Kathi & Theresa

Kathi & Theresa's Story

Such a moving experience to be at the monument's dedication. For Kathi and me it represents the importance of standing up and speaking your truth about vaccine experiences and health freedom. I remember making vaccine decisions for my kids in the 90s - they were respected as personal and parental choice and not judged as a bad actor actions by society. Human rights and bodily autonomy are worth fighting for. We are each unique individuals with rights on what medical procedures we choose to create health...full stop. No judgment, no penalty, no re-education for the ability to choose. Government works for us, and medical data is private and should require the individual's permission for use beyond the needs of the provider to provide care. A return to privacy and permission is much needed! I don't co-decide with providers and the government on medical risk-taking decisions; I decide, it is private, and there should be no societal penalty for my decision around what risk I am willing to assume. Society's right in that respect stops where my risk begins. Thanks, Theresa
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