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The National Plan to Vaccinate Every American

By Barbara Loe Fisher
Published March 21, 2020 in Government

Scientists at the National Institutes of Health are working with a biotech company to quickly start clinical trials of an experimental messenger RNA vaccine and fast track it to licensure.1 The FDA has not yet licensed messenger RNA vaccines that use part of the RNA of a virus to manipulate the body’s immune system into stimulating a potent immune response. 2 3  It looks like the coronavirus vaccine will be the first genetically engineered messenger RNA vaccine to be fast tracked to licensure, just like Gardasil was the first genetically engineered virus-like particle vaccine to be fast tracked to licensure. 4 5

There likely will be lots of questions about whether the fast tracked coronavirus vaccine was studied long enough to adequately demonstrate safety, especially for people who have trouble resolving strong inflammatory responses in their bodies and may be at greater risk for vaccine reactions.6 7 8 9 10 However, there is no question about what will happen if the Centers for Disease Control’s (CDC) Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) 11 12 recommends that all Americans get the newly licensed coronavirus vaccine.

The government has a National Vaccine Plan. It is a Plan designed to make sure you, your child and everyone in America gets every dose of every vaccine that government officials recommend now and in the future.

1986-1996: Establishing & Creating The Plan

Established under the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act during the Reagan Administration, 13 the Plan didn’t really get traction until Congress funded the Vaccines for Children program in 1993 under the Clinton Administration 14 15 and gave the Department of Health and Human Services authority to fund a network of state-based electronic vaccine tracking registries 16 that can monitor the vaccination histories of children without the informed consent of their parents.

In 1995, then Secretary of Health Donna Shalala used rule-making authority to authorize the Social Security Administration to disclose the social security number of every baby born in the country to state governments without parental consent.17 Federal officials explained that “public health program uses of the social security numbers would include, but are not limited to, establishing immunization registries” and that new routine use of social security numbers would help the government operate “a national network of coordinated statewide immunization registries.” 18

By 1996, when Congress established a national Electronic Health Records (EHR) system under HIPAA, 19 the stage had been set for a government-operated electronic surveillance system to monitor the personal medical records and vaccination status of all Americans. 20 2122 23  The justification for this big data grab by the government, which clearly violated the privacy of Americans, was to “protect the public by reducing disease.”

Nationwide Electronic Health Records & Vaccine Tracking Systems

Today, the nationwide federally funded Electronic Health Records system captures the details of every visit you make to a doctor’s office, hospital, pharmacy, laboratory or other medical facility; every medical diagnosis you get; every drug you have been prescribed and every vaccine you accept or refuse.   Your Electronic Health Record can be accessed not only by government health agencies like the Social Security Administration, Medicaid and federal and state health and law enforcement agencies, 24 25 but also can be shared with authorized third parties such as doctors, health insurance companies, HMOs and other corporations, hospitals, labs, nursing homes and medical researchers. 26 27 28

A new Health Information Exchange 29 30 31 initiative funded by the government will make it even easier for computerized health and vaccine records databases to tag, track down and sanction Americans who do not go along with the National Vaccine Plan in the future. 32 33 34 35 36 37 38

What Happened to the Plan’s Duty to Prevent Adverse Reactions to Vaccines?

Ironically, when Congress directed the Department of Health and Human Services to create a National Vaccine Program in the 1986 Act, federal health officials were told to put together a Plan to “achieve optimal prevention of human infectious diseases through immunization and to achieve optimal prevention against adverse reactions to vaccines.” 39  The Plan was not supposed to focus solely on vaccine development and promotion but to equally focus on preventing vaccine reactions.

Yet, in the very first 1994 National Vaccine Plan only four out of 25 “objectives” and only two out of 14 anticipated “outcomes” addressed preventing vaccine reactions. 40 The 2010 version of the Plan 41 also largely ignored the legal duty of HHS to conduct vaccine safety research to fill in long standing knowledge gaps and take steps to make vaccines and vaccine policies less likely to cause harm. 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52

Looking back, it appears Congress was not really committed to funding research and creating substantive initiatives to reduce vaccine risks, regardless of what was stated in the 1986 Act, or there would been congressional oversight and federal agencies would have been directed to follow the law rather than ignore it for more than 30 years. 53

Government’s Vaccine Marketing Plan for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Instead, government agencies have brazenly forged lucrative public private business partnerships with the pharmaceutical industry and the medical establishment to:

  • develop many new vaccines; 54 55 56 57
  • increase public demand for vaccines; 58
  • raise vaccination rates among children to nearly 100 percent; 59
  • create and expand electronic vaccine tracking registries; 60 61 62 63 64 and
  • promote global vaccination programs, 65 66 even though the primary purpose of the 1986 Act was to reduce vaccine reactions and protect the U.S. childhood vaccine supply, 67 not fund and expand global vaccination programs.

In fact, federal health officials accurately characterize the U.S. vaccination system in the 21st century as a business. A decade ago they admitted that “The 2010 National Vaccine Plan provides a vision for the U.S. vaccine and immunization enterprise for the next decade.” 68 That’s because they know the National Vaccine Plan is really a Vaccine Marketing Plan for the pharmaceutical industry. 69 70 71 72

So, if you are wondering why many states are trying to pass laws eliminating all vaccine exemptions and mandate every vaccine the pharmaceutical industry produces and the CDC recommends, 73 74 75 76 you don’t have to look any further than the government’s well-financed National Vaccine Plan.

Implementation of The Plan Accelerated in 2011

Implementation of the Plan was accelerated in 2011 after the U.S. Supreme Court declared FDA licensed vaccines to be  “unavoidably unsafe” for the purpose of removing almost all remaining liability from drug companies when vaccines hurt people.77 78

Since 2011, two powerful CDC-appointed vaccine advisory committees influenced by members associated with the pharmaceutical and medical trade industries – the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) 79 80 81 82 83 and the National Vaccine Advisory Committee (NVAC) 84 85 86 – have been busy coming up with new ways to meet strategic goals of the National Vaccine Plan.

When highly publicized cases of measles were reported in California’s Disneyland in 2015 87 and in New York in 2019, 88 89 with military precision pursuit of the Plan was kicked into even high gear. 90 91

During the past five years, California, Vermont, New York, Maine and Hawaii have lost vaccine exemptions, even though tens of thousands of Americans rose up in protest. 92 In 2019, the people managed to hold on to exemptions in states like Oregon, Arizona and New Jersey 93 but this year, bills to force vaccine use are already threatening parental, civil and human rights in Virginia, Massachusetts, Florida, Washington, Pennsylvania and more. 94

Five Main Types of Vaccine Laws Being Proposed in States

These are the five main types of laws being proposed in the states and your state may be one of them:

Number One:  State laws that eliminate all personal belief vaccine exemptions allowing you to follow your conscience or religious beliefs and make it illegal for physicians to grant a medical exemption unless it strictly conforms to very narrow CDC-approved contraindications to vaccination.

National vaccine coverage rates among school children are at 95 percent for core vaccines like polio, pertussis, measles and chickenpox, yet, government health officials are not satisfied. 95 They have narrowed vaccine contraindications so that almost no medical history or health condition qualifies as a reason for a medical exemption. 96

If you or your child have had previous vaccine reactions, are vaccine injured, have a brother or sister who was injured or died after vaccination, or are suffering with a brain or immune system disorder that the CDC’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) does not consider to be a contraindication to vaccination, states like California 97 98 are denying physicians the right to exercise professional judgment and give children a medical exemption to vaccination are threatening human rights. 99

No wonder less than one percent of vaccine reactions are ever reported to the federal Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System 100 and doctors feel free to discriminate against and deny medical care to anyone who is not vaccinated according to CDC schedules. 101

Laws that eliminate medical, religious and conscience exemptions to vaccination and ban citizens from getting a school education – even a college education – do violate civil and human rights and so do vaccine mandates by employers who fire or refuse to hire workers based on their vaccination status. 102 103 104   The two professions being targeted first for workplace vaccine mandates are healthcare 105 106 107 and childcare workers, 108 109 but they certainly will not be the last. 110

Number Two:  State laws that turn unelected members of the CDC’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices into de facto lawmakers and automatically mandate all current and future federally recommended vaccines without any public discussion or vote by duly elected state legislators.

Under the U.S. Constitution, state legislatures hold the majority of power to pass public health laws, so vaccine laws are state laws.111 112  If states hand that constitutional authority over to an unelected federal government committee, the people no longer can work through their elected state representatives to make sure laws do not force involuntary medical risk taking and punish citizens exercising civil and human rights.113

It is clear that Pharma and medical trade lobbyists partnering with government officials to implement the National Vaccine Plan are unhappy they have to spend so much time and money trying to strong arm state legislators into mandating every CDC recommended vaccine. At the same time, some politicians are not happy that a growing number of Americans are showing up in state Capitols to oppose oppressive vaccine mandates.

Today, it costs a staggering $3,000 to give a child every one of the 69 doses of 16 vaccines on the federal government’s schedule. 114  In addition to coronavirus vaccine, there are more than a dozen experimental vaccines being fast tracked to market for TB, influenza, HIV/AIDS, gonorrhea, herpes simplex, strep A and B, e-coli, RSV, salmonella, and malaria, 115 with several hundred more being developed in a global vaccine market estimated to balloon to nearly $100 billion by 2026.116 117

State laws that automatically mandate all federally recommended vaccines are handing Big Pharma a big blank check and putting an unknown number of vaccine vulnerable children and adults at risk for serious health problems if they are forced to use every one of them. 118 119 120 121 122

Number Three: State laws that allow doctors to declare minor children mentally competent to consent to vaccination so children can be vaccinated without the knowledge of their parents.

There is plenty of scientific evidence that children’s brains are not developed enough before or during teenage years to support rational benefit and risk decision-making, especially if they are subjected to pressure.123 124 Giving doctors the legal authority to, in effect, go behind parents’ backs and persuade a minor child to get liability free vaccines violates the legal right of parents to consent to medical interventions performed on their children.125 It also puts vaccine vulnerable children at greater risk for suffering reactions.126

Parents know their child’s personal and family medical history best and if parents are left in the dark, not only are they blocked from preventing vaccine reactions but there is no way for them to monitor a child after vaccination for signs of reactions so they can immediately take their child for treatment.127

Number Four: State laws requiring schools to publicly post vaccine coverage rates for the purpose of shaming schools that allow students with vaccine exemptions to receive a school education.

Publicly posting school vaccination rates and numbers of students with exemptions creates a hostile community environment by targeting certain schools and families, whose children have vaccine exemptions, for discrimination and abuse.128 129  130

It is an illusion that some schools are safer based on vaccination rates. For example, even schools with 100 percent vaccination rates and zero exemptions have had outbreaks of pertussis131 and schools with very high vaccination rates have had outbreaks of measles and mumps.132 133 That is because vaccinated children and adults can get infected with and transmit infectious diseases but sometimes show few or no symptoms and are never diagnosed or reported.134 135 136 137 138 139 140

Children and teachers interact with many other vaccinated and unvaccinated people outside of the school setting. It is discriminatory to require public posting of the numbers of healthy students with vaccine exemptions, when schools are not required to publicly post the numbers of students who are infected with transmissible diseases like hepatitis B and C, HIV, streptococcal, mononucleosis, cytomegalovirus, e-coli, Fifths disease, herpes simplex and more.

Number Five: State laws that operate vaccine tracking registries and integrate them into Electronic Health Records systems without the consent of those being tracked.

The National Vaccine Information Center has a two-decade public record of opposing the creation of national or state based electronic surveillance systems that automatically enroll children and adults without their informed consent to monitor their vaccination status and health histories.141

Not only have there been past security breaches with electronic databases dumping personally identifying information into the public domain,142 but there is legitimate concern that the government should not be conducting electronic surveillance on citizens while pursuing a National Vaccine Plan that encourages punitive societal sanctions, such as the inability to get a school education or a job, for individuals who refuse to go along with the Plan.

Learn About Federal & State Government Police Powers to Compel Vaccine Use

For more information on the history and types of public health laws that allow the federal government and states to use police powers to compel vaccine use, go to NVIC’s website at NVIC.org.143 144

To learn more about vaccine legislation pending in your state and talking points you can use to educate your legislators, go to NVIC Advocacy.org and become a user of NVIC’s free online Advocacy Portal. You will be put into direct contact with your own state and federal representatives and sent emails when bills that threaten or expand your freedom to make voluntary vaccine choices are moving in your state so you can make your voice heard, including showing up at scheduled public hearings.

Making Government Work for Us

In America, we are governed by laws that the representatives we elect make, so it is important to vet all candidates for positions on issues you care about before going to the polls. Good laws can be enacted and bad laws can be repealed but only if we wake up, stand up and actively participate to make our representative government work for us.

Already this year, there have been more than 50 good bills introduced in a number of states that defend voluntary vaccine choices. This is a time for positive action.

It’s your health. Your family. Your choice.

Note: This commentary provides referenced information and perspective on a topic related to vaccine science, policy, law or ethics being discussed in public forums and by U.S. lawmakers.  The websites of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) provide information and perspective of federal agencies responsible for vaccine research, development, regulation and policymaking.


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41 Responses to "The National Plan to Vaccinate Every American"
Commenter Name
Posted: 3/24/2020 8:15:00 AM
The bottom line is that whenever informed consent is absent, individuals are abused: history is very clear on this (Tuskegee experiment, forced sterilizations, Nazi experiments.) It may be a minor evil if a few people refuse to vaccinate but this pales in comparison to the much greater evil of throwing out informed consent.
Commenter Name
MJ Raichyk, PhD
Posted: 3/24/2020 8:18:30 AM
The time to derail this tyranny is NOW.... those in congress have the ECONOMIC DISASTER ON THEIR DOORSTEP and IT'S BEING CAUSED BY FAUCI and the CDC... in addition the PUBLIC is 'excited' and IF THEY SAW THAT THIS WAS AVOIDABLE due to MALPRACTICING CDC AND FAUCI... So since the disaster is upon us because of FAUCI AND CDC, congress voting year thinking would be really responsive to the ACCOUNTABILITY and freedom message.... So strategy,........... the FDA Clinical Trial NCT04264533 to treat COVID SERIOUS/CRITICAL PATIENTS with HIGH DOSE vitamin C --intravenously.. was EXTREMELY SUCCESSFUL....... ZERO DEATHS, 100% recovered, AND NO SIDE EFFECTS... that FACT was recognized by the PROVINCIAL GOVT of SHANGHAI and the CHINESE medical authorities AS EARLY AS *3 WEEKS* AGO.. Right when the stock market was initially on a reassuring upswing from the 'crash' of 21st Feb and had re-climbed almost 50% of the crash losses. Yet the #$% FAUCI HAS STONEWALLED THAT MEDICAL SUCCESS and WITH FULL KNOWLEDGE OR TOTAL INCOMPETENCE HE HAS PUT OUR ECONOMY INTO A CRASH AND RECESSION with this stupid lockdown -- unless we can STOP HIM and get back to work [obviously with a mosaic of voluntary sequestering OF THE VULNERABLE].. And yes FAUCI MUST BE FIRED AND HELD ACCOUNTABLE FOR THE ECONOMIC DISASTER HE AND CDC HAVE CAUSED US... CHINA IS NOT THE VILLAIN.. CDC AND FAUCI ARE........ And as for 'vaccine' insanity of PHARMACOLOGIC CHASING OF MUTATING AND EVER DIFFERENT VIRUSES, we would relay Dr Andrew W. Saul's statement yesterday... on MEWE since FB is still censoring all un-CDC-wanted postings, regardless of medical peer-reviewed status.... "If you need an easy executive summary to share on why C makes vaccines a thing unneeded, scroll down at http://orthomolecular.org/resources/omns/v16n18.shtml . Multilingual, too." with this.. MEME... C is sold out internationally, and that proves that the public is awake to the safe alternative PREVENTATIVE POWER by C so the VACCINE IS POINTLESS. .... No need to worry about whether there is a diabolical risk in vaxxing, just pass it by... Hence we will achieve HERD IMMUNITY NUTRITIONALLY !! [imagine that] ttyl
Commenter Name
Saraliz Jimenez
Posted: 3/24/2020 8:47:21 AM
MJ great point Vitamin C is sold out. There are people out there that know what will work and what wont. Unfortunately many of those people still vaccinate their kids. It doesn't work that way. People are ignorant, we have not bee able to get rid of the 1986 law. Editors Note: Here is the NVIC position on the 1986 Law if you had not seen it Saraliz: 2018 NVIC Position on National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of ... https://www.nvic.org/.../nvic-position-on-1986-childhood-vaccine-injury-act. aspx
Commenter Name
Posted: 3/24/2020 8:54:33 AM
You can't make a vaccine if u can repeatedly catch the pathogen b/c your body isn't making lasting antibodies as with COVID-19. This is why you can continue to get the common cold and they can't make a vaccine for it, and the reason they haven't eradicated the 'flu'. Any MD knows this. With all of the flu vaccines, you'd think it would be eliminated. They can, however, make an antiviral drug as they do for hepatitis C, but they'd be liable for that. Then there's the placebo effect. Give the people an inert mixture in the vaccine and 43% of the people will believe they are safe and they will be only because they BELIEVE it so. The pharma cartel knows this very well. Everyone here knows vaccines will cause mutations of the pathogens, which is why kids now need 3 MMR shots now, and despite 100% vaccination rates at St Theresa's in Houston, TX, a lot of the students came down with whooping cough. When are people going to wake up and realize MD's aren't Gods, that MD's are going to universities fully funded by the pharma cartel? Also, you see on the mainstream media the DEATH COUNT for C-19, rarely do you ever see the recoveries. The Pharma Cartel knows psychology very well. Stress and fear is worse than the disease, and they've got everyone running around saying, 'The sky is falling! The sky is falling!' Fear sells. People will line up for vaccines and look at u as crazy when u don't comply. Stay Healthy, My Friends, Prob see u at the quarantine centers we'll all be thrown in. The gov't can take care of us for a while.
Commenter Name
Connie Huff
Posted: 3/24/2020 9:05:31 AM
The Government, CDC, FDA are all highly corrupt and are funded by pharma. The big problem is that far too many people are not awake enough to realize that the prescription drugs, fluoride in our water, all the additives in our food dull the brain. The preference would be that we are all good little robots and let them rob us blind through ever-increasing taxes and control.
Commenter Name
Janet A Tier
Posted: 3/24/2020 9:07:38 AM
I agree! Thanks to the good friends I have made with the anthrax vaccine for military and now the civilian, it is a matter of "control". I have lost many good friends. SHAME! Now I just look up and say "Lord forgive them for they know not what they do" and talk to my little girl Gracie, a dove sent by Almighty God. Who is crazy? God Bless you Barb and all the others who stand with you.
Commenter Name
Posted: 3/24/2020 9:22:40 AM
IV vit C and oral vit C are completely different animals. Oral vit C is worthless to treating acute illness and also worthless as prevention in megadoses because the body adapts to water soluble vit C megadose quickly. My background is in nutrition biochem and I’m a nurse.
Commenter Name
Posted: 3/24/2020 9:54:56 AM
Please forgive my ignorance, but I don't understand how any medical procedure can be forced upon citizens without informed consent if it violates The Constitution of the United States and the Nuremberg code? How can the CDC, the medical community, employers or any other "powers that be" violate the laws currently in place? How can employees be fired for exercising lawful rights to informed consent? As a registered nurse with severe autoimmune conditions, I can not receive vaccination without dire adverse events. How can I protect my rights and remain employed? No one has been able to tell me how to protect myself against such egregious actions by employers and government. How can individuals be fired for non-compliance if doing so violates the laws currently in place? How can we protect ourselves? As the minority, how can we oust politicians who support mandatory vaccination when the masses support it? The majority of the community and colleagues I work with support mandatory vaccination. Most dispute my view because they have had no personal experience with vaccine injury. How can I protect myself? Contacting my legislators has had no effect. Laws that restrict exemptions and choice are passed anyhow. I am open to any suggestions anyone can offer. I am a resident of Pennsylvania and have had difficulty locating like-minded people in my community.
Commenter Name
Anne Mayer
Posted: 3/24/2020 10:05:30 AM
Senate hearings on Coronavirus gives important insights into who (WHO) is running the show. Senator Cruz is right that we need to disconnect from the WHO. The CDC has done nothing in the way of preparedness. At no point have I heard the CDC or mainstream media tell people how to boost their immune systems. Vitamin C, avoiding sugar and alcohol, etc. Why did the CDC not accept the WHO test? Why was CDC test flawed? Which pharmaceutical company (companies) stood to gain from this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ghHv6rX1L-k
Commenter Name
Scott Henderson
Posted: 3/24/2020 10:11:47 AM
Sorry April, to say that oral vitamin C is completely useless it’s a false statement. Is it is this Effective as intravenous vitamin C? No of course not. but Dailey intakes of around 2000 mg will help to stimulate your immune system along with a healthy diet, vitamin a, vitamin D3 vitamin K2 and magnesium. in general healthy living. For those who are concerned about the efficacy of water soluble vitamin C, there is a fat soluble vitamin C on the market which is highly absorbable at a cellular level. As a nurse it should have occurred to you that maintaining a healthy immune system is what will help prevent serious reactions when coming in contact with these viruses. On another topic about vaccine injury. I noticed that nearly every parent interviewed who has a child that suffered a vaccine injury or that had died due to a vaccine, publicly blames them self. I know they are hurting. I am a father. And I know that if I were in their situation where they followed the recommendations of their healthcare provider and paediatrician, State laws etc. etc., I am damn sure I will not be blaming myself in public for my child’s injury. How can we ever put the blame on the CDC and the vaccine manufacturers if the first thing we do is blame ourself in public. I wish this website would encourage parents to play the “anger” card not to “blame myself” card. When you put the blame on yourself the rest of the public sees no reason to transfer that blame to big Pharma or the CDC. You must stop these Video interviews of parents who blamed them selves and put it out there for the world to see. You must continue these videos playing the “anger and deceived” card. Good luck and God be with everybody down there in the US. Fear that we are not far behind you. Our Canadian provinces have already been visited by big pharmaceutical representatives. New Brunswick is already going through the process of mandatory vaccines.
Commenter Name
Posted: 3/24/2020 10:20:32 AM
Well, this is the reason they made up this media hysteria, to get the unthinking cattle to panic, and then voila! No choice with vaccines. If this happens, there is absolutely NO semblance of "land of the free"! This is why the controlled propaganda machine called the media is shrieking about this virus 24/7! What can we do besides pray to the Almighty God that their evil plans are somehow foiled?
Commenter Name
Posted: 3/24/2020 10:44:04 AM
The Founders of this nation placed in the Constitution the means for the People to "alter or abolish" this government when it became abusive. The Founders recognized that in order for the People to remain free, and in control of their lives, the State could have no power "to execute the Laws of the Union" without going through the constitutionally recognized body institutionalized at Article I, § 8, Cl. 15. I, along with a few others who happen to be constitution scholars, been attempting to educate the public as to their Duty and right in this area. The problem comes down to ambivalence, ignorance, and downright stupidity. Much the same as those parents who scream that everyone must be vaccinated, the people we try to reach in order to restore our republic have no desire to do what is right. We have essentially abdicated our right to be free. We are nothing more than chattel to an elite that sucks off our life blood.
Commenter Name
Posted: 3/24/2020 10:50:13 AM
These people and companies are playing with fire. We will not be vaccinated against our will. Please publish a magazine with this content so we can leave it in waiting rooms and such.
Commenter Name
Posted: 3/24/2020 10:51:47 AM
Absolutely criminal!
Commenter Name
Posted: 3/24/2020 11:26:53 AM
I agree with so many talking about virus mutation and bodies ability to have antibody reaction. It would make more senses to implement IgG and IgM antibody testing than to vaccine everyone. The COVID 19 virus has already mutated and is continuing....
Commenter Name
Posted: 3/24/2020 11:46:17 AM
I believe you should have the freedom to not be vaccinated and get all the diseases that come your way but you also might harm others with your decisions.
Commenter Name
steven urow
Posted: 3/24/2020 12:00:12 PM
What is the CALL TO ACTION? I will say that everyone, I mean everyone needs to get onto twitter, that is one of our most important communication channels. @hepbvaccine to see various calls to action and communications to legislators, media, government departments. We, the people can't be sleeping, Pharma isn't. Editors Note: Steven et.al. please visit www.nvicadvocacy.org for State based action information. Your health. Your family. Your choice.
Commenter Name
Igor Bondarenko
Posted: 3/24/2020 12:13:35 PM
I would not be surprised if, after the initial global government-made paranoid panic has slowed down, its next round will take much less. And, when the herd goes into the same lunacy but does it much faster, the vaccine is going to be available, so the herd will happily queue for a dose. So, the poison will be sold in tonnes, and the herd will stay frightened for long. As for keeping the immune response proper, just a combination of magnesium, zinc, vitamin D3 and selenium (the latter - especially on the territories where drinking water is fluoridated) should work fine. Vitamin С is not a panacea but may work in acute infection.
Commenter Name
Kent Christianson
Posted: 3/24/2020 12:22:24 PM
Thank you for a clear and sentient argument for protecting our rights. We must advocate for ourselves and on behalf of our families and loved ones. Knowledge is power, but only when we utilize it. Be strong and go to your elected representatives and share this information. That is how we can change the outcome.
Commenter Name
David Arzouman
Posted: 3/24/2020 12:38:16 PM
“The fog of war” is a phrase used to characterize the confusion and fear that can ensue in battle. Confusion and fear are states of mind in which clear, critical thinking is short-circuited. Besides being a haphazard byproduct of battle, this “fog” can be deliberately induced as a tactic to disable a perceived adversary. It should be obvious by now how this corona virus is being used, to disable the general population through confusion and fear. We have been in a battle for our health freedom and civil rights; the resistance has been growing worldwide and the truth was making inroads against well-established lies. A battle for truth is a battle over narrative; the pharma-cartels try to control it through government lackeys and a sold-out media. They only acknowledge calamities supporting their agenda, the deaths from disease, but not: 1. the suffering from crushing people's livelihoods through martial law; 2. the hundreds of thousands of deaths yearly at the hands of the medical industry; 3. those whose lives have been broken by vaccination harms; or 4. the stunning indifference to basic, universal human rights. Narrative control is also the glaring prejudice as to what constitutes “healing” or “cure.” That excludes proper nutrition, exercise, a strong immune system and the presence of mind to resist to the media/medical fear mongering. Narrative control includes casual indifference of efficacious IV Vitamin C protocols… we are all supposed to wait for our savior, the vaccine! Big Pharma is not my religion, a CV-19 vaccine is not some kind of longed-for 2nd coming of a messiah, and I did not vote Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci or their ilk to positions of authority in my life. The confusion post 9/11 was skillfully used to dismantle basic, Constitution-ensured rights and freedoms while people panicked. This time too? NO!!! Stay strong, keep a level head, do not be lead by media hysteria and continue the battle for the Truth.
Commenter Name
roger rohe
Posted: 3/24/2020 2:22:47 PM
Wife & I bumped up to 2,000 mg vitamin C 3 times a day, D-3 with K-2, 2000 units & plain D-3 5,000 units 2 times, Tumeric. It isn't that we never get sick, I had the flu 6 months ago - for 1 day. The illness is so short a time period, we hardly notice.
Commenter Name
Posted: 3/24/2020 6:09:56 PM
What happened to the Nuremberg Code?!
Commenter Name
Lisa Robin
Posted: 3/24/2020 9:38:42 PM
April is correct. Get your vitamin C from food because the supplements are worthless, in fact can cause harm if it's ascorbic acid. Research it yourself. A good source for knowledge is Dr. Berg on YouTube. He has plenty of videos on how to make your immune system bulletproof.
Commenter Name
Posted: 3/25/2020 5:54:38 AM
Suzanne, the unvaccinated don't "get all the diseases that come [their] way." The innate immune response does a remarkably efficient job of protecting against infection after natural exposures to potential pathogens, which happen on a daily basis to each of us, unavoidably. That's why we're typically well. Vaccination - injection - bypasses that critical immunological component, bypasses the ability to not get sick, and the only reason that sounds like an irrational way to prevent disease is because it is.
Commenter Name
Emily Hill
Posted: 3/25/2020 8:51:16 AM
according to an article on Independent. Co. Uk, you can get re-infected with the COVID 19. That all because of you had it once doesn't mean you couldn't get it again. So a vaccine would be useless.
Commenter Name
Camielle Steele
Posted: 3/25/2020 10:39:33 AM
I refuse to get the Covid vaccine. I remain as always, in full control of my own body which the Good Lord gave me. He also gave me a brain to question and think with. No more needs to be said.
Commenter Name
Thomas A Braun
Posted: 3/25/2020 12:46:33 PM
I had a nightmare last night. I dreamt I had a knock on my front door and two policemen were on the porch. I opened the door and they scanned my forehead from 8 feet away with a Thermoscan. I had no fever and they asked if they could come in. They in turn read me my medical Maranda rights and proceeded to attach a GPS monitor to my right ankle. I had gone for my yearly checkup a week earlier and the physician told me I had to have a flu shot. I said no because I eat healthy and consume nutrient rich food, avoid factory processed foods laced with toxins, exercise and am under no stress. I have a Vitamin D blood level of 70 ng’s. In addition, I am a Senior who has not had a flu shot in over 10 years and I have traveled all over the world. I am not at risk. I have a healthy immune system and I have no detrimental lifestyle issues, unless the Cocktail before dinner is suspect. They proceed to explain that since Joe Biden became President that he endorsed a mandated legislative bill approved by Congress that all Americans must receive a flu shot yearly or be quarantined for the good of the nation. Since I had refused the shot, I am now on the “Do Not Travel” list. I can only leave the house for food shopping and other personal needs, and if I go outside of a 5-mile radius I must report why I am doing it and get permission. In essence, I am under house arrest. They further explained that if I had a fever, they would have retreated and ordered medical personnel in Hazmat suits to come and take me into quarantine for two weeks. I tried to explain to them that we have a RX drug system that kills 750,000 people annually even when it is properly prescribed because of the side effects that are in too many cases deadly. We should be stopping that problem first. I also told them that if all the nations would shut down their Biowarfare labs we would never have had the Corona virus, as well as the Swine flu, Sars, Asian bird flu and Lyme disease to name a few. I knew I should have bought Merck stock in 2020 when it was cheap.
Commenter Name
Posted: 3/26/2020 10:45:09 AM
Barb, you said, "In America, we are governed..." With all due respect, stop right there. THIS is the problem. Everyone automatically assumes government (meaning a Ruling Class that inherently has the right to rule over everyone else) is necessary. It is not. The mass programmed belief in govt is false. See for yourself. Read the very first section, "Starting With The Punchline." https://www.freeyourmindaz.com/uploads/1/2/8/3/12830241/the-most-dangerous-superstition-larken-rose-2011.pdf Then continue to deprogram yourself. You'll never look back. Authors Note: The United States of America is a Constitutional Republic and I stand by the accuracy of my statement that "In America, we are governed by laws that the representatives we elect make." I and NVIC will continue to encourage registered voters in every state to contact their duly elected representatives and work to secure and defend informed consent protections in public health laws. Informed consent to medical risk taking is a human right. Americans can ensure they will have the legal right to make voluntary vaccine decisions for themselves and their children by electing representatives who will act to repeal or reform unjust and oppressive public health laws: A Guide to Reforming Vaccine Policy & Law.
Commenter Name
Posted: 3/26/2020 4:42:46 PM
Hi Barbara - Everything you are saying is understood and even perhaps valid 'at the level you are speaking from'. However, most certainly your awareness of and experience with US govt has been frustrating, in spades. And you are also aware that things are not getting any better (i.e. more free) in any shape or form. That will not change, regardless of how indignant each of us gets, because it is built into the very nature of governments. The reason for this is that the institution itself, government (of any kind), is not only fraudulent at multiple levels, the concept itself is implicitly immoral and unethical. It is very difficult to see this, however, because every one of us, since birth, is conditioned, programmed and steeped daily in the seeming incontrovertible reality that govt is legitimate and necessary. My suggestion, therefore, is to 'jump up a level,' so to speak, and see the bigger picture. Once seen and understood, it all falls into place and makes sense. BTW, love your work and efforts toward health sanity. Greatly appreciate it. I've been doing the same myself for 30+ years.
Commenter Name
Posted: 4/9/2020 8:48:53 AM
this is overreaching policy, please see: Cottrell PhD: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ot9edrvyioQ and Kaufmann MD: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YkPL6VmUqQQ
Commenter Name
Mark Lucas
Posted: 4/13/2020 3:15:14 PM
Take these laws and add the new Nano Tech Vaccines and you have a government and God knows who else monitoring your every move. No one has the right to tell you what you must put into your own body. The other side says it is protect them, well if they believe the vaccines work and they are vaccinated they have nothing to worry about. This is nothing more than a way to have total control over a population all backed and run by the WHO. Beware they are coming for you body and they will use this Covid 19 false flag as the reason why. Wake up America !!!
Commenter Name
Posted: 5/1/2020 12:11:21 AM
Back to oral vitamin C. No, it’s water soluble and isn’t absorbed beyond needed daily dose. This has been studied clinically and I just said my background is in nutrition. IV C is soooooo different. Not one of you mentioned vitamin A! Beyond this, Paul Stamets makes wonderful products: My Community or Stamets 7 come highly recommend here. As a nurse I never said it wasn’t all about the immune system. Make sure you think of gut health and add in those cultures. I just think you’re all way off on oral C. Body adapts to megadoses and you can actually produce scurvy when they are taken away after long term use. Vitamin C and zinc are great for wound healing though. Good luck. When you’re exposed to as many bugs as I am, you don’t think twice about Covid. It’s just another pathogen and doesn’t appear to be worse than any other for healthy people. Healthy people don’t spread disease.
Commenter Name
Charlemagne the Great
Posted: 5/17/2020 9:44:01 AM
I don’t think she mentioned this, but the patriot act, enacted after 9/11, ties into this too since the president declared war on an invisible nonexistent enemy. This gives him or FEMA an excuse to use our military, which gives them the power to detain any citizen without trial and due process, calling anyone I guess who refuses the vaccine, a terrorist.
Commenter Name
Charlemagne the Great
Posted: 5/17/2020 9:46:20 AM
I don’t think she mentioned this, but the patriot act, enacted after 9/11, ties into this too since the president declared war on an invisible nonexistent enemy. This gives him or FEMA an excuse to use our military, which gives them the power to detain any citizen without trial and due process, calling anyone I guess who refuses the vaccine, a terrorist.
Commenter Name
Posted: 5/21/2020 10:09:22 AM
April, I have used high dose oral vitamin C for over 20 years to stop viruses in their tracks. It has never failed me.....not even now. It has been very safe and effective.
Commenter Name
Posted: 6/2/2020 9:06:19 PM
the only way to get control of the government is to call a Convention of States, Article V. we the people can end the madness. 1007 years and holding
Commenter Name
Natalie Kirilova
Posted: 6/17/2020 10:16:44 AM
Without proper testing of this vaccine, scientists and doctors cannot be sure that it will not harm. It is not right to say the opposite. This vaccine will be tested in a short time and it may not immediately be clear how the vaccine can affect the body. People will be afraid to do this, people who are distrustful of the government, they will not take the vaccine. The result of all these actions is unknown and I would like everything to work out as best as possible
Commenter Name
Posted: 7/5/2020 5:24:12 PM
NOBODY DIED OF COV 19 EXPERTS SAY https://off-guardian.org/2020/07/02/no-one-has-died-from-the-coronavirus-president-of-the-bulgarian-pathology-association/
Commenter Name
Posted: 7/8/2020 10:54:36 AM
This is outrageous this is MY body and MY choice!!!! I never get the flu shot neither do my kids and we barely Ever get sick. They think they can do whatever they want to people we’ll let them bastards try to come here and make us do that they will have a hell of a fight on their hands! My grandfather fought In the war for our freedom and are we just going to sit around while these blood sucking pedophiles do what they want to us?? Well not me I will fight!
Commenter Name
Health Times
Posted: 7/16/2020 8:42:38 PM
This is a good plan if the real vaccine is already available. This can help prevent the spread of the virus.
Commenter Name
Posted: 7/22/2020 6:49:47 AM
We need to know how to defend ourselves against such atrocity that will cause us health problems. The government should never be involved in health care! WHERE ARE THE SOLUTIONS?

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