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Stephanie Christner Appointed to Serve on FDA’s Vaccine Advisory Committee

By NVIC Staff
Published November 11, 2013 in Government

Stephanie Christner, DO, has been appointed to a four year term as the voting consumer representative on the Vaccines & Related Biological Products Advisory Committee (VRBPAC) of the Food & Drug Administration (FDA). On Nov. 13, 2013, she will participate in her first meeting as a member of VRBPAC, a 12-member FDA committee that reviews and evaluates vaccine safety, effectiveness and appropriate use of vaccines and biological products intended for public use, including clinical trial and other data submitted by drug companies seeking licensure of new vaccines.

Honoring Her Daughter & Advocating for Vaccine Education
Stephanie Christner, DO, is a Board Member of the National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC). Her infant daughter, Victoria, died on Valentine’s Day 2009 after reactions to a series of vaccinations she received at two and four months old. In honor of her daughter, Dr. Christner founded “Valentine’s for Victoria,” educational fundraisers held in 2010 and 2011 supporting NVIC’s charitable public education and advocacy work. Dr. Christner’s personal experience and professional perspective on the need for greater physician and parent vaccine education was featured in the award winning 2011 film documentary The Greater Good.
Mom, Doctor, Businesswoman & Volunteer
Dr. Christner graduated from Southern Methodist University with a BA in Business Administration and a BS in Economics. In 2000, she received her medical degree from Oklahoma State College of Osteopathic Medicine. She completed her internship in Family Medicine and her residency in Psychiatry at the University of Oklahoma. She received the Microbiology Award in medical school, the Resident Research Award during residency and was co-author of a HIPPA journal article.
Dr. Christner practiced outpatient and emergency psychiatry until 2010, when she co-founded a company specializing in allergy, GMO and preservative-free foods. She recently returned to clinical practice in outpatient psychiatry and neurofeedback. Married with five children, she is actively involved in church and community service work.

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8 Responses to "Stephanie Christner Appointed to Serve on FDA’s Vaccine Advisory Committee"
Commenter Name
Adrian Maldonado
Posted: 11/12/2013 4:00:31 PM
My sympathy to all who have suffered for the bureaucracy for profit ideology of our country. I am glad that there are still those who are willing to stand toe to toe against the tyrannosauri. Go Stephanie!
Commenter Name
Thankful Mom
Posted: 11/13/2013 4:27:30 PM
Thank you, Stephanie, for being a voice for those of us who have seen adverse reactions from vaccinations. Some reactions are so tragic that they are obvious, but some of us cannot prove vaccines caused our children's developmental delays, intestinal problems, and changed our families forever. Regardless, vaccines can change the course of a life, and certainly not always for the better. I am tired of educated parents being labeled as delusional. Some people have slight swelling and mild discomfort from a bee sting, some almost die, many have a reaction in between those two extremes. Forcing all babies to be stung by a bee at an early age, so we know which ones are more sensitive to the venom, is as crazy as forcing vaccination.
Commenter Name
Christine Runquist
Posted: 12/10/2013 3:45:56 PM
Dear Stephanie, I am so sorry for your loss. My words cannot express how sad I feel that this had to happen to you, or to anyone. There was no way for you to know about the dangers of vaccines. Regular doctors praise them as if we will die WITHOUT them! Schools threaten to turn children away WITHOUT them! People usually do not find out the truth until it is too late. Vaccines are advertised on every channel. Banners on every street corner exclaim, "Get your vaccines here!" The sad truth is that people like you, and me, and everyone at NVIC still have a lot of work to do. People need to know! I did not find NVIC until AFTER my children were injured. Luckily, they have not died. People are still being bullied every single day, into vaccinating! Parent after parent sees their child decline AFTER vaccination. Please know that you have a multitude of support out there. Do not hold back. You KNOW the truth, and we are here to support you!
Commenter Name
Jessica Cadden
Posted: 12/15/2013 9:12:48 AM
Stephanie, Your story brought me to tears... I have two daughters, Gracyn who is 6 in February and Ava just turned 9 months. I was very lucky to have been raised by a mother in the 80's that was way ahead of her time and did not vaccinate myself or my brother (we are now 32 and 29). It wasn't until I got pregnant with my daughter Gracyn in 2008 that I began my research on vaccines and realized how much of a trailblazer my mother was in her day. Neither of my daughters have been touched by a needle since the day they were born (not even the Vitamin K shot). I have had mothers (of vaccinated children) actually say to me that my children should be segregated from their children on the playground because they are not vaccinated. I am so incredibly happy to see that you have been appointed to the advisory committee and you are fighting for parents like us.. I am just so sorry that it came at such a cost to you and your family. Your daughter Victoria was beautiful and no matter how many times I watch this documentary, I cry. Thank you for being our voice.. you have encouraged me to do more to raise awareness.
Commenter Name
natalie c
Posted: 1/7/2014 6:04:27 PM
Dear Stephanie, Bless you and your work. I believe this year will really be a polarizing year in this debate and I am so thankful to humans like you who can clearly speak their truth against this insanity. Thank you for working to protecting these innocent children especially who have no voice in the matter. Sometimes I feel like it is all so hard going up against the madness and cruelty of the giant pharmaceutical industry, but when I see real survivors like you, I then too have the strength to continue on. Thank you from the depth of my spirit. More power to you and to us all. One day the truth shall prevail.
Commenter Name
Robert M
Posted: 1/8/2014 3:00:25 PM
Dear Stephanie, The story about your daughter was sad. We are entrusted with the health and well being of our children and when things we think are going to help turn out to be fatal we have to question everything we’re told. Questioning everything is not a bad thing. I just finished watching the video and a found it to be an open and honest representation of what is going on. I thought it was fair and informative and gave both sides. However, there was an underling question that kept eating at me and that was ....why? Why isn't the Gov't doing anything about this? With the technology today I'm sure we can make a safer vaccine. Why do they push HPV vaccine after the evidence shows its problems and lack of necessity? No where in the video was this theory mentioned....mostly because people would think you crazy....what about population control? If you throw this bit of information into the mix some things begin to make sense. This is not a crazy as it sounds.....if you look into Planned Parenthood, the founders did not start it to help women...it was about reducing the population of the 'brown' and 'yellow' people. The information is out there about this. It was about reducing their population and if you look at the number of abortions that have been done they have done and are doing what they set out to do. After Dr. Salk invented the polio vaccine the Pharmaceutical companies vowed not to have this happen again. Please look it up the information is out there. How about the cure for cancer...when do you think we might find a cure? And if they do how many people would be without work, or grants or making millions on donations. If you look up Dr. Otto Warburg who found that cancer cells do not live in a alkaline solution back in the 1930's. If we know how it cannot live why are we not pursuing making out bodies more alkaline to destroy the cancer? Because there is no money in eating food that makes our bodies alkaline. Another interesting fact I learned while reading was that a person named Royal Rammond Rife he invented a number of electronic devices in the 1930's. He was reported to cure cancer and other diseases. However, he was discredited and is still being look upon as a hoax. By the same people that are standing to benefit from the suppression of his findings. It wasn't that he didn't cure cancer apparently he cured 16 people who were given up on and were left to die. So what could they lose he was sent 16 people and within a period of time maybe weeks or months, he cured 14. The last 2 he asked for more time and eventually cured them as well. 16 for 16 not so bad. He was then hounded by companies looking for his papers and research. He refused to sell his material to the pharmaceuticals and died poor. After his death his research lab was broken into and the research vanished. With all the money and talent in this country you mean to tell me that we can't find a none harmful cure. I don't think so. If you cure a disease you lose a patient. Just look at the damage being done by the amount of prescription drugs being handed out. A friend of my wife contracted diabetes from her cholesterol medication and is slowing dying from the combination of the 20 other prescriptions they were giving her. The irony is she and her husband are pharmacists. In watching your video I saw the rise in the number of vaccines we give our children...50+ are we crazy? Why are we vaccinating children against things they won't every get? None of it makes sense....but if you throw population control into the mix then whether we like it or not it's a reason. Why do we not have it on the table? The chart presented by Dr. Paleusky showed a precipitous drop in mortality before we started to vaccinate people. Why then do we do it so heavily? I could not believe how brain-washed some of our most respected physicians can be like Dr. Paul Offit of CHOP and his comments about the HPV vaccine being safe and effective. I mentioned population control and you might think what a nut....but before you blow this off look into Agenda 21 that the UN is pushing through our country. The UN is big on population control. Much of this has already seeped into our systems. The sad thing is that those we looked to for information can't be trusted. Everyone seems to have an agenda. You started your digging into this issue however, I sense you still have a trust in some that don't deserve your trust. If you do look into some of what I have mentioned be aware there is a lot more going on than you know, or perhaps want to know. However, you need to be aware you may not like what you find. Thank you for your work in getting this information out to those that are listening.
Commenter Name
Posted: 4/11/2014 10:29:26 AM
I wish her safety from GE lawyers who have been harassing and spying on FDA scientists for years. The FDA scientists are good people many times, but the director is insane and evil, and the director reports straight to congress. How many times have the scientists voted 100% to not approve something and the director approves it anyway like mammogram machines for example.
Commenter Name
Posted: 4/7/2019 9:53:18 PM
Years after the movie came out, I still watch it over and over today in the year 2019. Stephanie Christner, DO is a great contribution to protecting us innocent people. Please Stephanie do not stop this mission. And what have you been doing more I hope. I dont know where you are now. I have to search more. My daughter does not want to listen and I wish I lived in your city for her to talk to you.
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