Buffy's Story

As a personal trainer in a big gym here in Cape Coral, FL and owned by one of the largest fitness corporations in the Country with its headquarters based in California… months after we re-opened after the Covid lockdown, my co-workers and I were threatened that we would be terminated if we did not take the Covid shot. I am a single mother and the sole provider of income for my two children, and I was terrified that I was going to have to make a choose between my health and providing for my family. Three days before the deadline my company gave us to get the shot Governor DeSantis stepped in and saved us from tyranny. I know crusaders like Barbara Loe Fisher, Dr. Mercola, Governor DeSantis, and their supporters saved my job and my health. I am so honored and blessed to have witnessed the monument dedication today. And so blessed to spread the work of those fighting for our Truth and Freedom.
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