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The Vaccine Culture War in America: Are You Ready?
Posted: 3/8/2015 2:54:58 PM

by Barbara Loe Fisher
To activate and view hyperlinked references, please click here once and then click any superscripted number below to access a hyperlinked reference, or scroll down to the bottom of the article to view all hyperlinked references.

More than 1.2 million people in the United States are infected with HIV 1 but government officials do not ban HIV infected children and adults from attending school, receiving medical care, being employed, or otherwise participating in society. In fact, there are anti-discrimination laws that guarantee civil rights protections for Americans infected with HIV or living with AIDS. 2

No Discrimination or Societal Sanctions for Infected Citizens

In 2012, public health officials reported that about two million people in America are infected with chlamydia, tuberculosis, syphilis and gonorrhea, 3 and they estimate another three million people are infected with hepatitis C. 4 Like those with HIV or AIDS, these citizens are not targeted for discrimination and blocked from getting a public education, being employed or moving freely in society.

Live Polio Vaccinated Children Could Still Attend School

Between 1963 and 1999, doctors gave live oral polio vaccine to millions of healthy American children, who became infected with vaccine strain polioviruses they shed in their body fluids and transmitted, sometimes causing other children and adults to contract vaccine strain polio paralysis and die. 5  6 Those with compromised immune systems were at special risk for getting vaccine strain polio and shedding vaccine strain poliovirus for longer periods of time than healthy persons. Yet, children recently given live oral polio vaccine were not excluded from attending school.


Calls for Societal Sanctions After Measles Diagnosed at Disneyland

But in 2015 after a handful of measles cases were identified at Disneyland, suddenly Americans are being asked to surrender civil liberties. We are being asked to discriminate against and condone extreme societal sanctions against fellow citizens, 7 including removing religious and conscientious belief vaccine exemptions from state laws 8 9 so children cannot attend school without 49 doses of 14 federally recommended vaccines by age six and 20 more vaccinations by age 18. 10

How did a handful of measles cases at Disneyland turn into a full-scale assault on civil and human rights in America?

12 States Introduce Bills to Eliminate Non-Medical Vaccine Exemptions

Why have politicians in 12 states already filed legislation to eliminate non-medical vaccine exemptions, leaving only a very narrow medical exemption that most people cannot get? 11 12

With 93 percent of pediatricians reporting that parents don’t trust the safety of the government recommended child vaccine schedule, 13 why are many of them refusing to provide medical care to children if they have not gotten every dose of every federally recommended vaccine – no exceptions and no questions asked? 14 15 16

Censorship of Speech, Shaming, Imprisonment, MD Licenses Revoked?

despair.jpgWhy are editorials calling for censorship of speech 17 18 and for parents with unvaccinated children to be hunted down and publicly identified, 19 sued, 20 21 criminally prosecuted and imprisoned, 22 and for doctors who criticize vaccine safety to have their medical licenses revoked? 23

What is happening right now in America is not about the the measles or public health.


Disneyland “Patient Zero” Never Found – Assumptions Made Anyway

It all started in January 2015 after 320 million Americans 24 had just finished ringing in the New Year and California health officials announced that nine visitors to Disneyland were infected with measles. 25 Two weeks later, the total number of measles cases was 51 but no public health doctor in the country could find “patient zero.” 26 That didn’t stop newspapers from proclaiming that a single “unvaccinated” person with measles spoiled the Magic Kingdom and that measles is invading America because of “a decline in parents having their kids vaccinated.” 27 28 

Measles Immunity Wanes, High MMR Vaccination Rate in U.S.

It did not matter that the science shows measles vaccine immunity is not lifelong and wanes, 29 30 family.jpg31 32 just like pertussis vaccine immunity is temporary and wanes, 33 34 35 or that it is illogical to put all the blame for measles at Disneyland on 1.8% of children attending school with vaccine exemptions 36 37 when 95% of children entering kindergarten have gotten two MMR shots 38 39 and only 1% of children under age three are unvaccinated. 40 With a grand total of 170 measles cases reported in 17 states by March 2015, compared to 644 cases reported in 27 states last year, 41 and with 42% of the California-related cases documented to be in unvaccinated persons, while 13% of cases were vaccinated, 42 there is no justification for gutting vaccine exemptions in state public health laws. 

Witch Hunt Led By Doctors Against Families, Dissenting Doctors

burning-at-the-stake.jpgRational thinking has been the first casualty in this 21st century equivalent of a 17th century witch hunt 43 led by defensive doctors in government, industry, academia and media, who are fed up with parents asking them questions about vaccine risks and failures they can’t answer. 44 45 46 47  Assisted by communication conglomerates 48 and Astroturfers, 49 50 51 52 53 they piously wave the science flag and call parents “anti-social” if they don’t vaccinate 54 but completely ignore parents with vaccine injured children talking about how their vaccinated children are never healthy anymore. 55 Some of the most vicious attacks have been on families consciously choosing to stay healthy a different way 56 57 and on doctors caring for families whose children are unvaccinated or receive fewer vaccines on an altered vaccine schedule. 58 59

The Cultural War on Freedom, Values & Beliefs

After headlines like “What would Jesus do about measles?” 60 and “God wants you to vaccinate your children” 61 marked a new low in American journalism, it became clear that the so-called “vaccine war” 62 63 is really a culture war 64 on freedoms, values and beliefs that have long defined who we are as a nation. 65 66 67 How it is fought and where it ends will determine the kind of nation America will become in the 21st century.

$100 Billion Vaccine Market in 2025 Featuring Many New Vaccines

The $30 billion global vaccine market today will be worth a projected $100 billion or more in tenvaccines_and_money.jpg

years.  68 A lucrative public-private business partnership has been forged between government and the pharmaceutical industry 69 70 71 72 73 74 with your tax dollars to develop hundreds of new vaccines. 75

Drug companies completely shielded from product liability because Congress and the U.S. Supreme Court have declared vaccines to be “unavoidably unsafe,” 76 77 are rushing to licensure genetically engineered vaccines for syphilis, 78 gonorrhea, 79 herpes,80 HIV/AIDS, 81 tuberculosis, 82 chlamydia, 83 hepatitis C, 84 e-coli, 85 cytomegalovirus, 86 ebola, 87 88 salmonella, 89 norovirus, 90 adenovirus, 91 enterovirus, 92 asthma, 93 diabetes, 94 obesity, 95 high blood pressure, 96 anti-smoking, 97 anti-cocaine 98 and anti-heroin 99 use, and many more that Pharma and government will want many  adults, as well as children, to buy and use.

Adult Immunization Plan Targets Women, Employees, Faith Groups

The new National Adult Immunization Plan aggressively targets pregnant women, 100 employers and their employees, 101 faith based groups 102and other adults for increased vaccine use. 103  104 Health care workers are already being fired if they do not get an annual flu shot, 105 a vaccine that works less than half the time and was completely ineffective this year. 106 107

The next profession on the firing line is the teaching profession. 108 109 A doctor turned politician in Vermont is pushing a bill to require teachers and everyone working in a school to prove they have gotten government recommended vaccines or be re-vaccinated. 110

Will your profession be next on that list?

Will You Be Prevented From Moving Freely in Society & Punished?


Will laws be passed to not only deny you a public education but prevent you from obtaining health insurance; entering a doctor’s office, hospital or retirement home; boarding a bus, plane or train; buying a ticket for a movie or football game; shopping in a store, getting a driver’s license, filing your taxes or otherwise participating in and moving freely in society unless you show proof you have gotten every government recommended vaccine?

Will your healthy unvaccinated children be taken from you 111 and will you be fined and thrown in prison? 112 113

Will public health officials with police power knock on your door one day and take you to a quarantine camp or forcibly administer vaccines to you and your children without your voluntary informed consent?

If Non-Medical Vaccine Exemptions Removed, You Will Have No Choice

Even if you and your children have willingly received every government recommended vaccine today, if non-medical exemptions are removed from U.S. vaccine laws, you will have no choice if you decide you don’t want to use every new liability-free vaccine that government recommends tomorrow.

This vaccine culture war is about a lot more than vaccination.

Because if the State can tag, track down and force you against your will to be injected with biologicals of known and unknown toxicity today, then there will be no limit on which other freedoms the State can take away in the name of the greater good tomorrow.

What You Can Do If You Are Ready to Take Action

5 myths downloadAre you ready to fight for your freedom? If you are, here is what you can do:

GET INVOLVED. Participate in our democracy. Become an active user of the free online vaccine choice advocacy network at and work with other people in your state to take action. You will receive email Action Alerts and be put in direct electronic contact with your own legislators so you can call or email them and show up to testify at legislative hearings. Invite your friends and family to do the same.

WITNESS.  If you experienced vaccine reactions and are now chronically ill or disabled, you can share your experience with others. You are not alone.

Vaccine reactions and injuries are not as rare as doctors want to admit to themselves or to patients and parents. 114 Today, everybody knows somebody who was healthy, got vaccinated and was never healthy again.

Talk About What Happened to Your Child After Vaccination

If you are a parent and watched your child scream for hours or collapse, twitch and jerk or regress physically, mentally and emotionally and become a totally different child in the days and weeks after vaccination, 115 116 117 118 119 120 you have witnessed a serious event that you can talk about with other people, including legislators representing you in your state Capitol and in Congress.

If your child was revaccinated and you observed the same symptoms or your child’s health got worse, it is compelling scientific evidence of a causal relationship between vaccination and what happened to your child. In scientific studies, this is called challenge/re-challenge 121 and what you saw is called clinical observation, 122 even though when parents do the observing most doctors dismiss what happened as “anecdotal” 123 evidence or a “coincidence” 124 125 that has no value at all.

Your Child’s Life Has Value, Don’t Let Anyone Bully and Shame You

Your Child's Life has Value, Don't Let Anyone Bully and Shame YouWhat you witnessed happen to your child after vaccination does have value because your child’s life has value. Don’t let a doctor or anyone else bully and shame you into being afraid to talk about what you saw happen after vaccination, especially if your child is now chronically ill or disabled and has been diagnosed with learning disabilities; ADHD; epilepsy; autoimmunity; autism or communication, developmental or disruptive behavior disorders; asthma, allergy or other brain and immune system dysfunction. 126

Witnessing about what happened after vaccination is a way to help others understand that every life has value, and no person’s life should be considered expendable, and that we must never forget that universal truth.

REPORT. It is estimated thatonly between 1 and 10 percent of serious vaccine-associated reactions, hospitalizations, injuries and deaths are ever reported to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), 127 128 even though federal law requires all vaccine providers to make reports. If your doctor refuses to file a vaccine reaction report, you can do it yourself. Go to and learn how.

NVIC Vaccine Reaction Registry; Freedom Wall; Memorial; Failure Wall

If you or your child were bullied or threatened with loss of employment, medical care, health insurance, federal food or housing assistance, the right to attend school or anything else because of your vaccination status, you can make a report to your state and federal legislators. Register for the NVIC Advocacy Portal today to be put into direct electronic contact with them.

On, you can also report a vaccine reaction to NVIC’s Vaccine Reaction Registry and share your experiences with others by posting a vaccine harassment report on the Cry for Vaccine Freedom Wall or creating a page on the Memorial for Vaccine Victims or reporting a vaccine failure on the Vaccine Failure Wall.

LEARN MORE. Become educated about infectious diseases and the science, policy, law and ethics of vaccination. Go to to find fully referenced, accurate information you can trust.

Now, I am going to review five myths and facts that will help you understand what the vaccine culture war is really about:

Most medical doctors say that vaccines do not cause
 Injury or death, so it must be true.

Doctors who say vaccines are safe for everyone and do not cause injury and death are either uninformed, in denial or lying. Since the first vaccine for smallpox, doctors have known and it has been well documented that brain inflammation, permanent brain damage and death have always been among most serious complications of vaccination. 129 130

Just like any other pharmaceutical product, vaccines carry a risk of injury or death. These risks can be greater for some people with genetic, biological and environmental risk factors that doctors do not understand or cannot predict. 131

Congress, U.S. Supreme Court Say Vaccines Are “Unavoidably Unsafe”

Knowing this, Congress in 1986 132 and the U.S. Supreme Court in 2011 133 declared vaccines to be “unavoidably unsafe” and shielded drug companies from all product liability. 134 If you or your child are injured or die after vaccination, you cannot hold the drug company that makes and profits from the vaccine or anyone who regulates, promotes, administers or mandates the vaccine accountable in a civil court of law in front of a jury of your peers.

Liability for Seat Belt Manufacturers - NOT for Vaccine Manufacturers

Seat belt manufacturers have product liability 135 but vaccine manufacturers do not. Doctors can be sued for malpractice except when they administer vaccinations that injure or kill a person.

Vaccines are the only product government mandates and completely indemnifies.

The federal government has paid $3 billion dollars in compensation to victims of vaccine injury and death under the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986. 136

People who question vaccine safety are ignorant and
 do not understand the science.

faith.jpgJust the opposite is true. Most people who question vaccine safety are very intelligent and understand the difference between good science and bad science. 137 138 139

Studies reveal that mothers and fathers with college or post-graduate degrees are the ones who most often question the safety of vaccines. 140 141 142 They are wondering whether government policy directing pediatricians to give children three times as many vaccinations as children got 30 years ago 143 is safe, effective and necessary.

Big Knowledge Gaps in Vaccine Safety Science

If growing concerns among parents about vaccination was simply due to ignorance, two decades of reports published by the Institute of Medicine would not have found large knowledge gaps in vaccine safety science. 144 For example, there are fewer than 40 published studies evaluating the safety of the federally recommended child vaccine schedule for infants and children under age six. 145

People who do not vaccinate are selfish and
don’t care about the public health.

While we are all born equal with equal rights under the law, we are not born all the same. Each one of us is born with different genes and a unique microbiome  influenced by epigenetics 146 that affects how we respond to diseases 147 148 and pharmaceutical products like vaccines. 149 150

Many Americans no longer vaccinate today because the risks of vaccination turned out to be 100 percent for them, their children or other family members. They have good reason to believe that the genes they were born with make them more susceptible to vaccine harm. 151 152 153 154 155

hope.jpgVaccine Vulnerable Families Can’t Find Doctors to Write Medical Exemptions

But often these former vaccinators cannot find a doctor to write a medical exemption because almost no health condition qualifies for a medical exemption to vaccination anymore. 156 Unless you are dying of cancer and on chemotherapy, have had a recent organ transplant or have the most severe combined immune deficiency, most doctors will not grant you a medical vaccine exemption. 157

Non-medical vaccine exemptions are the only way vaccine vulnerable families  can protect their lives.

Some Healthy Americans Choosing Different Path to Health

Some Americans use fewer vaccines or remain unvaccinated because they have chosen a different path to health. They focus on boosting immune function with good nutrition, exercise, avoiding environmental toxins and using holistic health alternatives that do not rely on heavy use of pharmaceutical products. 158 159 160 161 They are contributing significantly to the public health because they and their children are very healthy.

It is not selfish to want to make informed choices about how to stay healthy. It is not selfish to protect yourself and your children from harm, especially if you believe your family is more susceptible to vaccine injury. If everyone protects their own health and the health of their children, the public health will be protected.

Science trumps religious beliefs so
religious exemptions to vaccination should be eliminated.

The attack on Americans with religious or spiritual beliefs is central to the political agenda driving this cultural war. 162 163 164 Fellow citizens, who do not believe there is a God, 165 166 167 168 are demanding that those who have faith in God be required to place the same faith in science and doctors. 169

There is a big difference between fallible human beings and God, but some doctors do not understand this difference.

Vaccine Developer Ridicules Religious Belief, Quotes Scripture

One prominent pediatrician vaccine developer, 170 who insists that babies can safely be given 10,000 vaccines on the same day, 171 has publicly ridiculed religious beliefs 172 173 174 but now is hypocritically quoting holy scripture 175 and comparing Disneyland to the “Garden of Eden.” 176 Invoking the name of Jesus, he is trying to shame Christian parents refusing to obey his orders to give their children every government recommended vaccine, including the one he created 177 that has made him a very rich man. 178 179 180

Mothers Responsible for the Health of Their Children

mother-child.jpgI remember many years ago when a public health doctor promoting the “No Shots, No School” campaign in America suggested I was “selfish” for declining to give my two youngest children pertussis vaccine even though my oldest son was DPT vaccine injured. Implicit was the suggestion that I had no right to protect my own children’s health if it conflicted with what doctors believe protects the public health.

I looked him straight in the eyes and said “Doctor, whether or not I put my child’s life on the line for you and your vaccine is between me and my God and not between me and you.”

As mothers, we carry our babies inside us for nine months, we give birth, we love them more than we thought we could ever love anyone and we nurture them throughout childhood so they can grow up to be productive adult members of society. We are responsible for their health and we are the ones who care for them when they become sick and unable to care for themselves for any reason, and we are the ones who weep at their graves if they die before we do.

Do Not Let Anyone Violate Your Religious, Conscientious Beliefs

You do not have to belong to an organized religion or state recognized church to hold sincere religious or spiritual beliefs about health and vaccination. 181  182 183   As a mother or father, you have the God given natural right to use the brain and gut instincts God gave you to consider the evidence, examine your conscience, pray for guidance and exercise the human right to informed consent to medical risk-taking on behalf of your minor child. Do not let a doctor, government employee or politician take that God given right away from you.

It is a violation of religious freedom to force vaccination when you hold religious or spiritual beliefs opposing use of one or more vaccines and it is a violation of the human spirit to force you to disobey the certain judgment of your conscience.

It is ethical for government to sacrifice the few for the many.

jeremy-bentham.jpgBased on hedonism 184 and a mathematical equation, this philosophy is called utilitarianism 185186and comes from the word “utility.” 187 The utilitarian rationale was created as a guide for legislators making public policy by an 18th century British social reformer Jeremy Bentham, 188 189 whose mummified head is being preserved by the University College London, where a wax version is on public display. 190 In 1905, the U.S. Supreme Court used Bentham’s utilitarian rationale to rule in Jacobsen v. Massachusetts that state legislatures had the power to enact mandatory smallpox vaccination laws. 191

American Eugenicists, U.S. Supreme Court Embraces Utilitarianism

American eugenicists and social reformers embraced utilitarianism in the early 20th century. 192 193 They argued that government has the legal right to discriminate against a minority of citizens judged to be genetically defective or a threat to the health and welfare of society.  In 1923, U.S. Supreme Court justice Oliver Wendall Holmes 194 gave the green light to the state of Virginia to forcibly sterilize a young woman, Carrie Buck, because doctors judged her to be mentally retarded just like her daughter and mother.


Coldly, Holmes proclaimed: “three generations of imbeciles are enough” and said “The principle that sustains compulsory vaccination is broad enough to cover cutting the fallopian tubes.” 195

It turns out Carrie Buck was not mentally retarded and neither was her daughter or mother. 196

Utilitarianism Pseudo-Ethic In Its Most Extreme Form

Doctors and public health officials in the Third Reich implemented utilitarianism in its most extreme form to justify conducting horrific scientific experiments on captive people. 197 198 The Nuremberg Tribunal justices presiding over The Doctors Trial after World War II declared utilitarianism to be a pseudo ethic. They issued the Nuremberg Code outlining the informed consent principle, 199 200 which has guided research on humans and the ethical practice of medicine ever since. 201 202 203

nuremberg-code.jpgForced Vaccination Laws Sacrifice the Genetically Vulnerable

The Institute of Medicine has confirmed that some individuals have known and unknown genetic risk factors that make them more susceptible to vaccine injury and death. 204 This means forced vaccination laws that fail to include flexible medical and non-medical exemptions become a utilitarian, de facto selection of the genetically vulnerable for sacrifice. 205

Is America really going to walk down that road? Are we going to punish citizens for the genes they were born with in the name of the public health?

Are we going to slide down the slippery slope of utilitarianism and ignore the profound ethical and legal questions that remain: Who gets to decide what protects the public health? Which individuals should be sacrificed? And how many is too many?

Industry & Government Fail to Fund Good Vaccine Safety Science

Industry 206 and government have refused to fund good science to better understand the biological mechanisms for vaccine injury and death, and whether there are important health differences between vaccinated and unvaccinated people, 207 and whether increased vaccine use during the past 30 years is a major co-factor in the unexplained chronic disease and disability epidemic plaguing America.

With 1 child in 6 diagnosed with learning disabilities, 208 1 in 9 with asthma, 209 210 1 in 50 with autism 211 and 1 in 400 with diabetes 212 213 and millions of Americans suffering with cancer and other immune and brain disorders that cost our nation $3 trillion dollars a year to treat,214  215 216 217 isn’t it time for government to explain to taxpayers exactly why vaccine safety science should be left off our nation’s scientific research agenda?

Perhaps they already know they don’t have to do that because they are getting laws passed to hunt down and vaccinate every last child and adult in America. Eliminating non-medical vaccine exemptions will guarantee that scientific evaluation of health outcome differences between vaccinated and unvaccinated people in America will never be done.

The Future Is In Our Hands

The future of health and freedom in America is in our hands. It is in your hands.

It’s your health. Your family. Your choice.

Posted: 3/8/2015 2:54:58 PM | with 46 comments

Brett Wilcox
Thank you so much, Barbara, for your tireless efforts!
3/11/2015 8:47:42 AM
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Nancy Russell
3/11/2015 9:08:10 AM
Report abuse

What about the pertussis vaccine? The current vaccine has been shown to allow the virus to live in the throat for up to three weeks. Are we protecting newborns? Why hasn't my doctor heard about this so that she could warn patients with newborns to keep away from any recently vaccinated children? (I had to show her the article in the NY Times for her to believe it was true.) There's a lot that makes no sense here.
3/11/2015 9:16:28 AM
Report abuse

Bravo Barbara! If every person in America could read this article, the fight would be won.
3/11/2015 11:10:03 AM
Report abuse

Lois Hendricks
"First they ignore you,
then they laugh at you,
then they fight you,
then you win."

Don't give up, we're almost there.
3/11/2015 11:11:27 AM
Report abuse

Corinne Chapman
As a Veterinarian of 18 years, I have become aware of vaccine damage through my furry patients and began to put it all together when I gave birth to my now 7-yr-old daughter in 2007. I am so grateful for your organization as it, along with good friends, has helped me stay strong in my belief that vaccines are NOT safe. I could not take the risk with my daughter and I am grateful every day that I stood up for her. I am not so lucky and likely will always have underlying inflammatory issues from vaccines when I was a child. As a Canadian, I feel slightly safer with the vaccine laws at present, but I know we are not far off of what the US laws will dictate. I never thought I would see my world get so small. Small minded and angry. Mostly fearful. I have a few really good friends that I can talk with about this subject and I am so grateful. I wish you well Barbara. Please keep up what you are doing!
3/11/2015 11:22:37 AM
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You are a wonderful human being. Thank you so much for filling us in on all of this. Keep up the good fight and carry on.
3/11/2015 11:25:06 AM
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craig castanet, d.c.
I find much objectionable about the methods of the pro-vaccine crowd. but the anti-vaccine crowds don't have to have a compelling, decisive argument either. their argument seems to be rhetorical questions and objections to their opponents, but i don't hear a pro-active argument. it seems one must choose a side without a clear, rational argument. one must guess who the right side is. of course, civil rights are important.
3/11/2015 11:38:17 AM
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Thank you, Barbara! You articulate everything so thoroughly and beautifully. How can the blind remain in darkness after reading this?!
3/11/2015 11:52:35 AM
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Sue Bee
Vaccinomics needs to be more publicized in order to slow this crazy train down! My entire family is immune-compromised to some degree by the CCR5 gene mutation (I have 2 copies). I can't believe there are studies showing how the Yellow Fever vaccine is contraindicated for those with the mutation, yet no similar studies have been done on the other RNA viruses that are injected into the system. The Yellow Fever virus stays active in the system not for 7 days as is normal, but for 33 days in those with the mutation. There are so many obvious studies that could be conducted yet no one is allowed to look at it, lest their professional careers be ruined forever. "Evidence based" science is a misnomer when only certain scientific studies are allowed funding and those who conduct research with private funding are vilified.
3/11/2015 12:09:47 PM
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Thank you for this article! Obviously, forced vaccination is a violation of human rights, but if we don't know our rights, how can we fight for them? The National Liberty Alliance ( has information that can teach us how to stand up for our rights. For example, try the Constitution Class or Common Law lectures under the Books/Essays/Lectures tab. Not only do we need to be educated about vaccines, but also about how to stand up to a corrupt government.
3/11/2015 1:02:08 PM
Report abuse

It's all made up lies. They staged a so called measles breakout to force even more toxic vaccines on people. What a sick fu$$ed up world we live in.
3/11/2015 1:34:08 PM
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Richard Johnson
Are they going to stop every visitor at airports/docks, every border and refuse entry to everyone who has not been vacinated?
3/11/2015 2:07:26 PM
Report abuse

There is definitely an "us" vs. "them" mentality with people who are for and against vaccines. Why? What if we all stood together and demanded that the carcinogens and other unsafe ingredients and practices were taken out of vaccines? At the end of the day I think we'd all like to protect our children from various diseases if we can do it safely. What if the conversation was not about whether or not we vaccinate, but about how we can get drug manufacturers to create safe vaccines or take them off the market? Aren't our kids worth it?
3/11/2015 2:23:40 PM
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Gary Ogden
The self-censorship of newspapers is frightening. I've sent a dozen or so letters to our paper, all polite, all factual, all from the public record, and they haven't, and won't publish, a single one of them. They're like the three monkeys. They won't allow any questioning of the dogma. But I agree with Dr. Wakefield that they will lose. I, for one, am informing everyone I encounter what I have learned from Dr. Humphries' book, from Dr. Wakefield, from the NVIC, and from Leslie Manookian. I'm also flooding my state legislators with email and snail mail. The tragedy is how many more maimed and dead children will it take before this madness ends? It feels like we're becoming a Stalinist state. We've forgotten the impetus for the Nuremberg Code.
3/11/2015 3:05:08 PM
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Ricky Barnes
Thank you, again Barbara, for the awesome work! truly, rb
3/11/2015 3:10:07 PM
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chris seal
@craig castanet: this is no longer about pro-vaccine or anti-vaccine. this is about human rights. it has become, as ms. fisher has pointed out, a massive assault on human rights. there is nothing to guess about, we all need to stand up now and become activists or we will be living with no freedom.
3/11/2015 3:12:36 PM
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I think we ought to go on the offensive. Let's start a movement that asks our elected officials to treat pharmaceutical companies as a utility. After all we have no control over what they put in the vaccinations or drugs for that matter or what they charge. If we are forced into vaccination then they should be forced to be treated like a utility that limits their profits to say 5% for vaccinations and 15% for drugs.

Although it's not the answer it will definitely get their attention and they may even back down. But we shouldn't pharmaceutical companies are out of control in this country and around the world.
3/11/2015 3:28:27 PM
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Thank you so VERY Much for your presentation!!! So very informative!! I will go to the ends of the earth to protect my family!!! This madness has to STOP !!! God Bless you!!!
3/11/2015 3:45:13 PM
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I am a mother of 2 HEALTHY/unvaccinated toddlers. I'm tired of the BS!! Maybe us unvaccinated parents need to open our own school, colleges so or healthy/ smart kids can change the world once they get older.
3/11/2015 6:39:44 PM
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To the D.C. above who claims that we who are against forced injections of diseased animal matter combined with off the wall toxic chemicals used to preserve dead bodies, etc.. ad nauseum..
What in heavens name are you thinking ? Have you not read, listened, or seen anything about this controversy to make such an absurd comment ?
I believe that we have been TOO QUIET, and politically correct in order not to offend those who remain in the sheeple herd, thinking that by our exemptions 'they' would leave us alone. But no more.
So In case it's still not obvious to anyone why we don't vaccinate, here it is for you... our argument..

Thank heavens for clear and articulate voices like Barbara's to hold and keep us together in this effort now turning into a battle for our lives and for our children's.
3/11/2015 8:18:26 PM
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Dr. David Gershon
I'm a 1972 graduate of the NYU School of Medicine with a residency in Psychiatry at the University of Maryland. Through experience, I discovered that mental illness, except where organic, is a spiritual process. Because of this, and the excellent quality of the training I had, I was threatened, essentially pushed out of medicine, much like the more recent experience of Dr. Andrew Wakefield. And much like Dr. Wakefield, this set me free to pursue independent studies: at first spiritual, more recently medical issues considered "alternative."

There has been a cure for cancer for some 85 years. The research behind this is related to the work and subsequent Nobel Prize won by Otto Warburg, MD, who not only studied the nature of cancer cells, but also what induces cancerous regression. These factors are (1) too much toxicity and (2) too little nutrition.

Concurrently, yet independently, another German Jewish physician, Max Gerson, MD, discovered a way to cure his own migraine headaches -- by maximizing nutrition and minimizing toxicity. Practical experience treating patients with migraine headaches soon revealed that he had found a cure for most medical problems, including many diagnosed as terminally ill with cancer.

His work was widely tested in Europe by other physicians before the Nazis came to power, where he developed a worldwide reputation among the wealthy as someone who could cure illness common medical practice could not. Even Hitler adopted his diet. However, forced to leave Germany because he was Jewish, he ended up with a prestigious Park Avenue practice, where he was ostracized by the New York County Medical Society, lied about by the Journal of the American Medical Association.

As others have noted, this is not conspiracy theory, rather corporate policy. However, I can verify from personal experience with a serious medical problem of my own that Dr. Gerson's theory, backed by Dr. Warburg's Nobel Prize winning research, is in fact accurate and true. However, there is no money in oranges, carrots and apples, not compared to drugs that garner billions in profits. We do not live in an ethical world: profits -- and eugenics -- trump ethical considerations at every turn.

Subsequent to the False Flag Operation popularly known as "9/11," I became aware of the autism epidemic and a possible connection between vaccination and autism. This had personal relevance to me, as soon thereafter I moved my family from Maine back to Colorado, where the state insisted, that before entering the school system here in Colorado, my twelve year old son receive Hepatitis B and MMR vaccines. Aware of the issues, instead I chose to home school him, and so avoided forcing him to take the poison.

Subsequently I have spent some amount of time researching the question of vaccination. One finds the same considerations here as in mental illness and physical medicine: that money -- and eugenics (genocide) -- trump science. The reading I have done suggests that vaccines do not increase immunity, rather that they decrease immunity, as a result of bypassing the body's natural cellular immunity.

There is evidence the absence of epidemics the developed world has experienced in the past century is due to improved sanitation: chlorine in the water; modern water dispersal and sewage systems; washing machines and easily washed cotton/synthetic underwear; affluence allowing people to live in less crowded environments.

Of even greater concern is the fact that these days, vaccines are being used to poison people. It is my impression that vaccines contain a witch's brew of toxins, that it is their purpose not to heal, but to sicken. For instance, there are those in the medical community who suggest the toxins in vaccines are the answer to the previously mysterious cause of auto-immune illness.

Why would this be so?

Those in power are concerned about overpopulation and resource depletion. One way to address this concern is to sicken people, what is being called sub-lethal warfare. Processed foods contain chemicals which are sub-clinically toxic; so too the water, and now with solar radiation management (Chemtrails), the air. These toxins are synergistic.

Those in power are brewing a perfect storm of sickness and death. And as they grow ever more desperate about people waking up to their plans, as they grow ever more desperate seeing their well designed plans to steal everything that can be stolen lead to financial and environmental collapse, they are doing everything possible to divert people's attention. One way to do this is to sicken as many as possible, hence the push to mandate vaccination for the entire adult population. There is no medical justification for this. It is all a fraud.
3/11/2015 8:54:06 PM
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Richard Sacks
Barbara, your great work is really appreciated. I have been an independent holistic health scientist/consultant for 50 years now and I know about vaccines, as well as my main focus of reversing degenerative disease and aging. The truth is vaccines have zero redeeming qualities. The fact that the body tries to defend against the toxic insult by producing changes including what are called "antibodies" does not indicate any immunity at all, that is a myth. Vaccines spread disease and start epidemics, they prevent only health. The adjuvants in them just make them a worse disaster. I think the public is ready to hear the full truth. Vaccines aren't just of limited effectiveness, they are a total fraud and their history shows they have never prevented any of the diseases they are credited with eliminating - that always happened before vaccines for them started, and for other reasons like sanitation. Our problem is a government/corporations partnership run by cold blooded killers. It's not a question of needing more testing or data, we have more than enough. What now passes for science has been corrupted and turned into a weapon, like media, education, agriculture, etc. Our leaders at the top levels of control intend to destroy us and have publicly written as much, figuring we'd never read or understand it. We have a serious problem. Current tactics may hold off some of it for a while, but we're going to need a real solution. Force is not the answer, those who wish us harm want us to try that so they can completely destroy us. The answer lies on much more subtle and powerful levels. I am working on that now. I wish you all success. I urge you to go ahead and tell the full truth, there is no longer benefit in holding back to gain the following of those who will not hear the truth, speak to those who will.
3/11/2015 9:57:41 PM
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Richard Sacks
Sorry, Barbara I forgot to add that although my work in holistic health has been below the radar up to now, I am apparently needing to become more visible for the next phase of work. I started a radio show by request, saturday's at 6pm pacific/9 pm eastern. We just finished a multi-week vaccine information marathon, inspired by the latest assault you describe against our rights. If you ever want to come on as a guest we would be honored to have you, even though the marathon is over, we'll keep covering the topic. As I said I am working on more subtle, powerful and permanent solutions to the underlying problem I mentioned in the previous comment. I can be reached at, and the radio show site is It's connected to Thanks again for your dedication and message.
Richard Sacks
3/11/2015 10:03:12 PM
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pat kriewald
Thank you Barbara for your important work! Our perfect son was also damaged by vaccines. It seems only a parent going thru this can understand how important it is to have the waivers. Sometimes I feel like we are in a bad stepford wives type world. Not even our relatives who witnessed our loss understand.
3/11/2015 10:23:31 PM
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I worked with the Department of Health in my state and found they were actively pushing vaccines for pregnant woman. I vehemently disagree with giving pregnant woman any vaccines or even medicine not needed. My daughter has decided not to even give vaccine to her cat, so why would you shoot up newborn with so many vaccines.
3/11/2015 10:48:12 PM
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Just saying: I was old enough to remember my vaccine episode (Sept 1970, I was 5 years old). The "culture" back then was deny, deny, deny. And if that didn't work, lie.
My wife's eldest child had seizures from the DPT (later found in hospital records), but at the time, she was told she was a nervous new mother and her dog just scared him.
How many others are told the same? Lets try to work THAT into your calculations, shall we?
In 1970, the doctors said there was nothing wrong when my mother told the intake person that I had progressive pain in my forearms, and less use of my hands over the previous weeks, and greater difficulty in breathing since the MMR booster. By September, I was in an oxygen tent, great birthday present for a five year old! In about 1996, almost verbatim to what my mother told the intake nurse was published a type of GBS (Guillain-Barre Syndrome) in Cambridge University Press, but my mother didn't use specific scientific & medical terms, she was just smart as a tack.
My job, first and foremost is to protect my son. And I will not let them do to him, what they did to me. In fact, I'm still sufferring the consequenses of what they did (in 1998 was told I have active demyelination of the nerves in my brain, and was having mysterious seizures). That's about 28 years after a political figure told my parents that this is "how we do buisiness now", I listened, but did not understand what those conversations meant, now I do! That's exactly 28 years since my medical records showed no history of allergies or asthma, That was 28 years since unimaginable pain was induced in me with GBS, now almost 45 years since this all started, but I remember vividly
3/12/2015 12:04:34 AM
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Chris Seal, I completely agree with you ... one has to stand back and look at the bigger picture ... slowly but surely, our human rights are being taken from us ... that's the headline here. I, for one, will fight until my dying day against this tyranny.

Psychopharmaceutical threats (and by extension, vaccine dangers) is a topic I have personally researched for 20 years. I'm not some bored housewife who has jumped on this so-called bandwagon to fight a hot-button cause because I needed something to do and needed to feel important (yep, that's what I've been told numerous times). I am a critical thinker who researches everything to death and have come to my own conclusions on what's best for me and my family. I don't begrudge anyone for their opinions and choices; don't begrudge me for mine.

This past fall, I got an earful (a very condescending earful) from our doctor because I refused the booster shots my child was supposed to get before the start of the school year (sadly, she has been vaccinated for the most part, though on a delayed schedule due to the fact that she was a preemie ... wish I knew then what I know now). We have been doing a lot of healing over the years to get her back on track; darn if I was going to allow anyone to touch her.

Medical exemption is, for now, still an option in our state but extremely difficult to get. My daughter does have medical conditions that preclude her from being vaccinated but no mainstream doctor would sign off. Even her alternative/naturopathic doc, who has been helping in treating her, would not sign. So, I opted for a religious exemption instead (medical and religious are the only 2 options still left in our state).

I submitted my paperwork to the school district and knew it would not be challenged because I had previously researched the vaccination rates of our district's population and it was nearly 98%. They were "safe" in that more than 90% of the student body was vaccinated so they would still receive their state funding (I found that little tidbit in the state's bylaws on education). Doesn't that show you the so-called "reasoning" behind the push for innoculation? It has nothing to do with health and everything to do with vested interests, conflicts of interest, greed, and power, It sickens me.

We need to continue to fight. A big thanks to Barbara and all out there who know the truth and are trying to make the world safer in this regard.

“All truth passes through three stages: first, it is ridiculed; second, it is violently opposed; third, it is accepted as being self-evident.”
3/12/2015 6:40:41 AM
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Tatiana Covington
Laissez faire!
3/12/2015 3:43:10 PM
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Tricia Gustafson
Thank you, Barbara! So enciuraging to see all the comments. Let's stop the vaccine war, make business and politics accountable, and spend our time focusing on what really matters......awareness, education and healthier future generations.
3/13/2015 6:05:59 AM
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Mandy Tinkle
People don't realize the vaccine toxins accumulate in the body causing major health problems sometimes later in life as well as showing up in the earlier stages of development as a child. Vaccine residues stay in the body reaping havoc later. When people take a measles vaccine they can pass the virus on to other people up to 60 days. The same holds true for vaccinating animals. The state pushes vaccines for animals and I wish there was more done to stop this. When people vaccinate their dogs with the rabies vaccine , family members are exposed to rabies residue 7-10 days after the dog comes home. And yes people are unaware of the dangers of vaccinating their animals, how it is affecting their family members, and how they can carrying the rabies residue that they caught from their animal. Rabies affects the brain along with other organs and can cause people to be mean and violent. We were born with a very highly intelligent body that is equipped with an immune system created by God. God doesn't make mistakes. Babies come into the world perfect until man starts injecting them with poisons causing all of the neurological problems we have been seeing since the 30's. Lawsuits were hidden in the 80,s over mass vaccinations. Vaccines need to remain a freedom of choice. Research shows children unvaccinated are healthier. RESEARCH VACCINES and get educated.
3/13/2015 2:56:59 PM
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Thank you Barbara. We need you so very much!
3/13/2015 7:41:03 PM
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BLF is a force to be reckoned with! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your tireless and well-researched efforts!! The world is starting to wake up!! ~a fellow momma bear fighting the good fight against medical fascism <3
3/13/2015 10:08:36 PM
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Thank you Barbara. I've been following NVIC for years, but this is the first time I've posted a comment. I'm going to become actively involved in advocating for informed consent in the coming months.

I just want to add there are many citizens from both sides of the aisle on your side. This libertarian-fiscal-conservative-social-liberal stands with you, and thanks you for all that you do.

Everyone, let's join forces. MAKE those calls. WRITE to your Reps. MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD.
3/14/2015 2:15:55 PM
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Thank you for this video. I'm so thankful for your organization.
3/16/2015 6:34:27 PM
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Ralph Fucetola JD
Barbara Loe Fisher again speaks truth to power in a most compelling fashion. This message needs to get to all our representatives in govt as many different ways as possible. Natural Solutions Foundation set up a web form Action Item that let's you easily email all your state and federal representatives with a pro-vax choice message. Please use this link daily, and share widely: - #vaccinationISviolation

Yes, our legislators do pay attention to "how the emails are trending" and the way to make sure they're trending pro-vax-freedom is to message your legislators every day!

The message is, Vaccine Conscientious Objectors are not going away!
3/18/2015 12:06:22 PM
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What I don't understand is if your child is vaccinated they should be "protected" from getting measles. So, why do they care about those not vaccinated? Are they saying it really doesn't work?
3/18/2015 1:33:56 PM
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well, i guess it's time to bring out the free healing devices that this government & their corrupt buddies has been squashing production of for mass production & public use on many fronts for years now (except for themselves) in favor of pharmaceutical profits, etc.
4/5/2015 11:40:26 AM
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Dr. Hart
As an Integrative Doctor knowing both the medical and alternative side of healthcare; both are suppose to be based on the same principle, e.g. “First and foremost, I will do no harm…” All physicians/doctors say the Hippocratic Oath. However, is it being followed and implemented…has it ever? In training /studying in medical and holistic schools, both say, “If there is a reaction/side effect –do not give it/ do it again.” A D.O. friend of mine said, “the medical field is now redefining what a “reaction” is and how severe it has to be in order to be considered and/or permitted not to take/give it anymore.” Are you kidding me?? That’s ridiculous! Sorry, but I do not believe in or operate under the “one size fits all” premise that the medical industry has made us all accustomed to. Patients are seen as individuals, they are not grouped in or fall under certain charts, parameters, and/or categories. We are NOT cattle! Where has it ever been accurate or conducive to lump every one together, instead of as an individual? Allopathic Medicine is phenomenal and thrives in emergency medicine and patients are treated as an individual most of the time. However, falls extremely short in acute conditions, especially when chronic, due to limitations. Including, NOT knowing how to look for root causes -instead we medicate, allow things to manifest, e.g. manage symptoms -put a bandaid on everything. Integrative medicine treats the whole body –not just the physical “symptom(s),” looks for root causes, and the goal is to obtain optimal health…

A patient told me “they gave me a paper on the flu shot and I told them I could not get one they make me sick (reaction) and I’m allergic to egg whites.” They told me at the hospital “it’s okay we have an eggless flu vaccine this year. How bad is your reaction to eggs?” My patient was LIED too! They have a flu shot that has LESS egg in it but it still has egg. She reacted VERY violently again from the shot. What is absurd is she VOLUNTEERS part-time, and they still forced her to get a shot. Several physicians, and nurses also say, “it’s NOT the same anymore. The medical field is ALL about the money –NOT patient care anymore. We are now threatened if we refuse our shot(s) “we can lose our job.” Before we were able to state adverse reactions (systematic), or use a medical or religious waiver…but NOT now. If you state one or the other, they will come back harder the year after and your job will be threatened. We are told we are hypocrites, a risk to patients etc. by not getting vaccinated…”

Writing my PhD on the Immune system, questions I could not get the AMA and CDC to answer are, “If vaccines are SO good for us, protect us and are necessary; why can’t I find any documented proof showing these claims? All the results I came a crossed were inconclusive –only opinions or there was no real proof showing benefits and/or it does protect persons from the disease. Why are you saying there are no heavy metals in the shots anymore, when they are being put in the vaccines? Why are we still vaccinating for acute childhood diseases that have never caused death or been a threat?” When I grew up in the 70’s, my parents took us to “sick parties,” our doctor told my parents, as my children’s doctor also says today, “get them around others who are sick with the measles, mumps, chickenpox etc.” Although, the media is trying SO exceedingly hard to use scare tactics to frighten us, including making us paranoid about germs. I’ll enlighten you, THE ONLY WAY to obtain innate life-time immunity, e.g., making the immunomemory, immunoglobulin, antigen –antibody; to ANYTHING is to get the disease(s) in its natural state…sadly Vaccines DO NOT provide innate life-time immunity…

Whether a person believes in all or some forms of modern medicine, holistic medicine, or both, like I do –this is NOT about medicine –it is a moral issue! We have the right to know the facts –regardless of whether something works or doesn’t, causes side effects or has no side effects, protects us fully or doesn’t etc. Medical has its place on earth, just like holistic; but in the end –it should ALWAYS be our sound choice! FORCING anything goes against our human, constitutional, freedom, conscious, and religious rights!!!
4/15/2015 12:29:16 PM
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its obvious that this is all about the money. We are all responsible for ourselves and the choice of how we live is ours alone. There is no epidemic of anything. Govt wants to control people. It's always been that way. The more control the more power. Do not give in. The tide is turning. No dictators in America, even if they are rich multinational corporations.
4/29/2015 1:57:03 AM
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thank you Barbara for your persistent and intelligent work in the area of vaccine safety and informed consent. I found you 8 years ago when my son was starting to show non typical neuro behavior, such as auditory sensory issues (SPD) and ticks. I stopped vaccines at 18 months and I regret every vaccine that he was given.

I had such blind trust in what my doctors told me to do. I cannot believe that I vaccinated him for HEPB when he was a day old. There was absolutely ZERO chance of him having this. I also cannot believe I willingly injected myself with the flu vaccine when I was pregnant with him.

We need to organize a massive letter writing campaign calling for our Congress to supena WIlliam Thompson, the CDC whistle blower.
4/30/2015 8:25:47 AM
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we are gradually waking up to the scams that been perpetrated on us. Our congressmen should be thrown out of office and prosecuted for treason. They're in cahoots with the pharmaceuticals
5/19/2015 10:55:52 AM
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Lisa, RN, BS Nutrition Science
This is absolutely about informed consent and human rights.

We have a cellular response mechanism that when optimally functional (very diverse gut microflora, sleep and rest, individualized organic whole foods diet, additional supplementation, etc) is designed to take care of just about any bug we can throw its way, dependent on our genetic immune complement. As a nurse, exposed to bugs on a daily basis (including those "deadly" flu bugs that I refuse to be vaccinated for) I have had only ONE cold in the last four years, while my vaccinated co-workers regularly come down with bug after bug. I am pushed every year, have been bullied, harassed, made to wear a mask at work (how ineffective is that!) to take flu vaccines. I have been asked to have updated pertussis and measles vaccines (I declined). When my co-workers complain of coming down with flu-like symptoms after vaccination, I have explained adjuvant poisoning to them. I have been extremely outspoken on the issue of mandatory vaccination, will engage with any interested party, actually practice INFORMED CONSENT when asking patients about vaccination (I do not promote it and will actually opt to hold off for the SLIGHTEST hesitation and will state, "contraindicated for patient" when needed (I often see these ordered for cancer and immunocompromised conditions- other nurses give the shots). I have not yet been fired for my actions/non-action but am waiting for the day when I may be forced to leave my job (adult vaccine requirements) or home-school my child to avoid child vaccination requirements (currently private-schooled).

If I could even FIND a health provider that knew anything about the immune system or about how vaccination actually works, I would be overjoyed. Instead I must scour pages like these to find a little light in my world of health propaganda and promotion of illness. Until then, I will be happy when someone from my son's school becomes really excited that a NURSE says vaccines DON'T WORK and are DANGEROUS. And yes, I will keep saying it until they force me out, then I will say it again.
5/20/2015 12:49:09 PM
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Hi, I want to say Thank-You to the individuals that set this up. I am a concerned parent that does not want to continue vaccinating my children. I have spent the last month gathering information and doing non-stop reading at every chance that I get. I feel like I've been bullied into giving my children these vaccines. Recently I am being told that if I do not, if I so much as try to fight against this then I will lose everything, my children, my house. I am being told that CPS WILL take my children away. Is there any truth to this in NY? I am a Catholic Christian and I cannot in my right mind give permission to anyone to inject my children with another vaccine. I am wide awake now.

Editors Note: JoAnne, register with to connect with others in NY and to reach our State Leader. Also visit our State Law page at and click on N.Y. Your health. your family. Your choice.
7/1/2015 2:18:54 PM
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Robert Brown
Thanks Barbara: We in in the United States of America are under attack and the reasons for the assault are simple and easy to understand. They want our freedoms and independence that are natural to every living being, specifically, in the U.S.we have our Constitution, which as of this date has not been revoked and still stands as the governing and regulating law of our land, protecting our rights. Our Constitution is written to protect us, not from foreign invaders, but to protect us from our government. We as individuals, have the right "not to be vaccinated". please read our constitution, support it and demand that the government supports it. We The People -------. Thanks again Robert Brown
9/4/2015 2:13:49 PM
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Susan Ford Keller
"5,000 years of vaccine free human history with a population increase of 6 Billion people proves that vaccines are designed to stifle the evolutionary process, not protect people." ~ Tim Singleton
11/12/2015 6:46:25 AM
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