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Welcome to the Cry For Vaccine Freedom Wall. Do you have a harassment story to share? Click here to complete our Vaccine Harassment Reporting Form. Your personal identity will be kept confidential. Below you will also find stories shared by others. They are listed in chronological order, with the most recent at the top.

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Date Posted: Jul 30, 2014
My 13 year old was vaccinated against her will by a school nurse. This is the email I sent to the administrative department, which is left unanswered: Good Afternoon Mr. Gregory. We spoke earlier today regarding my daughter, Madason Bowlin. I would like to preface this email by stating that Madason is very fond of you as a principal. She holds you in high regards, and says that you are very nice and easy to talk to. I bring this information to you, from a parent to a school administrator, as I do not know which route to take and who to notify with my concerns.. I know that this is no direct reflection upon you, but the process in which the District adheres to. This afternoon, I left word with you to see about obtaining a copy of the consent that the school nurse apparently had on file, giving her permission to administer vaccines to my daughter, Madason Bowlin. I have some very serious and valid concerns about the frivolous action taken against my daughter's health care by a health professional in your district. There are two forms of documentation that should be on file in Madason's school record. The first one should be a blue form issued by the Texas Department of State Health Services, numbered at the top right hand corner, with a notarized signature at the bottom. This was transferred from her former school in Medina, Texas, as I had them send it with her files when she transferred. If this form is expired, then a notification should be sent to both parents (Rodney Bowlin and myself) to request a new one. The form that supersedes that one in the event that an exemption does not suffice, is a court order on file with the Shelby County Clerk's office. In August 2011, an agreement was signed by Judge Griffin with a stipulation that Madason does not receive vaccinations. If it is not on file, please notify her father so he may bring you a copy. This will also show that I am to be listed as joint and emergency contact, as well as a joint contact to view Madason's grades online, which I still have not gained access to, even though I have been trying to get her portal ID number from front office staff via email for over one year. As a health professional, I know that Texas law states that informed consent by a guardian, as well as a right to refusal, must be given prior, including, but not limited to: treatment, procedures, medication, and vaccinations. A Vaccine Information Statement (VIS) is required to be given to the patient/client/student/guardian present, or read to the patient, prior to administration of a vaccination. Ways to provide the information may be provided by: A practice may produce permanent, laminated, office copies of each VIS, which may be read by recipients prior to vaccination. VISs may be reviewed on a computer monitor (or any video display). VISs may be downloaded by the recipient to a smartphone or other electronic device to read at his or her convenience. (VISs have been specially formatted for this purpose.) VISs may be made available to be read before the immunization visit (e.g., by giving the patient or parent a copy to take home during a prior visit, or telling them how to download or view a copy from the Internet). These patients must still be offered a copy in one of the formats described previously to read during the immunization visit, as a reminder. Providers must still offer a copy (which can be an electronic copy) of each appropriate VIS to take away following the vaccination. However, the recipient may decline. - CDC Vaccine Information Sheet Madason was not offered a copy of the VIS, nor does she know what vaccines she was given illegally and against her will. Madason stated that the nurse stated to her: "So you didn't get your 7th grade shots. Sit down, you have to have these by law." This is a common misconception, and if recited to a student, it's bullying and negating their personal beliefs and health decisions. In Texas, "No Shots, No School" is false and misleading. Students are allowed vaccine exemption by reasons of conscience, medical reasons, and for religious reasons. - Texas Administrative Code 97.62 The posting on the district website shows that the nurse shall review paperwork, and if the student is not in compliance, the student can be offered provisional enrollment or be excluded from attendance until the student is in compliance. No where in the posting does it show that the student must be vaccinated, which my daughter was. This is unethical, and reportable to the Texas Board of Nurse Examiners as well as the Texas Medical Board. No consent. No notice to a minor that she has a legal right to refuse. I raise my daughter to make educated decisions based upon research, regardless of subject. I find it extremely demeaning that her rights were not considered. She's a very smart young lady, and as a parent, I encourage her to speak her mind and voice concerns. While I realize that most do not follow our health beliefs, I feel like there was a biased decision made when it came to her health. There are five fundamental rights of medication administration, with five more added, variably throughout institutions: 1. Right Patient 2. Right Drug 3. Right Dose 4. Right Time 5. Right Route 6. Right Education 7. Right to Refuse 8. Right Assessment 9. Right Evaluation 10. Right Documentation There is a process that is broken, and I would like to understand why the nurse forced my daughter to be vaccinated without offering her a right to refuse. What is the Center ISD policy regarding notification of a student's parents of expired paperwork? What's the policy regarding consent to vaccination? I know her father would not illegally give universal consent for treatment, as administering vaccines is prohibited. While the nurse may not have had the paperwork on hand, she is required to maintain a copy of the vaccination waiver, expired or current, in the file until the child graduates or is transferred to another district. (Texas Dept of State Health Services standards, unsure of Center ISD policy). An expired exemption should have set off a flag to the health professional to ask the student about the waiver, or ask if there is a newer one to have on file. Due diligence. We are very fortunate that there were no adverse reactions. Madason will be bringing new exemptions. I am to be notified of expiration, and I will provide the documentation that will continue to exempt her from vaccines. I am respectfully requesting the nurse's name, or health professional's name, that administered the vaccine, along with the signed (by a guardian) paperwork giving the nurse or health professional permission to give medical treatment to Madason. I am assuming the person vaccinating Madason is under the practice of a medical doctor or medical director on staff, and I would like that person's name as well. I would also like the vaccines administered, the lot numbers, expiration date, and manufacturer. This paperwork can either be emailed to me or sent to me by mail, contingent upon HIPAA release. I can also obtain the paperwork online on the student portal if the information is stored there. Let me know which is preferred. If I would have done something like this, I would have been reprimanded by the Texas Board of Nurse Examiners and I would be required remediation on ethics and medication administration, at a minimum. Furthermore, I request that there be no retaliation against my daughter as I bring this to the District's attention. I welcome your feedback. Respectfully, Julie Smith
Date Posted: Jul 21, 2014
When I was pregnant with my first child last year, I was somewhat pro-vaccine. I got the DTAP shot during my last trimester of pregnancy and planned to vaccinate my child for pertussis when he was 2 months old. It seemed very counter-intuitive to allow my son to undergo any injections as a newborn, so I had already decided to opt out of those. My husband was very anti-vaccine and after months of sharing information, he won me over to his side. We decided no vaccinations, not a single one. Our experience with the staff at my son's birth was somewhat uneventful. We opted for the oral dose of Vitamin K, but it was clear the surgeon that delivered our son wasn't happy with us, and I made it clear that I was unconcerned with this opinion on the subject. Our first minutes with our child were interrupted with medical staff waiving papers in our faces to sign, which was annoying, but not unexpected. We had to get one more round of oral Vitamin K when he was two weeks old, and that was it. We were fired by our first pediatrician when my son was six months old (the pediatrician was very up front with us when we began to see him.) I booked a well-baby check when my son was 8 months old with a local pediatrician reputed to be vaccine friendly - and who presented herself as such. It quickly became clear that was not the case at all. She became more and more aggressive as she told me things that I knew were simply not true, such as "there are no risks associated with the Hep B vaccine." I resisted the urge to argue and just held my child closer to me. I finally interrupted her to ask if she was willing to see us or not and she said that for right now, yes, but she was considering kicking all unvaccinated kids out of her practice. She said a six year old unvaccinated child with measles had recently visited her practice and she was very upset when she realized all the patients his "irresponsible parents" had put at risk just by bringing him there. I asked if anyone had gotten infected and she admitted none. Then she asked if I understood how many people died every year from measles and I snapped "In the U.S...NONE. There haven't been any in years." She demanded to know my sources and I told her to look at the CDC website - I had been on it just the day before and was reading the statistics. I then told her if he got polio, I would show up on her doorstep for my flogging. I then gathered our belongings and left. We are still searching for a new pediatrician. By the way, every time I take my child to be seen, every medical personnel he comes into contact with always exclaims how robustly healthy he is. He is almost never sick. We did the right thing.
Date Posted: Jul 15, 2014
This is an update from last week (July 11, 2014) when I posted my harassment story. My grandson, Noah's visit to Mostellar Medical Clinic today was the worst ever. One of the nurses told me, "I have eleven children and I hate to see anyone do this to their child". I wanted to tell her I hate to see anyone inject their children with aborted fetal tissue, aluminum and mercury but I didn't. I told her that it was none of her business! I explained to the doctor what she said and all she told me was that she should not have said that. She did not apologize on her behalf. The doctor continued with the attitude of the nurse and asked me, "Do you even want the results of your grandson's tests?" I exclaimed, "Of course I do!" I just didn't want him to be injected with Tuberculosis. This harassment has got to stop! Why is it ok to harass people for religious beliefs and not for race, creed, color, or sexual preference???
Date Posted: Jul 11, 2014
My vaccine harassment story began in April 2010 when my grandson, Noah, was born. The hospital staff kept harassing my daughter and myself to vaccinate Noah. My daughter, myself, and my husband had already made the decision to refuse vaccinations years prior to my grandson's birth. We believe that Jesus, our Lord and Savior, created our bodies in such a miraculous way so that it will heal and protect itself. Not to mention the thought of injecting anyone with aborted fetal tissue is appalling and evil. Before we left the hospital with Noah, the pediatrician my daughter had chosen, decided at the last minute that he would not take Noah as a patient because of our refusal to vaccinate him. After this, we scrambled to try to find any local pediatrician who would take him. We did find a young female doctor who saw him for a few months and tried her best to talk us into having at least a few vaccines to no avail. After a few months, this doctor moved to another practice. We tried to move Noah to her new practice so that she could continue his care, however, they (Gulf Coast Pediatrics) refused to accept him as a patient. We stayed on at the clinic she left for a short time, being harassed every visit by a rude female doctor, until we were told by another male doctor we had switched to in the same clinic that we could not come back again because Noah had not been vaccinated. I asked the doctor why and he told me that Noah was a danger to the vaccinated children. I asked him why Noah would be a threat to vaccinated children if their vaccines are supposed to work? He did not have any credible answers for me. Since January 2014 and the implementation of Obamacare, Noah is now covered under Medicaid. When Medicaid accepts you they assign recipients a clinic. We asked Mobile Pediatric Clinic if they would accept Noah as a patient if he had a CRE and they rejected him. When I asked why, she said they were complying with the law. I told her that having a CRE was the law in the state of Alabama. We found a local clinic last week that has received him as a patient. We are going for his first appointment with them next week. So far, we have only had one employee at the clinic role her eyes when I handed her a copy of Noah's Certificate of Religious Exemption and told her that he had not had any vaccines. We will just have to see what will happen. I have to admit I am not very optimistic.
Date Posted: Jul 02, 2014
As a child I reacted to both MMR and DPT shots and had to be given 1/2 doses spread furter apart because of high fevers and listlessness for a week from the first shot. With my oldest child who is 25 I did not have issues and allowed her to have shots she never had a reaction. My grandchildren on the other hand are drug babies. I told my grandsons pediatrician about my concerns because he already had physical issues from the drug use by my daughter. He told me I had to give him shots. I gave him his DPT and he did not speak for a little over 6 months. When I told his doctor this he said he was not talking before this and it was not a reaction. He is now 5 and still getting speech and now getting occupation therapy as well for his issues with sounds and changes in his routine as well as other types of stimulation. This happened in West Virgina. We moved to Florida and now have religious exemption for all the kids. My 2 yr old son never had a shot but already has at least one allergy we know of to shellfish and we have an epipen. He also is allergic to neosporine. Both of them ended him up in the ER. My daughter needed Narcan, which removes narcotics from your system. She also has asthma, as well seasonal allergies and she reacts to mosquitos worse than most and they last for days and she has needed to get steroids for them. I stopped getting my daughter her shots after my grandson had his reaction and I have never given my son any shots. My son is the healthiest of all 3. And other than a few ear infections, which tend to run in the family and low iron when he was younger. I am moving back to WV and my grandson is starting kindergarten this year. He needs to have his shots and I am afraid he will once again revert back. My children already have allergies and that is not considered good enough for a medical reason not to vaccinate. The best one of all, I do not hold a titer for rubella and have been immunized 4 times. The CDC says you should not be more than 3. I almost died the last time and I was in my late 20's then. I was told this does not run in families, but it does in mine. I have been used as a Guinea Pig for many years becasue of my multiple allergies to medication as well as unusual ones like benadryll. I wonder what will happen when I go to WV and explain all of this to a new doctor. If I am back on here It will not be nice and I will be suing and it will show I said something. I will also have something written up for the doctor to sign about giving shots or they will NOT give the shots to my children and grandchild. I actually think most of these shots are no even needed. Oh and on top of it all. We have a genetic neuroligical disease in my family called Huntingtons Disease which I have the gene for so my son may. My grandson and my daugher may or may not because their bioligical mother has not been tested.

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