shedding & Transmission (2014); Reforming Vaccine Policy & Law: A Guide (2014; 2017).

Editor: Editor of NVIC Newsletter and Executive Editor of The Vaccine Reaction

Blogger: Vaccine Awakening, Barbara Loe Fisher Speaks Out 

Video Commentator: For NVIC.org and Mercola.com

Film: Featured in the 2011 film documentary The Greater Good; Appeared in Shots in the Dark, Vaccines Revealed, The Truth About Vaccines and other documentaries.


  • Vaccine Safety Writing Group, National Vaccine Advisory Committee, U.S. Department of Health & Human Services (2009-2010)
  • Consumers United for Evidence Based Health Care, The Cochrane Collaboration – U.S. (August 2006 — present)
  • Blue Ribbon Panel on Vaccine Safety, Centers for Disease Control (June 3-4, 2004)
  • Vaccine Policy Analysis Collaborative: A U.S. Government Experiment in Public Engagement (2002-2005)
  • Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee of the Food and Drug Administration (1999-2003), U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
  • Vaccine Safety Forum, Institute of Medicine, National Academy of Sciences (1995-1998)
  • National Vaccine Advisory Committee (1988-1991), U.S. Department of Health and Human Services; Chairman, Subcommittee on Vaccine Adverse Events 

Book Chapters:

“Autism: The Vaccine Connection” in Envisioning A Bright Future edited by Patricia Lemer (2008)

Selected Referenced Commentaries, Op Eds, Articles

Selected Invited Presentations:

  • The Truth About Cancer Live OrlandoMedical Tyranny – Why Informed Consent Matters (2017)
  • Health Freedom Worldwide SymposiumNo Forced Vaccination: The People Rising (2017)
  • Physicians for Informed Consent Inaugural Meeting – From Nuremberg to California: Why Informed Consent Matters in the 21st Century (2017)
  • Revolution for Truth Rally in Washington, DCThe Vaccine Revolution for Truth (2017)
  • Virginia Legislature Oral Testimony Defending Freedom of Conscience and Religious Belief and Informed Consent to Vaccination in Vaccine Law (2016)
  • Truth, Transparency and Freedom Rally in Atlanta The Health Liberty Revolution to Save Our Children (2015)
  • California LegislatureOral Testimony Opposing SB277 to Remove Personal Belief Vaccine Exemption from CA Vaccine Law (2015)
  • The Wave – Vaccination: The Right to Know and Freedom to Choose (2015)
  • National Health Freedom Coalition Congress – Vaccination: Defending Your Right to Know and Freedom To Choose (2014)
  • ICPA Freedom for Family Wellness Summit – Vaccination: Defending Your Right to Know and Freedom to Choose (2014)
  • California Jam – Knowledge is Power and Freedom is Not Free (2013)
  • Institute of Medicine - The Need for a Study Comparing Health Outcomes of Vaccinated and Unvaccinated Children (2012).
  • Holistic Moms Network Conference – Vaccines & Chronic Illness: Staying Well in the New Epidemic (2012)
  • Vaccine Safety: Evaluating the Science Conference - Medical Science & Public Trust: The Policy, Ethics & Law of Vaccination in the 20th & 21st Centuries" (2011) 
  • Fourth International Public Conference on Vaccination , National Vaccine Information Center – “Show Us the Science & Give Us the Choice” (2009)
  • Healthy Lifestyles Conference, National Black and Hispanic Caucuses of State Legislators – “Vaccine Laws, Child Health & Informed Consent (2009)
  • Autism One, Vaccine Education & Informed Consent (2009)
  • Institute of Medicine, National Vaccine Plan Panel - Vaccine Policy Issues (April 2009)
  • Institute of Medicine, National Vaccine Plan Panel – Vaccine Communication (February 2009)
  • NY Legislative Vaccine Education Roundtable, Stony Brook University (2008)
  • Vaccine Freedom of Choice Rally, Trenton, NJ – Vaccine Freedom of Choice (2008)
  • The Natural Living Conference, Holistic Moms Network – “Vaccines & Chronic Inflammation: Staying Well in the New Epidemic” (2008)
  • National Vaccine Advisory Committee - Workshop on Vaccine Safety Research Priorities - Engaging the Public (2008)
  • Anaheim Autism Conference – “Vaccination & the Chronic Disease Epidemic” (2008)
  • New Hampshire Association of Naturopathic Doctors – “Vaccines and Chronic Illness” (2007)
  • Wellness Forum, Columbus, Ohio – “The Science and Policy of Vaccination” (2007)
  • Ohio Academy of Trial Lawyers, Columbus, Ohio – “Vaccination and the Law” (2007)
  • Life University, Atlanta, Georgia – “The Philosophy of Vaccination and the Philosophy of Chiropractic” (2006)
  • Defeat Autism Now Conference, Washington, D.C. (2006)
  • Power of Truth March & Rally, Capitol Hill, Washington, D.C. (2005)
  • New Zealand College of Chiropractic (2005)
  • Autism One, Chicago, Illinois (2005)
  • Institute of Medicine, Committee on the Review of the National Immunization Program’s Research Procedures and Data Sharing Program (2004)
  • Miami Children’s Hospital – “Doctors & Parents Preventing Vaccine Reactions” (2004)
  • Minnesota Legislature, Oral Testimony on Hepatitis B, Pneumococcal Vaccine Mandates (2003)
  • U.S. House of Representatives, Committee on Government Reform, Oral Testimony on SV40 Contamination of Polio Vaccines, U.S. House of Representatives, Committee on Government Reform (2003)
  • Defeat Autism Now Conference, Boston, Massachusetts (2002) – “Vaccines and Autism”
  • Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, Baltimore, Maryland – “The Right to Informed Consent” (2002)
  • California Senate Committee on Health & Human ServicesOral Testimony on Vaccine Mandates, California Senate Committee on Health & Human Services (2002)
  • Institute of MedicineImmunization Safety Review Committee (2001)
  • Colorado Legislature, Oral Testimony on Hepatitis B Vaccine Risks, (2000)
  • Palmer College of Chiropractic, Philosophy Colloquium, Master’s Program (2000)
  • U.S. House of Representatives, Subcommittee on Criminal Justice, Drug Policy and Human Resources, Oral Testimony on Hepatitis B Vaccine Risks (1999)
  • National Press Club, Institute for Health Freedom Press Conference (1999) – “Medical Privacy and Mandatory Vaccinations”
  • Educational Policy Council, Constitutional Coalition (1999) – “Vaccine Tracking: A Threat to Your Privacy”
  • Illinois Legislature, Oral Testimony on Informed Consent to Vaccination (1999)
  • Texas Legislature, Public Health Committee, Oral Testimony on Informed Consent to Vaccination (1999)
  • New Jersey Public Health Council, Oral Testimony on Hepatitis B Vaccine (1998)
  • International Chiropractic Association Conference (1998) – “Moral Conscience, Politics and Forced Vaccination”
  • Eagle Forum Annual Conference (1998) – “The Politics of Forced Vaccination”
  • Illinois Board of Health, Oral Testimony on Hepatitis B Vaccine (1998)
  • First International Public Conference on Vaccination (1997) – Keynote Address
  • National Vaccine Advisory Committee, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (1997) – “The Moral Right to Conscientious Belief Objection to Vaccination
  • Institute of Medicine Vaccine Safety Forum, National Academy of Sciences (1996) – “Risk Communication and Vaccination”
  • NIH Conference on New Pertussis Vaccines (1996) – “DPT and DTaP Vaccines”
  • Institute of Medicine Vaccine Safety Forum, National Academy of Sciences (1996) – “Vaccine Safety Research Priorities”
  • Developmental Delay Registry Conference (1996) – “Vaccine Risks and Public Policy”
  • Institute of Medicine Vaccine Safety Forum, National Academy of Sciences (1995) – “Vaccine Adverse Event Detection and Response”
  • Dynamic Essentials Seminars (1995) – “The Politics of Vaccination: Walking the Wire To Freedom”
  • National Vaccine Advisory Committee,U.S. Department of Health & Human Services (1995) – “Monitoring Vaccine Adverse Events”

Selected Television/Radio Appearances:


University of Maryland; B.A. (English)


Married; three children

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