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Measles Reports in America: What Does It Mean?
Posted: 9/19/2013 9:03:39 PM

by Barbara Loe Fisher
On Sept. 12, 2013, public health officials at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) called a press conference to announce that vaccination rates among pre-school children are “high and stable” and “less than 1% are unvaccinated.” 1 More than 90 percent of American toddlers have gotten a measles containing MMR shot by age three, along with many doses of 10 other government recommended vaccines.
159 Measles Cases Reported This Year in U.S.
But health officials warned there have been 159 cases of measles reported so far this year, the second highest number of measles cases reported in one year since 2000.  They put the blame on 92 unvaccinated Americans diagnosed with measles who had “philosophical objections” to vaccination, such as orthodox Jews in New York City and Christians attending a church in Texas, which they described as “clusters of people with like-minded beliefs leading them to forego vaccines.” 2 3 4
There have been no measles-related deaths in the U.S. this year; however one government official said that 160,000 people around the world die from measles every year and the infection is “literally a plane ride away.” She warned that “the measles virus can hang out in the air and if you are in the same waiting room as someone with measles you will get measles if you never had it.” 5
Americans Born Before 1957 Have Natural Immunity
In the interest of full disclosure, I should acknowledge that when I was a child I did get measles and so did my sister and brother and all my friends. It started off with a fever, runny nose, sore throat and white spots inside our mouths and then an itchy red rash on our faces that spread all over and I remember wearing sunglasses in the house because the light hurt my eyes. My parents and grandparents and their sisters and brothers also had measles when they were children. When I was growing up in the 1950’s, measles, mumps, rubella and chickenpox were infections we all experienced but our parents didn’t worry about those childhood diseases like they worried about polio.
Americans born before 1957 have naturally acquired immunity to measles and we passed antibodies on to our babies when they were born to protect them from measles during the first year of life. Because naturally acquired measles antibodies are different from vaccine antibodies, young vaccinated Moms today cannot give longer lasting naturally acquired measles antibodies to their newborns. 6
Things have definitely changed in the past 60 years.
American Children Highly Vaccinated
In August and September, the CDC published annual reports that once again confirmed American children are among the most highly vaccinated in the world. 7 8 9 In 2012, 95% of children entering kindergarten had gotten two MMR shots and so had more than 90% of high school students. About 1.8% of kindergarten children had a medical or personal belief exemption to vaccination on file with schools.
Bottom line: 95% of the approximately 75 million children under age 18 10 have gotten two doses of MMR vaccine and there is also a high measles vaccination rate among young adults in their 20’s and mid-30’s because, since 1981, 95% of all children entering kindergarten have received at least one dose of MMR vaccine and three or more doses of diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis and polio containing vaccines. 11
Now let’s take a look at what measles incidence and death rates looked like before and after the first measles vaccine was licensed in 1963.
Infections & Vaccine Reactions: Misdiagnosis & Underreporting
It is important to remember that, like B. pertussis whooping cough and other infectious diseases, measles has natural cyclical increases and decreases every few years in populations.12 13  Plus, not all pertussis 14 15 or measles infections 16 17 are diagnosed correctly by doctors and reported to government health officials  and the same is true for diagnosis and reporting of vaccine reactions, injuries and deaths. 18 19 20
Before Vaccine: Millions of Measles Cases Not Reported
Before measles vaccine was licensed in 1963, the CDC admits there was massive underreporting of measles cases and that “because virtually all children acquired measles, the number of measles cases probably approached 3.5 million per year (.i.e., an entire birth cohort). ” 21 Other doctors say it was more like 5 million cases of measles occurring every year. 22 In 1960, three years before the first measles vaccine was put on the market in the U.S., there were about 442,000 reported measles cases and 380 related deaths 23 24 among 3.5 to 5 million Americans.
After Vaccine:  Decreases & Increases in Measles Case Reports
After 17 years of giving children measles vaccine, in 1980 there were only 13,500 reported measles cases and 11 related deaths.  25 But in 1990, about 28,000 measles cases and 64 deaths were reported in a population in which 95% of children entering kindergarten had gotten one MMR shot that public health officials had promised parents would give their children life long immunity to measles. 26
So the CDC added a second MMR shot to the child vaccine schedule and, by 2005, there were only 66 cases of measles reported. 27 However, in 2008 and 2011, there were a total of 362 reported measles cases, even as there were no deaths. 28
This brings us to the question of why there is so much publicity today about 159 measles cases identified in the U.S. this year in a population of 316 million.
Global Measles Eradication Endgame: 2015 - 2020
Well, what a lot of Americans do not know but need to know is that the World Health Organization is partnering with government health officials, multi-national pharmaceutical corporations and medical trade groups in a global measles eradication campaign patterned after the smallpox and polio eradication campaigns of the 20th century. The goal is to eradicate measles (and rubella) from the earth by 2015 or at the latest by 2020. 29 30
Two Doses of MMR for Two Billion Children
In order to accomplish that goal in the next two to seven years, the plan is to make sure that at least 95% or more of the world’s two billion children 31 get two doses of MMR vaccine.
With a dose of MMR vaccine costing the CDC $20 to purchase from Merck while private pediatricians pay $56 a dose, 32 the cost of waging a global measles eradication campaign is astronomical. 33
Europe: Few Countries Mandate MMR
In Europe where many countries mandate polio vaccine and not MMR or other vaccines, 34 there have been tens of thousands of measles cases reported over the past decade.35 36 European health officials say that individuals with religious beliefs, as well as many “middle class people” using holistic health care alternatives for staying well, are resisting MMR vaccine promotion campaigns. 37 Public health doctors see the trend by educated consumers in many developed countries to move away from using lots of prescription drugs and vaccines  38 39 40 as a threat to infectious disease eradication programs.
Public Health Doctors: How Far Will They Go?
The question is: How far will public health doctors go to reach their goal of eradicating measles, rubella and many other infections with the mandated use of vaccines? 41 4243 44
  We have seen a militarization of the public health system in the past century 45 to justify global vaccination campaigns to eradicate smallpox and polio.46 47 48 49 After Sept. 11, 2001, Congress and state legislatures granted greatly expanded police powers to government health officials to detain, quarantine and force vaccine use without the voluntary, informed consent of citizens whenever government officials declare a “public health emergency.” 50 51 52
A War on Values & Beliefs
The public conversation about vaccination, health and autonomy has become ugly and divisive in the 21st century because the War on Disease has been turned into a War on Values and Beliefs. 53 54 55 56 57 58
And it is making many people afraid and distrustful of doctors and government health officials using threats and sanctions to enforce one-size-fits-all vaccine policies and laws that force them to get not just two doses of MMR vaccine but dozens of doses of other vaccines.  59 60 61 62 63 64
Will The Oppression Escalate?
Is the current government-endorsed criticism of the values and spiritual beliefs of unvaccinated Americans, who have been diagnosed with measles, just the first step toward even more oppression?  Will it escalate into what we witnessed in 2007, when parents failing to show proof their children had gotten a chickenpox shot or hepatitis B shot, were threatened with stiff fines and jail time before being summoned by government officials to a Maryland courthouse patrolled by armed police with dogs to make sure their children got vaccinated? 65
I don’t think any of us know how far doctors working for government or drug companies and medical trade groups will go to pit citizens against each other in an effort to shun and punish anyone defending the human right to exercise freedom of thought, belief, conscience and informed consent to medical-risk taking, 66 which includes taking risks with liability free pharmaceutical products like vaccines. 67
Philosopher and human rights advocate Elie Wiesel has said “When you take an idea or a concept and turn it into an abstraction, that opens the way to take human beings and turn them, also, into abstractions. When human beings become abstractions, what is left?” 68
Biological, Genetic & Environmental Differences Among Us
When public health officials embrace the concept of eradicating an infection from the world and achieving that goal means making sure that a certain number of children have gotten a certain number of vaccinations, it is very easy to turn children into abstractions and forget that human beings are not all the same and do not all react the same way to vaccines or infections.69 70 71 72There are biological, genetic and environmental differences among us and that is why some of us get an MMR shot or experience measles and do not suffer complications while others of us do suffer complications and are brain injured or die.73 74 75 76 77 78 79
When doctors cannot predict ahead of time who will be harmed by a vaccine 80 81 or an infectious disease and they cannot guarantee that those who have been vaccinated are incapable of being infected or transmitting infection, 82 83 84 85 the precautionary and informed consent principles should not be eradicated from vaccine policies and laws just because public health officials have decided to embark on yet another infection eradication campaign.
The National Vaccine Information Center supports your civil and human right to exercise freedom of thought, conscience and informed consent to vaccination  and make independent health care choices without being tracked down, bullied and punished by anyone. Become informed about measles and MMR vaccine and talk with one or more trusted health care professionals before making an educated health care decision.
Go to  to learn more and sign up for the online NVIC Advocacy Portal
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It’s your health. Your family. Your choice.
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Posted: 9/19/2013 9:03:39 PM | with 15 comments

I was born in 1948. I got a DPT, no MMR and had measles, mumps, chickenpox. No big deal. I feel I am stronger for it and it helped my immune system. I think we are trading a few childhood illnesses for cancer, asthma, allergies, and autoimmune illness. Thats what my doctor says.

Kids were healthy back then, when we were not vaccinated. My dad lived to 90, without many vaccines. My friend Angela is 92. Both she and my Dad had only smallpox vaccine, and that has been found to cause smallpox. So whats the fear? Why get vaccines. I do know that some die of childhood illnesses, probably because they dont eat real farm food and are weak. Adding vaccines will make them more susceptible to cancer,allergies, autoimmune illness.
I believe I was damaged by my DPT shot. Right after it, I had to be hospitalized with a terrible cough, probably pertussis, Then I got tonsillitis, then poor eyesight, probably due to disrupted ability to absorb vitamin A.
9/24/2013 12:52:45 PM
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Evan Eberhardt
Eliminate measles? Never going to happen. The WHO and CDC are little more than shill filled organizations that destroy freedoms for the power and profit gains of their government/corporate masters. Do not trust any 'recommendations' from either one.
9/24/2013 1:06:00 PM
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In 2007, in LA, CA our daughter, 13, maintained extraordinary health while remaining vaccination-free. We had been, were, and still are following the current of vaccination realities. However, I was unaware (or forgot) about that level of persecution recounted above and am surprised it didn't affect us more. I do remember some tension over waivers. While we have been informed about and against vaccinations since her conception, I am impressed that you included statistics that even still indicate the efficacy of the measles vaccine.
9/24/2013 1:10:31 PM
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I agree. I had measles in the spring of 1963, when I was six, the way all kids did then, and no one worried about it. People need to realize that all this hype about measles being a killer disease was orchestrated by the MMR salesmen. Previously healthy, well-nourished children who take no fever reducers and stay in bed the whole illness, plus a lengthy recuperation time (important because measles depresses the immune system for several weeks), have nothing to worry about. Taking vitamin A reduces the risk of complications. Getting chilled increases the risk of measles pneumonia, the most common severe complication, and Tylenol etc. increases the very small risk of measles encephalitis. It's MUCH better to just get the natural disease, get permanent immunity, a stronger immune system, and protection in later years from several kinds of cancer, than to take the many risks of severe damage or death from the MMR.
9/24/2013 3:09:24 PM
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Mark Richards
Like Barbara, I also managed to somehow squeeze through the horrors of Measles. And so did my friends.

One might puzzle how we did this without the critical benefit of the "safe and effective" technological marvels that now alter the human DNA and immune systems of more than 90% of our human colleagues, leaving them dependent upon pharmaceutical corporations and a government that proves on a daily basis that it really, really cares about us.

Of course, the difference is that the few days at home, caring for your child, are returned to your fine employer. Synthetic vaccines assure your continued attendance at the office, and keep the economy strong.

A few deaths and maiming here and there are a small price to pay to keep the American economic engine churning onward.
9/24/2013 3:51:48 PM
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This is a big deal, and even though the CDC makes RECOMMENDATIONS only, they are taken seriously by some healthcare facilities who want everyone to be fully vaccinated. I worked for a small hospital, as a bedside nurse, which was bought out by a large conglomerate. The large conglomerate has a no exceptions policy regarding vaccines. They took my titers. It was discovered that my Rubella numbers weren't up to snuff. I have a 0.8, which is negative. 0.9-1.0 is equivocal and >1.0 is positive. I told them I have a religious belief against receiving vaccines. They then met with me to discuss an accommodation. The accommodation was to put me into their career transition program because they would not allow me to be a bedside nurse in their organization. Never mind that in the five years I've lived here there have been no cases of measles. Never mind that in Arizona we might have four cases a year in the entire state. Never mind that I stated I would not report to work or accept a work assignment with a known case of the measles. (It is against the law in Arizona to provide bedside care for someone with the measles if you don't have immunity yourself.) Of course, I found no job within their organization. I am currently working registry, providing bedside nursing care in several different hospitals. I have a right to do so. I am not putting anyone at risk. I practice universal precautions. Just be warned that your core beliefs may cost you something, and the powers that be are turning up the heat. After all, big PHARMA has a lot to lose if we convince others that the vaccines are not necessary.
9/24/2013 4:00:20 PM
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No one ever explains how children die from measles, mumps, rubella. It is my understanding it is from dehydration. Am I wrong? And if it is from dehydration, we have to remember, we don't live in a primitive, dirty country without hospitals and normal saline stored in 1000cc bags.
9/24/2013 7:19:12 PM
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You are correct, we are exchanging a few childhood diseases for things much worse. Everything we are exchanging is because so many refuse to throw away their throw away lifestyle and eat real food and push for health over quick happiness. Life goes by too fast and we ensure it goes faster by watching TV, spending hours acquiring friends we don't really know and ensuring our childrens every minute if briming with activities. Real food, oils and natural alternatives will improve and increase our lives. Vaccines, while started with a great intent, are our doom and pharmaceutical companies cash cow. It is time people educate themselves on the issue and stop listening to information fed to from their doctors which ultimately came from someone needing to fill their pockets.
9/24/2013 9:20:14 PM
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Thank you all for continuing to fight this. I just wanted to drop a line to say, I know that one of the reasons for so much fear about 3 day measles is the idea that it will always cause horrible things to happen to your baby if you're pregnant and get it. ... I got 3 day measles while pregnant,(although I was immunized AND had a horrible vaccine reaction and injury.. twice!) My daughter was fine, physically, mentally,she's fine, Dr. said of my getting measles"well so often those shots don't take anyway"...just sayin'

EDITORS NOTE: Dear Andrea, thank you for your comment and for letting us know that your daughter is physically and mentally healthy even though you got rubella while you were pregnant with her after you had previously received two MMR shots to which you had severe reactions. Rubella, also known as the "German" or "3-day" measles" is milder in terms of symptoms than Rubeola, also known as the "hard" or "red" or "7-day" measles. As mentioned in this commentary, the global measles eradication campaign also includes a call for the eradication of rubella with the administration of two doses of MMR vaccine to all children in the world who have not yet received two doses of MMR vaccine. Readers interested in learning more about measles and rubella can find it on the "Diseases and Vaccines" pages on
9/25/2013 2:13:50 AM
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I see you've included citations to many of your propositions. Where are the endnotes? Without proper citations I cannot take what you say seriously.

EDITORS NOTE: Dear Student, please go back up to between the end of the commentary and the comments, click on REFERENCES, and they will appear. There are so many we had to try a new approach to listing them but as you point out, was not as successful as we had hoped. We are making it more obvious, thanks for the heads up.
9/26/2013 10:11:10 AM
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Hello, I'm a little off topic here everyone. Please forgive the lengthy process. I received a recent report of high eosinophils with still high lymphocytes. I noticed that lymphocyte levels first became high after receiving immunizations. Going back in history. There was no immune system malfunctioning prior, as evidenced by normal blood tests. Now, within a week of immunizations, numular type eczema developed in bilateral legs and at the site of injection and down the legs, not to mention constant ear infections etc. The second series of shots resulted in a generalized from head to toe numular eczema which is chronic now very ugly looking. They look kind of similar to ring worms, clustered on each other, and they heal like burn marks. Thank God the constant ear infections are gone. There have been recent recovery from upper respiratory seasonal allergies.

My concern is all this immune system inflammation and irritation, as evidence by chronic numular type eczema and upper respiratory allergies cannot be good for one's long term health. But my main concern is the chronic high state of lymphocytes going almost two years now. I was told not to worry because the Lymphocytes are not scarily high. To me, that is not reassuring. This type of scientific reassurance comes from both the primary and the allergist.

I feel that the body needs to maintain equilibrium to remain healthy. You know, that's just my opinion. "Who am I anyway? Am I a Doctor? No, but I am a very loving and concerned mother. To make matters worse, now comes eosinophilia and numular eczema with fierceness. I know Lymphocytes main role is viral defense. I know eosinophils are allergens and mainly parasitic defense. I can't help but wonder if the body with this secondary defective immune system thinks that every possible allergen it comes across is a potential parasite that it is in feverish attempts to get rid off. That is not a healthy state to be in; having a body that is always inflamed.

I see medicine in a total different way. I believe in medicine only for the sick. I do believe in preventative medicines to a point, when it is going to prevent a little situation from becoming a complication. However, I don't have faith in medicine being used for food and nutrition and fortune telling. One of my greatest fears and I am praying about it is that whatever synthetic, adjuvated and fragmented DNA and RNA vectors (viral and bacterial; viral mostly because those are the ones that changes the programming of your DNA) that are floating around in the blood as become the sole cause of this chronic autoimmune disease. The body does not know how to digest these man made vectors, because they are unnatural. It's like living with a constant parasite attached to your DNA mutating it and defecting it. I am afraid that this now chronic autoimmune type allergy and autoimmune malfunctioning (Lymphocytosis and eosinophilia, chronic allergies) might lead into something undesirable years from now.

I have faith that God will heal my loved one, because I didn't know what I was doing then. I now can see that my little one is highly prone to developing autoimmune disorders if the immune system is tampered with. Medicine should prevent illnesses not cause it. I feel I have violated the body in some way. I feel as if I violated the creator's wonderful and fearful magnificent work. I vowed to keep my body and my loved one's body as a temple of the Holy Spirit. I will not put anything defiled, filthy, dirty on purpose. Neither will I put any strange flesh into it,(no antigens attached to other people's DNA, worse, animal's and insect's DNA, even if they are considered trace elements." "A little does go along way." You alter your DNA in anyway, means you change who you are physically, mentally and spiritually. I was naive and ignorant to a lot, prior to using vaccines(preventative drugs) as a sole promise for good health. I was weak in my faith then. Vaccines type drugs are the only drugs I see quickly becoming a must have, or else you are considered unfit to exist in today's society. This shouldn't be.

At the end of the day all drugs carry side effects. Especially the ones that have a tendency to mutate or attach themselves to your DNA, with their smart not once, but "four times the amount of filamentous hemagglutinin (FHA)" This fancy filamentous hemagglutinin is so smart it is designed to DOMINANTLY ATTACH the viral material to your epithelial cells. To me, that sounds scary. It's like a microscopic Dominatrix type- genetically engineered virus vector, sneaking in through the back door of your immune system and catching your soldiers(immune system) off guard. Now everyone is in a frenzy trying to get rid of this beast, to the point of exhaustion. Some people just have a very hard time shedding this hard to digest dominatrix parasite. Mercy was given to us when they decided to bind this beast to an inactivated virus. If the virus was live with this Dominatrix (4 times the filamentous hemagglutinin) binded to it. Lord help us!

It is very unreassuring to me, that these drugs are never tested for CARCINOGENIC or MUTAGENIC capabilities. If they should ever be tested by an independent lab, they would be probably found highly MUTAGENIC and CARCINOGENIC in some people who are genetically prone. It's like using a "whatever" type approach to protecting the sole health of your DNA.
10/5/2013 1:58:17 PM
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Elle Simon
I want my children to get measles so they can have life long immunity. The sooner the better! They are unvaccinated and the healthiest of children. This is my responsibility as a thinking parent in 2013. Trust your instinct parents! Ask questions!
10/29/2013 2:09:48 PM
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A new perspective - Here in the United States, the risk of serious complications of measles is really low. I challenge you to weigh the importance of the lives of those internationally, though. Unvaccinated Americans pose a threat to the health of those they come into contact overseas. Broaden your view, please.

"I believe in medicine only for the sick" - this is everything that is wrong with the United States' health system.
2/26/2014 11:42:43 AM
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Why are the vaccinated so worried about the unvaccinated? If the vaccine works so well, then people who want it and believe in it should continue to get it. Then, if they are so protected why do they feel threatened by people who don't get immunized? I understand the immunocompromised, but they have to worry about everything, colds, flu, you name it - measles may be the least of their worries.
Also, if more women breastfed and did it longer, they would not have to worry about their infants and toddlers so much. Some of this is a family health policy issue. It's a shame women in this country have to rush back to work a few weeks after giving birth. Once again,the public has been the guinea pig for the chemical soup mixture we are subjected to daily, including those chemicals and GMOs in the vaccines. Some of us have had enough. For our family, we'll take our chances with the germs rather than the chemicals. Either way there is a risk. In this profit driven system, its unfortunate we can't trust the "authorities".
2/11/2015 12:19:30 PM
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I am also born in 1948 Janice. I have not been vaccinated for anything. I had measles, mumps, chickenpox and whooping cough. I am very healthy and when I get sick I get back to being healthy, I know that I have a strong immune system. The thing that worries me is when we are being forced to vaccinate our kids-grandkids which is criminal enough but vaccinations are going to be forced on everyone big and small. Vaccines are not safe but who cares got to get the big almighty dollar even if many, many will suffer the price. My daughter suffered.. she cannot walk or talk. Those out there that think vaccines are safe... this could happen to your child or to you. Moms and dads could have problems and not be able to take care of their children. Do not be for forced vaccines. Many more are in the pipeline... some 200... scary, Scary! Sign the petition please! even if you do vaccinate. Thank you :)
2/26/2015 4:33:13 PM
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