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Vaccine Information — Other
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American Academy of Pediatrics

American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) is a private membership organization representing 60,000 pediatricians. The AAP issues vaccination guidelines for its members and works to increase vaccine use and mandatory vaccination of all children.

Cochrane Collaboration

The Cochrane Collaboration is an international not-for-profit and independent organization founded in 1993 and named after the British epidemiologist, Archie Cochrane. It is an international network of more than 28,000 dedicated people from over 100 countries producing and disseminates systematic reviews on healthcare interventions. The organization promotes the search for evidence in the form of clinical trials and other studies of interventions.  Over 4,600 Cochrane Reviews are available online as part of The Cochrane Library, as is a free online course on the fundamentals of evidence-based healthcare concepts - Understanding Evidence-based Healthcare:  A Foundation for Action.

Consumers United for Evidence-based Healthcare

Consumers United for Evidence-based Healthcare (CUE) is a national coalition of health and consumer advocacy organizations committed to empowering consumers to make the best use of evidence-based healthcare (EBHC). CUE, organized in 2003 when the USCC invited advocacy groups to join a consumer advocate-scientist partnership, is a pioneering effort to improve consumers' ability to engage in and demand high quality healthcare. CUE activities are supported by the United States Cochrane Center (USCC), one of 13 centers worldwide that contribute to the Cochrane Collaboration. Podcasts about evidence-based healthcare are on the CUE website. 

Every Child By Two

Every Child By Two (ECBT) was founded by Rosalynn Carter and Betty Bumpers in 1991 to increase and enforce mandatory vaccination laws and raise awareness of the “critical need for timely immunizations and to foster a systematic way to immunize all of America’s children by age two. To forward its agenda, ECBT enlists the support of elected officials and their spouses, concerned community leaders, and representatives of many national organizations.” Funded in part by vaccine manufacturers, ECBT has worked for the creation of electronic vaccine tracking systems to monitor the vaccination status of all Americans for the purpose of increasing vaccination rates.

Immunization Action Coalition (IAC)

Immunization Action Coalition (IAC) was established in 1992 and is funded by the Centers for Disease Control and vaccine manufacturers to “increase immunization rates and prevent disease by creating and distributing educational materials for health professionals and the public that enhance the delivery of safe and effective immunization services.” The IAC supports mandatory vaccination of all children.

Institute for Vaccine Safety

Institute for Vaccine Safety was established in 1997 at Johns Hopkins School of Public Health to provide an independent assessment of vaccines and vaccine safety to help guide decision makers and educate physicians, the public and the media about key issues surrounding the safety of vaccines and prevention of disease. The Institute supports vaccination of all children with all government recommended vaccines.

Institute of Medicine

Institute of Medicine was established in 1970 under the charter of the National Academy of Sciences. The IOM evaluates scientific, medical and public policy issues for federal agencies, health professionals, the private sector and the public. During the past two decades, IOM has convened physician committees to evaluated and publish reports on vaccine safecty and vaccine policy issues at the request of Congress under the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986 as well as the Centers for Disease Control.

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