Vaccine Freedom Marches Across Italy Highlight Global Vaccination Agenda

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italians march for vaccine freedom

June 2017 saw Italians organize the largest pubic demonstrations against forced vaccination held in Europe since the Victorian era. Tens of thousands of parents, grandparents , children and their families in cities from Verona to Rome marched for “freedom of choice” in opposition to a May 19 decree mandating that school children receive multiple doses of 12 vaccines (up from four vaccines) or be prohibited from attending school. Non-compliant parents could be fined up to $9,700. 

In 2015 the Italian government launched a $785 million National Vaccination Plan that coincided with GlaxoSmithKline’s announcement of a one billion euro investment in Italy over four years. GSK manufacturers and markets eight of the 12 vaccines now mandated by the Italian government.

Italian doctors who dissent from the National Vaccination Plan’s restrictive policies and advocate for voluntary use of vaccines are being targeted for de-licensing. 

Major news outlets in the U.S. and Europe are taking an active role in assisting governments pursuing the global forced vaccination agenda. The New York Times, Scientific American and The Financial Times have all recently made strong statements attacking vaccine hesitancy and vaccine choice, including a call by vaccine developer Dr. Peter Hotez for the U.S. and other governments in developed countries to “snuff out” the anti-vaccine movement.

italians march for vaccine freedom

Most vaccines are voluntary in all but a few western European countries, and there has been a generally high vaccination rate for DPT, MMR and polio without mandates. A member of the ruling party in the Italian parliament introduced the new bill because vaccination coverage for measles declined from 90 to 85 percent among children between 2011 and 2015. 

Mandatory vaccination goes against at least a dozen European ethical documents protecting autonomy, including the 1947 Nuremberg Code that defined informed consent to medical risk taking as a human right. 

Read the full article Vaccine Freedom Marches Across Italy Highlight Global Vaccination Agenda, including videos of the marches, in The Vaccine Reaction

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It’s the Cytokine Storms We Should Be Worried About

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stormy sky

Although the CDC states that 95% of people infected with poliovirus display no symptoms or minor symptoms, the disease continues to generate fear and attention. The World Health Organization pledged $1.2 billion to the Global Polio Eradication Initiative (GPEI) in 2017, and more than $15 billion has been spent on that program since 1988. Eradicating polio is big business, despite the fact that the vast majority of poliovirus infections are relatively harmless.

Retired neurosurgeon Dr. Russell Blaylock points out that most viruses do not harm the body directly. Rather, the body mounts an inflammatory process to deal with the infection, and for those people whose immune systems are weakened or not functioning correctly, this inflammatory process “overreacts,” causing people to be sick.

The effect of this dysfunctional immune response results in the release of chemicals called cytokines and chemokines, which attract microglia cells to the infection site. The microglia then secrete other destructive chemicals called excitotoxins. This abnormal reaction is called a “cytokine storm.” Dr. Blaylock maintains that this cytokine storm can affect the nervous system and is associated with neurological disorders such as autism. 

The current vaccination policy, in which many vaccines are given close together and over a long period of time, result in the brain’s immune system being constantly activated and exposed to large amounts of the harmful excitotoxins and cytokines which compromise the natural defenses and make people sicker, weaker, and more vulnerable to both infections and chronic disease.

Read the full article, It’s the Cytokine Storms We Should Be Worried About in NVIC’s The Vaccine Reaction. 

Read more about the increasing rates of chronic illness in Sick is the New Normal and A Sick and Unproductive America: The New Norm, the role of inflammation in Inflammation: The Good and the Bad, and polio eradication in Global Polio Eradication Initiative in Polio Eradication by 2018: A Pipe Dream. Read Barbara Loe Fishers’s special report In the Wake of Vaccines on the rise of chronic illness in the wake of vaccines. 

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The Smallpox Vaccine Was No Silver Bullet

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silver bullet

Vaccine science has not changed much in the 221 years since physician Edward Jenner first injected a healthy 8 year-old boy with cowpox and smallpox, and then revaccinated him 20 more times. Jenner even injected his own 11-month old son at least twice with the virus. When neither contracted smallpox, Jenner concluded that cowpox provided protection from smallpox, and it is on this basis that the entire field of vaccination rests. That Jenner’s son had a bad reaction and showed signs of “mild mental retardation”, and that both boys died of tuberculosis at ages 20 and 21 respectively, is often overlooked.

There remains an inflexible insistence that we accept Jenner’s 18th century science as “settled science” even though there is more than enough 19th, 20th, and 21st century science to question the universal assumption that Jenner got it right. There is an abundance of historical data that shows the smallpox vaccine and laws requiring smallpox vaccination was not the “silver bullet” that many believe was solely responsible for saving the world from smallpox. 

The city of Leisester, England, serves as an example of a highly vaccinated community that suffered a severe outbreak of smallpox, but only succeeded in controlling the disease when they replaced vaccination with a system of containment through rapid notification and voluntary quarantine. The surveillance and containment strategy has proved effective in controlling smallpox outbreaks elsewhere, yet it is almost impossible to budge public health officials and doctors from clinging to the vaccine paradigm, thus leaving us locked into an 18th century mindset.

Read the full article, “The Smallpox Vaccine Was No Silver Bullet” by TVR Editor Marco Cáceres in the NVIC’s online newspaper, The Vaccine Reaction

Learn more about smallpox, the smallpox vaccine, smallpox as a bioweapon, and ethical and legal considerations of forced vaccination in the comprehensive and well-referenced A Special Report on Smallpox and Forced Vaccination: What Every American Needs to Know by Barbara Loe Fisher.

Learn more about adverse events reported to VAERS in connection with smallpox vaccines, and to access NVIC special reports related to smallpox.

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Hesitant Parents Pressured by Doctors

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doctors pressure patients

A recent article in the journal Pediatrics reports that increasing numbers of parents are questioning or refusing vaccines, or requesting an alternative schedule for their children. Overall, fewer parents are specifically focused on fears of autism, and instead are expressing increased broader concerns about the potential effects on the immune system and long-term well-being, lack of adequate vaccine safety studies, and informed medical consent issues. Some 83% of all parents in 2013 are reported to express some hesitancy, up from 75% in 2006.

This increase in “vaccine hesitancy” has spawned a host of articles in the medical literature about how to “fix” the problem, with strategies targeted to the degree of hesitancy and education, and commitment to questioning. When gentle persuasion and carefully scripted education are not enough to change the minds of “misinformed” or “confused” parents, more aggressive tactics such as “presumptive delivery,” a “strategy of inconvenience,” fear, guilt, and denial of medical care have been used. Holding the unvaccinated responsible for costs of care when others contract illness for which there is a vaccine, or charging them higher insurance premiums, have also been proposed. Some have even suggested offering candy or lottery drawings as a bribe for convincing the truly intractable, which offers a telling glimpse into the way people who question vaccine safety are viewed by public health officials and the medical community. 

Read the full article, “Tactics Doctors Use to Pressure Hesitant Parents to Vaccinate” by NVIC staff writer Kate Raines in the NVIC’s online newspaper, The Vaccine Reaction

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America’s Vaccine Injured Warriors Deserve More

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By Barbara Loe Fisher

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soldiers walking

There is no greater betrayal by government than to order a citizen to risk injury or death “for the greater good” and then treat that person and their family like dirt once the harm is done. The inhumane treatment of the vaccine injured at the hands of doctors in denial and the refusal of government to compensate the majority of those injured, while blocking lawsuits against drug companies profiting from mandated vaccines, is a national scandal. 1

A recent news report by Action News JAX in Florida investigated reports by two combat marines, who suffered heart inflammation (myopericarditis) and permanent health damage after smallpox vaccinations they were ordered to take. The investigation discovered that the U.S. government is still refusing to compensate soldiers for smallpox vaccine-related health problems, such as heart inflammation, even when those health problems are acknowledged as causally related by the vaccine manufacturer in a black box warning on the package insert and by government health officials. 2 3

soldier flag

The callous indifference toward once healthy young men and women disabled or killed by smallpox and anthrax vaccinations, which the Department of Defense insists are necessary to combat “bioterrorism,” has been going on since soldiers started heading to the Gulf War in the early 1990s and came home sick and disabled. 4 From pregnant women soldiers given Biothrax anthrax vaccine, 5 whose babies were born with birth defects, 6 to the cover-up of anthrax vaccine related deaths of Army soldiers, 7 to Air Force pilots whose careers ended with crippling anthrax vaccine injuries or court martials for refusing to get the shots, 8 the history of the US military vaccination program is marked by human experimentation 9 and violation of human rights. 10 11

The tragic consequences of the government’s callous indifference toward the vaccine injured is poignantly illustrated in interviews with anthrax vaccine injured soldiers in Scott Miller’s award winning 2003 documentary “Direct Order.”

Anthrax and smallpox vaccines continue to be given to U.S. soldiers, even though no weapons of mass destruction (WMD) supplies of weaponized anthrax and smallpox, have been found. 12 13 And, yet, the reports of vaccine injuries and deaths from both vaccines keep piling up. 14 15 16

As of April 14, 2017, there have been 5,392 reports of smallpox vaccine reactions, injuries and deaths filed with the federal Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS), including about 3,000 emergency room visits, 670 cases involving permanent injuries and 17 deaths. There have been 8,553 anthrax vaccine reactions, injuries and deaths reported to VAERS, including about 3,700 emergency room visits, 2,150 cases involving permanent injuries and 30 deaths. 17


The U.S. government has yet to make public the numbers of smallpox and anthrax vaccine injured soldiers and other military personnel, who have filed and received compensation. 18 The personal experiences of vaccine wounded warriors indicate most of them are left to suffer on their own. 

America’s vaccine injured military personnel and their families deserve more from our government than stonewalling and denial of compensation after they volunteered to serve and put their lives on the line for our country. 

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