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Forced Vaccination Bill in VA Moving Fast
Posted: 1/27/2016 1:17:46 AM

"If the state can tag, track down and force individuals to be injected with biologicals of known and unknown toxicity today, then there will be no limit on which individual freedoms the state can take away in the name of the greater good tomorrow."
- Barbara Loe Fisher

Jan 28th Update: NVIC thanks the many Virginians who contacted their legislators in response to this call to action. During the committee hearing today, the bill sponsors requested that the bill be stricken from the 2016 legislative session. If you are a resident of Virginia, go to NVIC's Advocacy Portal and register to stay up to date on any new developments on this bill, including whether it will be referred to another committee or a commission for study before being reintroduced. If you have not yet contacted your legislators in Virginia, please continue your efforts to contact them and educate them. Ask them to oppose any attempted amendment to any bill that restricts or eliminates vaccine exemptions.

Jan 27th Breaking News: A public hearing on this bill (HB1342) has been just scheduled by the House Health, Welfare and Institutions Committee (Subcommittee #2) for tomorrow, Jan. 28, 2016 at 8:30 a.m. to about noon in the State Capitol General Assembly Building, Room D, 1000 Bank St (entrance North 9th St. and East Broad St. – first floor), Richmond, VA. Public testimony (3 minutes) is allowed. 

forced vaccinationThe most oppressive forced vaccination bill introduced in any state is being sponsored by an attorney and co-sponsored by an obstetrician for the purpose of eliminating the religious belief vaccine exemption for all children attending daycare and schools in the state, including homeschooled children. The bill (HB1342) would additionally prohibit state licensed doctors and nurse practitioners from exercising professional judgment and delaying administration of or granting a child a medical exemption that does not conform with narrow federal vaccine contraindication guidelines.

31 Doses of 12 Federally Recommended Vaccines, No Exemptions

Current Virginia law requires minor children attending public or private day care centers or schools, as well as homeschooled children, to receive up to 31 doses of 12 federally recommended vaccines administered according to the CDC childhood vaccine schedule unless despair.jpgparents submit (1) a statement from a state licensed physician or nurse practitioner that one or more required vaccines would be detrimental to the health of the child or (2) a signed affidavit from the parent that one or more of the required vaccines conflicts with religious tenets or practices.

In order to grant a child a medical vaccine exemption, HB1342 would force doctors and nurse practitioners to adhere to narrow federal vaccine contraindications that exclude 99.99 percent of children from vaccine exemptions, and it would force parents to violate their conscience by denying a religious belief vaccine exemption, including in cases where a child has already suffered a vaccine reaction, has been disabled or has a sibling who has been injured or died after being vaccinated.

Only 1 percent of VA Children Have Vaccine Exemptions Now

The Bill of Rights of the Virginia Constitution, as well the Virginia 1786 Act for Religious Freedom, the Virginia 2007 Religious Freedom Act and the Virginia 2013 Parental Rights Act contain strong language protecting the exercise of freedom of conscience, religious beliefs and parental rights. According to the CDC, Virginia ranks in the top third of states with high kindergarten vaccination rates for DTaP, MMR and varicella zoster shots and only 1.1% of children have medical or religious vaccine exemptions.

Bill Could Become Law Within Six Weeks

Act Now!The bill was introduced on Jan. 21 and was immediately referred to the Health, Welfare and Institutions Committee. It could become law within six weeks. If you are a Virginia resident and want to protect vaccine exemptions, immediately go to the NVIC Advocacy Portal and become a registered Portal user and read the full Virginia Action Alert on HB1342, and find out how to take action today. You will also be able to stay up to date on the bill’s status and what you can do each step of the way. The Portal will put you in immediate electronic contact with your own Virginia state legislators and the Governor so you can make your voice heard. 

Read and download a referenced NVIC Briefing Paper on Virginia HB 1342 

Posted: 1/27/2016 1:17:46 AM | with 67 comments

Clear and objectionable government over reach. Strongly opposed. If they tried this in Colorado, we would not comply, and would immediately move to sanction and recall all politicians whom supported this. Medical tyranny is no longer in the shadows. This is clearly an unethical approach to governance.
1/27/2016 2:01:01 PM
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Norman Frodsham
We must have a strong response if this evil bill is passed, and all those people who voted for the bill must be named and shamed.
1/27/2016 2:03:15 PM
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I am disturbed by this. I live in California were this has pretty much already passed. Weather a person is for or against the vaccines we should have the choice if we want to vaccinate. I believe this is infringing on our rights as citizens. I have no idea what we can do to stop it. Plus the way it stands they can keep coming out with more an more an using our children as guinea pigs and there isn't a thing we can do about it??
1/27/2016 2:16:05 PM
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donna render
This is frightening. I just saw a documentary recently that wasn't even about vaccines, but described how everytime we receive a vaccine, our body has an inflammatory reaction. They mentioned how our kids are given so many vaccinations, which means their little bodies are dealing with these inflammatory attacks. As it is, our children are practically mandated to harm their bodies. We should always have the right to decide whether our children should be exposed.
1/27/2016 2:16:35 PM
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This is the most ridiculous and evil thing I have heard of in a long time. When will this stop? When will evil and greed and money not rule the land? Parents have a right to decide what is injected into their children or themselves. Period. Demanding and not giving parents a right to make this choice is like holding a gun to their head. Do it or else. That's not even human. That's abuse. It's inhumane. That's unconstitutional and anyone who votes this into law does not deserve the right to represent the people in anyway.

We live in a country where you can abort a child and have the right to make that decision. And yet, when you have the child, you can't decide whether to inject foreign matter into their bodies.

How about the over 3 billion dollars that has been paid to injured vaccine victims? How many more will VA see if this bill passes?

Why aren't we up in arms about our obesity rate? Our autism rate? The fact that over 20,000 people who die from antibiotic resistant disease in this country every year? Not one person has died from Measles in this country in the last 10 years. And yet? This bill is introduced. Money speaks. It's unreal.

My heart hurts for humanity. Do the right thing. NO NOT VOTE for this bill.
1/27/2016 2:16:47 PM
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Nebraska Families
1/27/2016 2:17:22 PM
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carolyn kelley
I am against mandatory vaccines
1/27/2016 2:24:26 PM
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Load the wagon and get your kids of this rotten state immediately - if you love them and don't want them damaged by vaccines that are being forced into them because most of us don't want them in the first place. They are toxic and dangerous and cause multiple diseases,adverse reactions and death. Never mind that this bill is unconstitutional and violates our unalienable right to be "free in our person." Most of the diseases these vaccines are supposed to prevent are, in fact, spread by the vaccinated! Storm the State legislators, riot and protest against this bill, and refuse to comply.
1/27/2016 2:27:53 PM
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Walter Kyle
FDA approved rotavirus vaccines to be contaminated with over 100,000 pig viruses per dose in 2010. Veterinarians report 75% of vaccine quality porcine trypsin is contaminated. VRBPAC panel members requested follow up of infants infants exposed to these viruses on May 7, 2010. FDA blocked physician use of PCR tests for porcine circovirus 1 (PCV1) f.or diagnostic purposes which means no illness can be checked for this contaminant...All vaccines in cell cultures may require the use of trypsin which typically comes grin a pigs pancreas and manufacturers are not required to exclude contaminated trypsin.
Although PCV 1 is not infectious for human cells, it can live inside human cells and replicate when the cells divide...intestinal cells replicate almost daily which means in fifty days one virus could produce a miillion billion more.
Iam not Kosher but I do not eat raw pork, nor should my kids
1/27/2016 2:28:15 PM
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shawn johnson
Vote for personal freedom, reject HB1342
1/27/2016 2:28:53 PM
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No!!! Virginians rally up on the steps at the committee meeying tomorrow!! Speak out now!!! Dont just sit by and watch it go!!! Share, gather groups...and move!!!
1/27/2016 2:30:15 PM
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I live in Virginia and am horrified by this Bill. I have already written emails to all of the Virginia State Legislators in hopes of deterring them from voting for this bill.
1/27/2016 2:39:48 PM
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Vanessa Bell
I'm writing to express my opposition to the forced vaccination legislation.

I'm not anti-science. I'm training to be a nurse. I have a 4.0 in Chemistry, Biology, Anatomy, Physiology, and Microbiology.

While I disagree with religious exemptions, I ALSO disagree with strict, inflexible vaccination schedules. The legislation is too strict.

I came to this oppose strict vaccination schedules through reading the work of many MDs who oppose vaccination schedules.

The amount of vaccines young children can receive ALL AT ONCE is horrifying. The research can be bent to support either side of the issue, but there is a lot research to demonstrate injecting the body with multiple viruses at once can wreak havoc on the immune system in susceptible individuals.

I myself am due for many immunizations soon, and I'm spreading them out.

Before you support this bill, I encourage you to read one book on the basics on the immune system.

Please vote no on HB1342.

Vanessa Ludwig

Charlottesville, VA
1/27/2016 2:43:47 PM
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This is an outrage! The freedom to choose what goes into our bodies is a right, not a privilege! This bill is unconstitutional. When will the hold and influence that big pharma has on legislation and law stop?
1/27/2016 2:48:42 PM
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I am vaccine injured and I am an adult. I was born and raised in VA and my family resides there still. I am military and my plan is to move back once my husband is out. I am a mother to two young children. As a vaccine injured parent and a parent of a child who broke out in terrible bumps and eczema all over their precious body after their first and ONLY MMR vaccine, I refuse to allow a state to tell me how to care for MY children in order for them to receive a proper education. Especially considering should I lose a child to a vaccine or another child be harmed, they will not care for my sick child or help me if I lost one. It SHOULD NEVER be up to someone else to tell us parents how to take care of OUR children. I carried them to term, I delivered them, I feed, clothe and bathe them, these are MY children. You have no right to decide what kinds of poisonous ingredients should be injected into MY children!
1/27/2016 2:53:03 PM
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This is a violation of fundamental human rights, when will the insanity stop? A bill that proposes officials should be allowed to track down and inject people and their children with vaccines or any type of medications should not even make it into legislation. This is a direct violation of our freedom and right to choose.
1/27/2016 2:54:51 PM
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This is ridiculous!!! Jesus is my healer , not a poisonous vaccine!!!!!
1/27/2016 3:08:56 PM
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From where do a lawyer and an obstetrician get the authority to push such obviously paid-for legislation? Sounds crazy to me.

We definitely need a political revolution in this country.
The people need to take our country back, get rid of rule by the corporations, including the pharmaceutical industry, and ignorant obstetricians. (Are they paying the lawyer and the obstetrician?)

In the meantime, stand your ground. No lawyer is going to have the pleasure of vaccinating me.
1/27/2016 3:21:55 PM
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Please tell me who to write to. I need to stand up against this. This is absolutely horrible. I do not want to see this state require people to inject their children with vaccines unwillingly. Everyone has the right to do their own research and make their own personal health choices. How can we take that from someone? I'm horrified. This might actually be enough reason to leave the home and community that I love.

Editors note: Here is an alert outlining what you and other can do Lindsey:
1/27/2016 3:26:54 PM
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We should have a choice!
1/27/2016 3:27:50 PM
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Put them on the DEFENSIVE. Let them know that CA-SB277 and similar bills are the Hiroshima of the vaccine paradigm! Go after a VMAA, Vaccine Manufacturers' Accountability Act. Reach out to people who vaccinate, partially vaccinate, and do not vaccinate to say that we can all rally around the facts that Vaccine Manufacturers are:

1. Immune from lawsuit by Federal law. If they mess up and we get hurt, we cannot sue.
2. No longer required to do large clinical trials to get vaccines approved. (Passed this summer. This one bothers even doctors who are pro-vaccine.)
3. Publicly traded companies, under intense pressure for profits to go up each quarter to keep stock prices rising. This causes a tendency to cut corners wherever possible.
4. Over 50% of the media ad space. When I was a kid, pharmaceuticals were not allowed to advertise on TV. For ethical reasons, that law should be put back in place. What tv news organization is going to run a story implicating one of their major advertisers? So if they harm people, the general public is unlikely to know.

These four facts are a cocktail for abuse, and not the background the public wants for companies involved in mandatory injections into children. These facts resonate whether you believe vaccines are the best way to provide immunity or not.

Run with that!!!!! Hard!!! Fast!!!!
1/27/2016 3:33:30 PM
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Mary Horsley
I am outraged that VA would even attempt to put a law that would allow forced vaccinations!!! I am a schoolteacher. My niece has never had vaccines and she is very healthy. These ass holes who think their rights are abused if they can't have their guns would probably want our children abused by 32 vaccines! It is a child's and parent's right to refuse or to choose which ones to allow. Are we living in a dictatorship? I teach special kids who many times get that way because of vaccines.

If you pass this, you will have hell to pay.
1/27/2016 3:39:19 PM
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How many people have died from the MMR vaccine? 108 people since 2010. How many have died from measles? 0. That's a huge number. This goes against everything ever tought in the bible. Religious exemptions are very credible. Let's all get back to our roots. Let our children have a fighting chance. There is way too much money to be made from vaccines. Take away all that money and would you still be trying to pass this bill? More then likely NOT. Stop using our children as your science projects. This is disgusting.
1/27/2016 3:56:51 PM
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carole watkins
sickening I never thought Virginia would do this with all the religious people here I will immediately move if this passes
1/27/2016 4:09:02 PM
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carole watkins
Please people get on the phone all the numbers are listed on the website. They do answer or there are answering machines Also you can post on Governor Website and his assitant it goes right on his. I was shocked t hat only one other person had commented on this on there. How can we get them to oppose this if we do nothing. Please.
1/27/2016 4:46:13 PM
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Will there be a grandfathered situation for parents who already have a religious exemption?
1/27/2016 4:47:00 PM
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carole watkins
1/27/2016 4:47:42 PM
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It's not just government over reach. People who are willing to disregard the rights and opinions of their person(s) are the real power behind this driving force. If the majority of our fellow Americans truly cared about one another the government would be stopped in their tracks. Americans are so readily lead by marketing ploys because most of us wont expend the energy to form our own opinions. Big Pharma is just being capitalist. Create a need. Fill that need. Get rich!! To hell with anyone in the way. Fighting "City Hall" is bad enough!! But the power of a large number of stupid people in one place is really hard! For those who feel that vaccines really help consider this. Anything that punctures the skin creates a T2 immuno-response, inflammatory response like childhood asthma, etc. Herd mentality will kill everyone.I'm actively looking at other countries to live in. When all the people like Virginians kill themselves we can come back and just take what we want.
1/27/2016 4:48:09 PM
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Michael Smoyer
The wait and see moment is passed. The most nefarious evil we have ever seen is here, now. All our children are demanded for sacrifice by the psychopaths running BigPharma and our "health officials". God help us.
1/27/2016 4:53:42 PM
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This is horrific. Can we the people speak up and matter. Our children don't need the poisons and stop taking away parental rights.
1/27/2016 4:56:39 PM
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Micaela Reyna
Americans have RIGHTS! We deserve a choice! We deserve health! We deserve the truth! We are the ones paying to keep this economy afloat! Without us, the Pharma/Medical industry would be NOTHING! We are the roots of everything! Vote with your wallets, make a stand for what you believe in! A person should have a right to vaccination OR not, and not be criticized for whatever choice they make.
I know I'll keep fighting for vaccine choice nationwide! I believe that's what's fair!
1/27/2016 5:10:05 PM
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In the aftermath of the CA vaccination mandate summer 2015, the Weston A. Price Foundation devoted an entire issue of their quarterly publication to the topic of vaccinations . I found this article in that publication ( VERY interesting - especially the concept of "parens patriae".

I guess I am (was) naive and believed I had certain rights as a citizen of my state. It turns out I (we) don't if the federal government determines we pose a "risk" to others.

However, the authors of this article make some helpful suggestions as to how we can create a vaccine notice for school officials. I am concerned HB 1342 will pass in VA and, as a health professional in Virginia, I will certainly be directing parents to this particular article FAST!
1/27/2016 5:18:09 PM
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I gave a few.. THIS IS INSANE.. All of this is insane.. Let parents do what THEY think is right or THEIR child!! Not the governments right to interfere with their UNINFORMED two cents...
1/27/2016 5:21:01 PM
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Joan Gugerty
The powers that be are running scared and legislators who scream about big government seem to have nothing to say about forcing people to inject substances into their bodies that could potentially harm them. There is no protection for those who are susceptible to serious side effects of some of the substances in these vaccines. I feel for the parents who have small children. Mine are grown, but I have had to watch my grandchildren submit to the out-of-control vaccination schedule created and supplied by Big Pharma. It is horrendous and must be stopped.
1/27/2016 5:29:46 PM
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Diana Hyman
"Land of the free"....surely Virginia would never do something like mandate vaccines. I will not vote for anyone voting with this bill. If you think vaccines work...then inject your child and leave mine alone.
1/27/2016 5:44:44 PM
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I work in clinical trials, and the way vaccines are tested is so half-assed.
Drug companies try to get vaccines approved super-fast, so the trials are haphazard at best. Also, vaccines are easy money. All lobbyists have to do is convince the government that a vaccine will "protect babies from diseases!" and poof- the vaccine is instantly recommended, instantly in the hands of every hospital, and never tested in combination with the other 30+ shots babies are required to get.
Not all vaccines are inherently bad, but the fact that we let lawmakers and for-profit companies decide what to do to our bodies proves how many people are brainwashed.
1/27/2016 6:08:19 PM
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What a shame that such a bill is even being considered... Only parents have the rights to decide what is the best choice for the health of their child
1/27/2016 6:47:35 PM
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Kathy Drago
The First Amendment guarantees freedoms concerning religion, expression, assembly, and the right to petition. It forbids Congress from both promoting one religion over others and also restricting an individual’s religious practices.

I am not sure how the passing of this bill will not be prohibiting me from practicing my constitutional rights.

Also, I am interested in the research done, real research, that shows how vaccines affect our children with medical conditions that don't allow their bodies to handle outside forces, ie vaccines. Many children with ASD and other disabilities have an MTHfr genetic mutation which prohibits the body from this. How has this been taken into account when this bill was decided to be introduced?

Also, there is history of courts awarding families millions for vaccine injuries. Has the state of VA taken this into account? Even if everyone who ends up vaccine injured doesn't file a lawsuit and win millions WHO does the state think is going to pay to take care of these vaccine injured individuals in the long run? The state! And that means the tax-payers! Has anyone thought long term about this decision?!?!?!

That along with the fact that VA does not have a high # of unvaccinated children nor is there a history of major medical outbreaks, especially linked to unvaccinated children.

Please vote no on HB1342.
1/27/2016 7:08:48 PM
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I'm particularly concerned as the mother of a 4 year old daughter who has a diagnosed chromosomal abnormality. She is homeschooled but receives special education therapy services through Virginia public schools and we have a religious exemption filed for her, as partial enrollment is required. We have declined all vaccines. If it wasn't for this free service we would not be able to afford costly private therapy for her. If the religious exemptions are removed, I will no longer be able to get these services for her through the school system, but I am strongly against taking the risk of having her injected with potentially dangerous adjuvants and other questionable chemicals when I can treat her naturally with a nourishing diet and proven alternative medicine such as homeopathy and herbal supplements under the guidance of a holistic practitioner. I will always put her health first above any legislatures' abuse of power.
1/27/2016 8:32:39 PM
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Shelly Tokerud
Virginia is a police state?
1/27/2016 8:59:51 PM
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I have written to three individuals on the committee and the governor.
My daughter is not vaccinated. She is almost three.
I urge everyone to write to them. I am having my husband call in the morning.
I will call as well.
Welcome to fascist America.
We are the regime.
1/27/2016 9:47:30 PM
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Brandi Hurley
In a free government, parents should have a basic human right to choose or decline medical interventions for their healthy children.

I oppose this bill.
1/27/2016 9:55:25 PM
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Joan Newton
It is unconscionable for legislators of any state to compel any citizen to receive an unwanted medical treatment of any kind. All medical treatments have risks, and vaccinations are no exception. Medical choice must be preserved for parents on behalf of their children, and for all citizens. Medical choice, and choice about what goes into our bodies, is a fundamental human right. HB1342 must be defeated. Vote NO on HB1342.
1/27/2016 10:37:33 PM
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Horrendous government intrusion and overreach!
1/27/2016 11:11:10 PM
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Clearly a violation of civil and individual rights!! An abomination of American liberties. Forced choice akin to forced experimentation. What's next? See SPLC complaint against Alabama judge/ people with court debt to subject themselves to medically invasive procedures (i.e., donating blood) to which at least there are no major short-term risk or long-term consequences...UNLIKE vaccinations. In Alabama it was the unable to pay that were the vulnerable. The voices of reason need to shut down this lawyer and his OB/gyn side-kick and fast- the implications are terrifying- what will be the next level of invasive experimentation anyone and everyone might be subjected to "for the good of the whole." I refer to the following article in the NIH's PubMed and hope this dangerous proposal is disposed of quickly.

Sick heil: self and illness in Nazi Germany.
Cocks G1.
2007, 23, 95-115
Author information
1Department of History, Albion College, Albion, MI 49224, USA.
Illness in Nazi Germany was a site of contestation around the existing modem self. The Nazis mobilized the professions of medicine and psychology, two disciplines built around self, to exploit physical and mental capacity. Nazi projects thus instrumentalized the individual and essentialized a self of race and will. A cruel and anxious obsession with health as a means of racial exclusion was a monstrous form of the modern turn inward to agency of body and mind. The Nazis regulated the individual through family and factory (social control), areas of ordinary life in which modernity located human activity and meaning, and propagandized traditional values the populace internalized (social discipline). A Nazi premodern warrior ethos was served by a liberal ethic of productivity and an absolutist tradition of state control. Medicalization and commodification of health was continuous with modern trends and became a wartime site of attempted well-being of the self at the expense of the Nazi ethnic community.
1/27/2016 11:49:11 PM
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I just wrote to everyone on the list provided by NVIC, all the committee members, the governor, the people sponsoring the bill... Please take action for the future of our children! I am terrified that the health of children can be controlled by someone else and that they can be damaged by these decisions! Please, please take action dear Virginia residents!!!
1/27/2016 11:59:12 PM
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See the following NH PubMed article and prepare:

Sick heil: self and illness in Nazi Germany.
Cocks G1.
Author information
1Department of History, Albion College, Albion, MI 49224, USA.
Illness in Nazi Germany was a site of contestation around the existing modem self. The Nazis mobilized the professions of medicine and psychology, two disciplines built around self, to exploit physical and mental capacity. Nazi projects thus instrumentalized the individual and essentialized a self of race and will. A cruel and anxious obsession with health as a means of racial exclusion was a monstrous form of the modern turn inward to agency of body and mind. The Nazis regulated the individual through family and factory (social control), areas of ordinary life in which modernity located human activity and meaning, and propagandized traditional values the populace internalized (social discipline). A Nazi premodern warrior ethos was served by a liberal ethic of productivity and an absolutist tradition of state control. Medicalization and commodification of health was continuous with modern trends and became a wartime site of attempted well-being of the self at the expense of the Nazi ethnic community.
1/28/2016 12:06:23 AM
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Please leave the rights to chose the health decisions for our children in the hands of the parents. Especially in the case of immunization, which are so controversial because of the side effects, we need to choose.
1/28/2016 5:30:37 AM
Report abuse

The people at the top directing this knows the truth. It's not about them believing in vaccines. They know it's a way toward population control. Look it up!
1/28/2016 5:52:36 AM
Report abuse

This is despicable, and a clear and blatant violation of human rights. It is not the government's place to force parents to pump THEIR children full of toxic chemicals. Vaccines can be good, but at the same time vaccines can cause great harm, debilitating conditions, and even death. Vaccine injury is a real thing. Taking away yet another basic human right is WRONG. Vote no. Stop taking away the rights guaranteed to us.
1/28/2016 6:45:39 AM
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I oppose this bill. As parents we make decisions daily about the safety and welfare of our children, decisions that are not made lightly. My husband and I took months deciding and researching vaccinations. What business does the government/lawyer/obstetrician have in my home to say what is best for my children? Perhaps our legislation should be focusing on more pressing issues than violating our rights and freedoms as Americans.
1/28/2016 7:32:31 AM
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Virginia is a 'shill state', that is, the one fraught with government, generals, military bases so I'm not surprised that this is happening. I'm glad there are some populating the area who do not believe automatically according to the government. I would like to address this with some common sense and a plan. However, my gut reaction is get the h*** out of such a despicable ignoramus place. I'm ready to disown them as a government, anyway. From taxes to healthcare, subsidies, lobbies and crime.. this just seems one more in the bucket of never ending, ever-reaching greed.
1/28/2016 8:48:26 AM
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Eventually we will be forced to have a chip implanted in us for our safety.... what is our country coming to? Let us choose! Free country? Really?
1/28/2016 9:33:13 AM
Report abuse

The constitution is the highest law of the land - to which ALL LAWS MUST COMPLY.
The First Amendment starts out... "Congress shall make no law regarding an establishment of religion, nor the free practice thereof...."

Clearly - since our rights are INHERENT - ours by right of being, and INALIENABLE - not legitimately able to be taken away - NO STATE has legitimate authority (or fed govt) to steal freedom of religion.

This means that these laws are ANTI-CONSTITUTIONAL and since they do NOT comply with the constitution - they are null and void from the moment of signing.

It doesn't matter if the state owns the school or if they are pretending to be acting in "the best interests of the children" (never proven) THEY BROKE THE LAW AND THE LAW IS NOT VALID. Our founding fathers describe such laws as "imaginary" and "pretended" and INSTRUCT US TO DISOBEY SUCH LAWS.
1/28/2016 9:34:49 AM
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Gloria Jackson
This mandate could be lethal for a percentage of those receiving the vaccines. DO NOT APPROVE!!
1/28/2016 9:36:24 AM
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Aside from the religious exemption clause, the clause that disallows pediatricians and general practitioners from delaying or cancelling scheduled vaccinations due to illness or previous injury from a vaccination is completely illogical and absurd. They're basically saying that no matter the health of a child, parents are legally required to vaccinate. Depending on a child's state of health, this could be lethal.

It takes away the liberty of parents to make informed, conscientious decisions on behalf of their children. Parents are required to make conscientious decisions about their child's diet, where they go to school, and who they play with, but not about what injections their child receives? Again, illogical.

Lastly, it is completely unnecessary. Only 1% of children of kindergarten age are unvaccinated. Scientifically, in any study, that number is insignificant and should not determine policies made for an entire population.
1/28/2016 9:47:06 AM
Report abuse

Nobody should be allowed to inject a child with chemicals if the parents do not want them to do so. What kind of country do we live in that would condone such a practice, surely not a free one. Where are the lawyers to fight for our rights?! Why is this information not publicized more?
1/28/2016 12:17:45 PM
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This is frightening! No child is the same and not all children will react the same way to matter what age. I had a horrible reaction at the age of 15, but not as bad as other stories that I've read. My heart breaks for those parents and children who were affected more severely by vaccines.

It's our body and our body does not belong to the government and the government therefore should have no say in making vaccines mandatory for everyone.

Our country needs a lot of prayer and all politicians voting for these laws need to be fired. If the government told everyone to jump off a bridge would everyone do it?

The childhood vaccine schedule has TRIPLED in 30 years from 23 doses of 7 different vaccines in 1980 to 69 doses of 16 difference vaccines in 2010. Under the current vaccine schedule before a child is 2 he/she will get 32 vaccinations (sometimes more than 1 dose of the same vaccine). Seven vaccines injected into a 13 pound, 2 month old infant is equivalent to 70 doses in a 130 pound adult!

When are people going to wake up?
1/28/2016 12:23:15 PM
Report abuse

Now, it is time to politically destroy the sponsors and authors of this bill. It's not enough to put out fires as these tyrants light them. We need to GO AFTER them, put THEM on the defensive.
1/28/2016 2:13:35 PM
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An American With A Brain
Gosh, and here I was just reading about the years of research connecting vaccines with narcolepsy. But hey, who cares about sciencey facts and stuff when there's money to be made for pharmaceutical companies, right?

Just the fact that there are so many special inclusions about how pharmaceutical companies can't be held liable when they kill or maim your child with their vaccines should be enough to raise big red flags to any sensible adult. What other company in the U.S. can get away with killing/poisoning children without being held responsible? And why do my taxpayer dollars have to cover up their evil doings? If I invent a product that --ooopsie!-- kills children, will the government pay for my lawsuits, too? Awesome!

This is all about money. Not health, money. It's disgusting. Our lawmakers should be so ashamed.
1/28/2016 2:56:05 PM
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Stacey Donnelly
No no no!!!
This is too stupid to even respond to!! People need to do some research and learn to be responsible for their own health and the health of their children!
1/28/2016 3:34:18 PM
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Who's children are we talking about here? Are they mine or are they the government's? Do not infringe upon my rights as a citizen and a parent!
1/28/2016 8:52:39 PM
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The current Zika virus scam originating in South America that they are trying to blame on mosquitoes has been linked to the Tdap vaccine and correlates directly to a recent campaign in Brazil requiring everyone and specifically pregnant woman to receive the injection. The increase in babies being born with microcephaly is no coincidence that it follows right after the increase in people receiving the Tdap vaccine.

Wake up people! Vaccines are a bio-weapon and YOU are the enemy! Just because the REAL information about vaccines isn't reported on FOX news or CNN does not make it any less REAL. All you have to do is research it for yourself instead of blindly trusting your establishment trained doctor or the criminal CDC or FDA. Research the crimes that these agencies have committed and then ask yourself how much faith you have in them with your life or your child's life.
1/30/2016 11:47:14 PM
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This is why my family moved to Montana. If something like this was tried here it would never go over as everyone here is armed and we keep our government in check.
1/31/2016 6:47:05 PM
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read the book War Against the Weak by Black and you will have no question what the vaccination program is all and eugenics.
2/2/2016 6:58:20 PM
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Where is the IMPORTANT update on this?? Jan 28th was decades ago already with something like this we need an update......anyone???

Editors Note: Here is an update... HB 1342 was withdrawn by the sponsor prior to the hearing. The bill will be reviewed by the Joint Commission on Health which is a bi-partisan group of legislators. The bill is dead for this session but we expect it to return next year. For more information and breaking news please register at
to supportVaccine Choice and Parental Rights efforts in Virginia.
2/4/2016 12:59:51 PM
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This is a total and complete injustice and infringement on the freedom and liberty rights of Virginians. First California and now Virginia. It's just a matter of time before it's made mandatory in all the States. It's always some lawyer behind it as well. I just don't understand why Americans keep voting for Lawyers to represent them in government. Duhhh! Most lawyers are in it for the money.
3/31/2016 1:11:43 PM
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