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Biography, Andrea Marconi Nastelli, D.C., BS, CACCP

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Andrea Marconi Nastelli, D.C., CACCP, is a graduate of Sherman College of Chiropractic.  She is a mother of two young children and a wife. In private practice for over a decade, Andrea provided chiropractic care, with a special focus on the pre/post-natal and pediatric population. Her relentless dedication to be of benefit to others is what drives her. 

Dr. Nastelli transitioned from private practice in 2015 and soon after was invited by NVIC to contribute as Director of Professional Resources.  Andrea felt called to shift gears from private practice and direct her energy, time and talents towards educating others about informed consent to medical risk taking on a larger scale.  She educates and support those concerned about protecting one’s legal right to exercise medical, religious and conscientious belief to vaccination to attend school, be employed and otherwise participate in society.  Dr. Nastelli cares very deeply about upholding individual personal freedom to exercise informed consent to medical risk-taking and protecting one’s legal right to make voluntary and informed health choices for themselves and family.

Holding both a Doctorate of Chiropractic and a BS in Biology, Dr. Nastelli also completed post graduate level studies with the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA). Exposed to holistic principles and chiropractic inspired by both her parents and practitioners during her youth remains the catalyst that fuels Dr. Nastelli’s passion and quest for protecting informed consent to medical risk taking.


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