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Defending the Religious Exemption to Vaccination

240 years later after the signing of the Declaration of Independence, we find ourselves again fighting for freedom from oppression. This time from one-size-fits-all mandatory vaccination laws...

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CDC Admits Flu Shots Fail Half the Time

How many times has someone told you: "The year I got a flu shot is the only year I got sick" or maybe you learned that the hard way yourself after getting vaccinated. This year the CDC admits flu shots are only effective half the time...

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NVIC's 2016 Update on State Vaccine Bills

People are waking up across the U.S. and are beginning to go on the offensive using NVIC's Advocacy Portal to advocate for vaccine informed consent rights. Read more stories of advocacy and learn how you can get involved!

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Pertussis Microbe Outsmarts the Vaccines As Experts Argue About Why

Why, after more than a half-century of pertussis vaccination, has pertussis vaccine failed to produce the herd immunity promised by public health officials? Learn more by reading NVIC's latest referenced commentary...

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Vaccine Injury Claims Expected to Increase in 2016: Federal Advisory Committee Update

Adults are injured by vaccines more often than children, and common injuries are not eligible for compensation. Learn about your options and find out what new proposed vaccines may be targeting you or adults in your family...

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