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Current News
New Study: Use of Non-Medical Exemptions Not Tied to State Disease Incidence Rates
Neither measure of non-medical exemption use—the restrictiveness of a state's laws or vaccine uptake rates—was associated with annual disease incidence rates...
2014 US State Vaccine Legislation Battles
The battle lines are being drawn in the states between those, who want to force citizens to use every federally recommended vaccine and those, who respect and value the legal right to exercise informed consent to medical risk-taking...
Vaccination During Pregnancy: Is It Safe?
Today, pregnant women face a different set of difficult questions and choices about keeping themselves and their babies healthy. Among them are whether or not to get vaccinations during pregnancy... 
Stephanie Christner Appointed to FDA Vaccine Advisory Committee
NVIC's Board Member, Dr. Stephanie Christner, DO, has been appointed to the Vaccines & Related Biological Products Advisory Committee (VRBPAC)... 
Measles Reports in America: What Does It Mean?
The CDC has reported that more than 90 percent of American toddlers have gotten a measles containing MMR shot by age three, but are worried about 159 cases of measles reported so far this year end put the blame on 92 unvaccinated Americans diagnosed with measles who had “philosophical objections” to vaccination... 
Increased Use of Vaccines Strongly Promoted by Federal Advisory Committees
NVIC offered public comment during the 25th anniversary meeting of the National Vaccine Advisory Committee (NVAC) setting the record straight on the origins of federal vaccine injury compensation... 
CDC Again Reports Low Exemption Rates for Kindergarten Children
Media attacks on vaccine exemptions around the country are on the rise though the CDC reports that core vaccination rates for American children is 95 percent - one of the highest in the world... 

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