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Refusal to Vaccinate Should Be a Hanging Offense?

Posted: 5/19/2017 3:52:27 PM | with 0 comments

hanging offense

Ignorance about vaccine history, science and the ethics of mandatory vaccination laws can all too often lead to fear.  That fear is leading to a disturbing trend among doctors, attorneys and journalists calling for punishment, violence, imprisonment, and, most recently, even execution by hanging, for anyone who questions vaccine safety or the wisdom of injecting up to 70 vaccines, or who exercises their right to exemption from medical intervention.   The Vaccine Reaction’s article, “Refusal to Vaccinate Should Be a Hanging Offense?” addresses this trend in light of the Boston Herald’s incendiary editorial calling for the hanging of anyone who expresses concerns about vaccine safety.  Click to read the article »

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Posted: 5/19/2017 3:52:27 PM | with 0 comments


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