Vaccine Failure Wall

Vaccines can sometimes fail to provide protection against the infectious disease they were designed to prevent.  NVIC's Vaccine Failure Wall is provided for the public to share their vaccine failure experiences and are displayed chronologically. Click to view stories about vaccine harassment and vaccine reactions.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page for options on reporting vaccine harassment, failures and reactions. When you submit your stories to NVIC your identity will be kept confidential.

  • Posted: Sep. 1, 2021
    I got the second round of my covid 19, I noticed unusual behavior in my cousin. She slowly became a hardcore conspiracy theorist, posting cartoon memes for data and linking websites with zero credibility to rebut allegations of imperfect data from the CDC.
  • Posted: Aug. 26, 2021
    When I was in college, I found out that I had to take MMR vaccine unfortunately because of the measles outbreak around 1989-1990. I received the vaccine in April 1990. 20 years later I somehow got exposed to mumps but was able to recover from it through homeopathic remedy. I went back to get checked, everything was all clear. The MMR vaccine did not prevent me from mumps. It didn’t surprise me since my old chiropractor had explained how ineffective and dangerous vaccines are.
  • Posted: Aug. 8, 2021
    I was given the vaccine as a child of about 8 or 9yo in my left butt cheek, and a day or two latter became so I'll that my parents had me sleep on the couch, instead of bedroom with my 3 brothers. I vividly remembered that aside from being sick to my stomachs, I was unable to move my left leg at all. This went on for about a week, then it seemed to go away. One of my older brothers got polio so bad that one leg stopped growing for a while. This resulted in his having to get 2 pairs of shoes when everyone else got 1, he had to throw one shoe from each pair in the garbage. That's about it, I've never been that sick before or since, and have never forgotten the misery.
  • Posted: Jul. 5, 2021
    I got the pertussis vaccine in childhood, and yet I caught pertussis in summer 2015 (I was 22), severe enough to interfere with my group tutoring and I relegated myself to just writing on the board instead of lecturing. Thankfully I had a supportive team of tutors.

Vaccine Reporting Systems - You Have Options!

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