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Updated September 29, 2023

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Vaccination Information Service

Vaccination Information Service — We believe it is a parent's right to choose what's best for their child...some would say that this is one of the most basic rules of any civilized society. Yet governments all over the world have abridged or denied the right to free choice when it comes to vaccinations and immunizations. The Australian Vaccination Network is working to help parents take back that right to free and informed choice by allowing them to see the less publicized side of this important issue before making a decision.



Schutzverband fur Impfgeschadigte
Herztstrabe 23
Linz 4020, Austria



Infor Vie Saine ASBL
Petit Babin 143
Malone 5020, Belgium


Vaccination Choice Canada

Vaccine Choice Canada (formerly VRAN) was formed in response to growing parental concern regarding the safety of current vaccination programs in Canada. They serve as a public information and resource group committed to protecting children from the known risks of vaccines currently in use and those being developed for future use in Canada by providing information about the components of vaccines, side effects, and possible long-term health effects.

Prevent Disease site logo

In a nation plagued by diseases which are more than eighty percent preventable our mission is to: 1) empower and provide people with the necessary resources to prevent disease and effectively control their own health and 2) provide a voice for agencies concerned with advising educating and informing businesses and professionals about the importance of prevention and leading healthy active lifestyles.

Czech Republic

Association for Vaccine Injured Parents

Association for Vaccine Injured Parents is a non-profit organization gathering people and parents of vaccine injured children. The aim of the association is to help parents of vaccine injured children or vaccine injured adults, to bring information about vaccination to the public, to inform parents and people about vaccination and possible adverse effects, and to point out the discrepancy in the system of mandatory vaccination in the Czech Republic and tough sanctions against unvaccinated or semi-vaccinated children and their families.



Doctor Gunner Odum
Strandstien 3, 9480 Lokken
Tel: 45-9899-0499
Fax: 45-9899-0399



Arnica is a support group for parents. They believe in a holistic approach to health, and aim to educate parents about vaccines, nutritional supplements, homeopathy, and midwifery.

Association of Parents of Vaccine Damaged Children

Association of Parents of Vaccine Damaged Children
2 Church Street, Shipston On Stou
Warwickshire, England, CV36 4AP
Tel: 44-16608-61595

The Informed Parent Newsletter

The Informed Parent was set up to counter frustration and isolation experienced by parents in their efforts to seek information about vaccination, following uncertainty about its safety and effectiveness. They offer annual subscriptions, and offer Link-up lists to subscribers who wish to make contact with other like-minded people for discussion and support.

Vaccination Information

Vaccination Information
Patrick Holdsworth
PO Box 43, Hull, England, HU1 1AA
Email: [email protected]


Association Liberte Information Sante

Association Liberty Information Sante (ALIS) provides resources on international scientific, medical and legal information related to vaccines and vaccination. ALIS aims to inform the public of their rights surrounding vaccination, and vaccination injuries.

Ligue Nationale Pour La Liberte Des Vaccinations

Ligue Nationale Pour La Liberte Des Vaccinations
Contact: Jean-Marie Mora (president)
3 Impasse du Miracle
74650 CHAVANOD, France
Tel: + 33 450 10 12 09
Fax: + 33 450 52 68 61
Email: [email protected]



Ärzte für individuelle Impfentscheidung  ('Physicians for Personal Vaccine Decisions' in English) is an association which supports and promotes the freedom of individuals to decide if and what to vaccinate against. Their mission is the preservation of free, individual vaccine choices; full and impartial investigations into safety, impact and sustainability of immunization and vaccination programs; and a free, public and unbiased debate on these findings to prevent conflict of interest.


Impfschaden,info is the biggest German information portal about the side effects and adverse reactions to vaccines. It was originally in German but since May 2010 the site is bilingual in German and in English. It was founded by Andreas Bachmair, a homeopath, who has his own practice in Switzerland, which focuses on the treatment of vaccine damages and reports on vaccine damages and vaccine injuries, as well as maintains a vaccine reaction registry

Schutzverband fur Impfgeschädigte

Schutzverband fur Impfgeschädigte (SFI) was founded in 1967 to help people damaged by vaccinations. They are active nationwide and members of "Federal Working Group SELF-HELP eV" and the "German Parity Welfare Association". SFI provides valuable information about vaccination and vaccine reactions.


Rehabilitation Association For Brain-Damaged Children

Rehabilitation Association For Brain-Damaged Children
PO Box 484
Kefar Saba, Israel, 44 104
Tel: 972-52-450-510
Tel: 972-35-239-129



COMILVA stands for Coordination of Italian Movement for Freedom of vaccination. It is divided into groups, committees or associations rooted in the territory, whose purpose is to obtain Freedom of Choice regarding vaccinations and provide protection of the Rights of vaccine-damaged .

Committee for the Freedom of Choice Therapeutics

Committee for the Freedom of Choice Therapeutics (Comitato per la Liberta di Scelta Terapeutica)
Via F. Biondo 46
Serravalle 47031, San Marino


The CORVELVA association was founded in 1993 and and has the core focus of voluntary vaccination. The Association's work has focused on helping those who have suffered damage due to compulsory and non-compulsory vaccines, and on research related to the issue of vaccine damage. In Italy a new battle for the right of voluntary vaccine choice has emerges and Corvelva works to support voluntary health choices.


Genitori del No Emilia-Romagna is a group of nearly 2,000 parents in Italy fighting against mandatory vaccinations. They are part of a larger National Movement for freedom of choice (nearly 20,000 members). View their Facebook group by clicking here.



The Dutch Association for Conscientious Vaccination (NVKP) is an independent association made up of therapists, doctors and parents, amongst others. The NVKP's aim is freedom of choice for parents when it comes to vaccinating their children, based on honest, comprehensive and independent information. We view the current 'one size fits all' vaccination policy with great concern. The NVKP is therefore urging the adoption of more thorough independent research by representatives from different disciplines.


Robert Laarhoven, Health Activist
Saturnusstr. 53
1223 HE Hilversum, Netherlands
Tel: 31-35-683-9265

New Zealand


Vaccination Information Network (VINE) originally started as a Facebook page. The VINE website has been created in order to allow the public unrestricted access to the full range of vaccination information, including articles and videos. You also have options to follow VINE for current updates on their RSS feed and YouTube channel.

Warnings Against Vaccine Expectations

Warnings Against Vaccine Expectations (WAVES) is a website containing information that is NOT routinely provided by immunization services. The information is sourced from medical journals, government publications, vaccine manufacturers’ information, books and articles by a variety of researchers. They offer both a free newsletter for regular updates, as well as a paid annual membership.



Group Medic De Reflexio

Group Medic De Reflexio
Sobre Les Vacunes
Carrer Nou 12-2N-1A
Girona, Spain, 17001
Tel: 34-202-803

League for freedom of vaccination

The League for Freedom of Vaccination was formed in Barcelona in late 1989. It is an association of citizens (professionals and general public), concerned about the rigidity and non-discrimination of vaccination programs. The League strives to provide free, verified and important information about vaccines and the potential for vaccine reactions.


Vaccines & Side Effects: Analysis and Reports on Vaccines

Vaccines & Side Effects: Analysis and Reports on Vaccines is a Swedish website that provides current information about vaccination and vaccine risks. Here you will find resources documenting the safety and effectiveness of vaccines as well as relevant news topics from medical professionals and industry experts.


Groupe Medical De Reflexion

Groupe Medical De Reflexion
Surle Vaccin Ror
Case Postale
Lausanne, Switzerland, 10 1010

United Kingdom (UK)


J.A.B.S. (Justice, Awareness and Basic Support) is a support group for parents who believe their children have suffered severe harm or have died following childhood vaccinations, formed in 1994. This group wants parents to access comprehensive information to enable them to make an informed decision on the benefits and risks of vaccination. JABS supports free choice and full information on the real risks of vaccination and childhood diseases.

UK Association of HPV Vaccine Injured Daughters

UK Association of HPV Vaccine Injured Daughters (AHVID) was established at the beginning of 2015. Families and their daughters from the north of Scotland to the south of England, Wales and Northern Ireland have joined together to give support to each other and raise awareness surrounding HPV vaccines. Their primary focus is to give support to one another and raise awareness of the dangers of the HPV vaccines and to encourage parents to research them before giving consent.

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