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Welcome to the Cry For Vaccine Freedom Wall. Do you have a harassment story to share? Click here to complete our Vaccine Harassment Reporting Form. Your personal identity will be kept confidential. Below you will also find stories shared by others. They are listed in chronological order, with the most recent at the top.

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Date Posted: Mar 29, 2014
I have 3 children. Their pediatrician told me to find another doctor because I refused to vaccinate my youngest while he was on antibiotics. After insulting me and calling me negligent I agreed to go ahead with his decision (although he said there were still traces of my son's infection present) and asked him to administer one vaccine instead of two per his suggestion. He said no, it's his decision and I said I can not agree and so I left. It's been a constant battle with this doctor. When I delayed my 2nd child's vaccines I was made out to be a bad parent and that didn't bother me so much because I knew I was making the right decision. My oldest son received all his vaccines according to the CDC schedule and he suffers from asthma, allergies, and he has had pneumonia 3 times and he is only 6. He is constantly sick and we can't figure out why. My youngest is 18 months old and I plan to delay his vaccines for as long as I can.
Date Posted: Mar 29, 2014
When I was pregnant, I had a friend share with me about vaccine dangers. Thank goodness she did. I started reading books and researching about side effects and even attended a seminar. Several months before I delivered I interviewed several pediatricians and asked if they would see my child in their practice and they said no and even one followed my husband and I all the way to the exit door still telling us how wrong we were and misled. We finally found a doctor (so we thought). After I delivered, I made an appt with the pediatrician and they said they changed their practice and would not see us. They eventually agreed and then a few months later said we had to leave the practice if we did not vaccinate. There was one doctor in the practice that closed the door and spoke to us privately in the room and said we were very good parents and informed and that we should not vaccinate our child due to potential side effects. We finally found a practice that supports our choice. My daughter is 4 1/2 now and she has a very weak immune system and multiple allergies. Our pediatrician recently told us that she was so glad that we did not choose to immunize her because even though she is very healthy she has a compromised immune system and if we would have vaccinated her it would more than likely have resulted in her having autism. Also, even though we had a notarized form for the hospital when she was born they harassed us in the hospital trying to make us give our daughter hepatitis-b vaccine. I am thankful that we did our research and to this day have never given our child a vaccination.
Date Posted: Mar 26, 2014
First, I want to encourage all of you who are struggling with the consequences of refusing vaccines. If you don't continue to stand up for your rights we will all lose them. I am an RN. I was never vaccinated to take classes or do clinicals. I waived immunizations on the grounds of my religious beliefs. It is becoming increasingly difficult to find facilities that will hire healthcare workers without vaccines. When my small hospital was bought out by a bigger one which dominates the area where I live, they forced me out of the company because of my vaccine status. I filed an EEOC complaint, which is still pending. I have found work. But I keep my vaccine status quiet. I seem to be the only RN who worries about full disclosure before giving flu and pneumonia vaccines to patients. IT IS THE LAW THAT YOU ARE TO GIVE WRITTEN INFORMATION TO THE PATIENT BEFORE OBTAINING CONSENT FOR VACCINES. I pointed this out in my small hospital and began the process of getting the information to patients. Most of them don't read it. They just trust vaccines. I could never work Labor & Delivery because of the vaccines they always want to give to the babies. Not all healthcare workers are brainwashed into accepting vaccines. There are many of us who don't believe it and know that the studies are not accurate, are funded by BIG PHARMA (huge conflict of interest), and are dangerous. If you find yourself facing a brainwashed individual, "don't throw your pearls before the swine." You will not convince them otherwise. Most of us who are against them have actually done a lot of study into the subject and know more than the average citizen. We also know more than most healthcare workers.
Date Posted: Mar 25, 2014
I have not been harrassed. Actually, my children attend a private Christian school and they ask us to keep a letter on file for each child stating our reasons for not vaccinating. They never questioned it. Some parents do and then retreat when I suggest that if they are scared my kids will infect their kids then they don't trust the vaccine, either. However, I thought your organization and others would like to respond to this op ed article posted in our local paper. It bashes the "anti-vaccine movement".
Date Posted: Feb 28, 2014
I am a vaccine poisoned veteran. We were given experimental vaccines and drugs, the plague shot twice and many more. It is called "forced vaccinating and administering of drugs". Veterans, children,and animals have no choice in this pharmaceutical imposed medical madness! We had an out break of spinal meningitis in our outfit. Research now shows that toxic blood can cause it. Meningitis is the result of the body being overwhelmed with heavy metals and toxic poisons in the blood and vital organs. I have known a lot of pain and suffering. The US Army and VA only deal in the purchasing, promotion and administering of drugs which is a terrible calamity. They expect a veteran to be given even more drugs, which is not helpful or healthful. They intimidate, ridicule and offer no help to you if you do not go along with this pharmaceutical imposed, medical madness. What is happening to our children, veterans, elderly and pets is a terrible tragedy. Doctors, nurses, veterinarians and assistants are programed to be against any thing that does not promote the sales and administering of drugs and vaccines. The school districts are especially programed that we are a threat to the society. This should be against the law! The science is just not behind their belief system. It is dangerous to brand some one as being a threat to society. This insane belief system is just to promote enormous profits, billions of dollars for the pharmaceutical companies! Fortunately many natural path doctors are trying to bring the truth to light. Dr. Blaylock is one of my hero's as is Babara Loe Fisher. May God have mercy on America and her children. Jake Hottell

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