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Date Posted: Apr 18, 2014
In RI, we have the options of medical exemption and religious exemption. My husband and I have been "debating" the exemption issue since I became pregnant with my first child. I was against, but was willing to compromise to a delayed schedule with single dose vaccines (no combo shots) and some exclusions. The doctor discouraged single vaccines when combo shots are available, giving numerous excuses. My husband insisted that our child get the DTaP vaccine. I finally relented, saying that it would be the only one. Unfortunately, I was working and my husband was home with our child, so he was the one making doctor visits. It turns out that my child was given 2 doses of rotavirus vaccine, even though I specifically said no to that one. I only knew about one of them, which was given when my child was sick and I told my husband no to ANY vaccine for that visit. Our doctor convinced him that the rotavirus vaccine would be fine, since it was an oral vaccine. When I was laid off from my job, my husband went back to work and I took my child to his appointments. When he was supposed to be getting his third DTaP shot, our doctor suggested he get the Pneumococcal vaccine. I said no, and the doctor whispered to the nurse to get a shot, but I couldn't hear what he said. As it turns out, he told her to get the pneumococcal shot, even though I specifically said "No, just the DTaP". He didn't get his 3rd DTaP that day, and I didn't find out until his next visit, when the doctor asked if he was ready for his 3rd shot. I was completely fed up by that point. That doctor "retired", and became a state health official. We found a new doctor, who said he was OK with the choice not to vaccinate, though he was pro-vaccine. I filled out the religious exemption paperwork. This wasn't a decision I made lightly, though my husband seemed to feel it was. It became a point of contention between us. My husband finally decided to use emotional blackmail, posting our personal business on this subject on FaceBook, saying he was "on strike", that we wouldn't be doing anything like visiting family. (I have screenshots.) When my oldest (6 years old) got upset because he started thinking we were going to split the family up, I agreed to go in and talk with the doctor about vaccines again. I think my husband thought they'd be getting shots right then and there. When asked why I was opposed to my children getting shots, I explained that, based on the information in the vaccine inserts, published studies, and family history, I was concerned about vaccine damage, not the least of those concerns being the possibility of developing an autoimmune disease. The doctor basically told me that he believed at some point people were "going to start stringing anti-vaxxers up from the light poles". I was given the distinct impression that I was being seen as "the crazy one", that if my husband decided to split and try to get custody of the kids, no judge would dispute it because I was an "anti-vaxxer". (I'd like to note here that I'm not against choice. I don't go around telling anyone that they shouldn't vaccinate their children. I just didn't believe it was right for my children.) Our doctor was going to come up with a catch-up schedule that he felt wouldn't overwhelm the kids. When his office called, I still put it off for as long as I could. My husband finally called them and made an appointment. The kids each got a DTaP, MMR, and Hep A shot. The oldest had a fever the next day that lasted a couple days. They both seemed fine after that, but the next week, they had fevers again. The oldest missed a few more days of school, the youngest spiked a fever over 104. I never give my kids anything to bring down a fever, but they've never had one above 102 before. They've hardly ever been sick. I gave him a half dose of children's advil to bring down the fever. The day the oldest got over that second fever and went back to school, he got a nose bleed. The next day, he got a few more nose bleeds. The next day, he got 5 more, and they weren't easily stopped. He developed what looked like huge blood blisters on his lips, started bruising easily, and developed tiny spots all over, starting on his legs. We called the doctor, who said we could bring him in the next day. He woke up with a nosebleed. I kept him out of school (again) and brought him in first thing. The doctor took blood samples and sent us home. His nose was still bleeding at this point, and didn't stop until after the doctor was finished looking him over. The doctor thought it was Henoch-Schonlein purpura, which he didn't seem to feel was serious. That night, I got him to bed and a little while later he started crying because his legs hurt. After a couple of hours of nothing else working (massage, etc.) my husband looked up what the doctor thought it was and said "it says to give him motrin", which I was avoiding because of the bruising. I finally gave him some, and he fell asleep. Half hour later, the doctor calls, shaky voice, telling us we have to get him to the children's hospital ASAP. He'd just gotten the test results back, and his platelet count was dangerously low (8 when normal is between 150-500). We were there in half an hour. He was given an IV, more blood drawn, and we waited to be moved to ICU. It was early the next morning by the time he was moved, and when the test results came back, it was down to 2. We were told they suspected it was Thrombocytopenia, which is an autoimmune disease. It's listed as a possible reaction on the MMR vacicne insert, and the Hep A vaccine insert. They said it was probably due to the MMR vaccine. He was given a dose of imunoglobulin, and they were going to take more blood the next morning to see if it was working. It went back up to 8, but that was still low, and they were concerned. They were talking about dong a bone marrow test if it didn't go up significantly by the next morning. That day, he had a severe, migraine-like headache and couldn't keep anything down. It went on for hours until the nurse convinced the doctor to let him give him IV fluids and something for the nausea. The next morning, his platelet count had gone up to 17. That was enough to send him home, at least, but he had to miss school until it got higher. A few days later, they took another blood sample and it had gone up to 121, still below the norm, but high enough for him to go back to school and have restrictions lifted. His count at his last follow-up was up into the lower end of "normal". We still have to keep a close eye on him, though. I was told that he could get an infection and start to backslide, and that some people take 3-6 months to fully recover from this disease. All of this could have easily been avoided, had my choice to not vaccinate been respected. I shudder to think what would have happened to my happy, healthy little boy had he been given all these shots on schedule. Our doctor has recommended that he not get the MMR again, but said he can't recommend that he not get any of the other shots, and can't recommend that our other child not receive more of any of the shots. Again, my child can't get an infection, which could result from any of the vaccinations (as listed on the inserts), and family history should be a contraindication of at least some of them, but at least I can say he has a medical exemption for MMR. Sadly, even after all this, I think I'm still going to have a fight on my hands convincing my husband that neither of our children should get any more shots. I can deal with the doctors on this issue, because I could always find a new one. Dealing with a spouse who doesn't agree is another matter all together.
Date Posted: Mar 29, 2014
I have 3 children. Their pediatrician told me to find another doctor because I refused to vaccinate my youngest while he was on antibiotics. After insulting me and calling me negligent I agreed to go ahead with his decision (although he said there were still traces of my son's infection present) and asked him to administer one vaccine instead of two per his suggestion. He said no, it's his decision and I said I can not agree and so I left. It's been a constant battle with this doctor. When I delayed my 2nd child's vaccines I was made out to be a bad parent and that didn't bother me so much because I knew I was making the right decision. My oldest son received all his vaccines according to the CDC schedule and he suffers from asthma, allergies, and he has had pneumonia 3 times and he is only 6. He is constantly sick and we can't figure out why. My youngest is 18 months old and I plan to delay his vaccines for as long as I can.
Date Posted: Mar 29, 2014
When I was pregnant, I had a friend share with me about vaccine dangers. Thank goodness she did. I started reading books and researching about side effects and even attended a seminar. Several months before I delivered I interviewed several pediatricians and asked if they would see my child in their practice and they said no and even one followed my husband and I all the way to the exit door still telling us how wrong we were and misled. We finally found a doctor (so we thought). After I delivered, I made an appt with the pediatrician and they said they changed their practice and would not see us. They eventually agreed and then a few months later said we had to leave the practice if we did not vaccinate. There was one doctor in the practice that closed the door and spoke to us privately in the room and said we were very good parents and informed and that we should not vaccinate our child due to potential side effects. We finally found a practice that supports our choice. My daughter is 4 1/2 now and she has a very weak immune system and multiple allergies. Our pediatrician recently told us that she was so glad that we did not choose to immunize her because even though she is very healthy she has a compromised immune system and if we would have vaccinated her it would more than likely have resulted in her having autism. Also, even though we had a notarized form for the hospital when she was born they harassed us in the hospital trying to make us give our daughter hepatitis-b vaccine. I am thankful that we did our research and to this day have never given our child a vaccination.
Date Posted: Mar 26, 2014
First, I want to encourage all of you who are struggling with the consequences of refusing vaccines. If you don't continue to stand up for your rights we will all lose them. I am an RN. I was never vaccinated to take classes or do clinicals. I waived immunizations on the grounds of my religious beliefs. It is becoming increasingly difficult to find facilities that will hire healthcare workers without vaccines. When my small hospital was bought out by a bigger one which dominates the area where I live, they forced me out of the company because of my vaccine status. I filed an EEOC complaint, which is still pending. I have found work. But I keep my vaccine status quiet. I seem to be the only RN who worries about full disclosure before giving flu and pneumonia vaccines to patients. IT IS THE LAW THAT YOU ARE TO GIVE WRITTEN INFORMATION TO THE PATIENT BEFORE OBTAINING CONSENT FOR VACCINES. I pointed this out in my small hospital and began the process of getting the information to patients. Most of them don't read it. They just trust vaccines. I could never work Labor & Delivery because of the vaccines they always want to give to the babies. Not all healthcare workers are brainwashed into accepting vaccines. There are many of us who don't believe it and know that the studies are not accurate, are funded by BIG PHARMA (huge conflict of interest), and are dangerous. If you find yourself facing a brainwashed individual, "don't throw your pearls before the swine." You will not convince them otherwise. Most of us who are against them have actually done a lot of study into the subject and know more than the average citizen. We also know more than most healthcare workers.
Date Posted: Mar 25, 2014
I have not been harrassed. Actually, my children attend a private Christian school and they ask us to keep a letter on file for each child stating our reasons for not vaccinating. They never questioned it. Some parents do and then retreat when I suggest that if they are scared my kids will infect their kids then they don't trust the vaccine, either. However, I thought your organization and others would like to respond to this op ed article posted in our local paper. It bashes the "anti-vaccine movement".

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