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Vaccines can sometimes fail to provide protection against the infectious disease they were designed to prevent.  NVIC's Vaccine Failure Wall is provided for the public to share their vaccine failure experiences and are displayed chronologically. Click to view stories about vaccine harassment and vaccine reactions.

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  • Posted: Sep. 28, 2023
    I took the 2 dose Pfizer vaccine series fall of 2021. 1st dose in late September, second 4 weeks later in October. I came down with Covid on Jan 1, 2022.
  • Posted: Jun. 19, 2023
    I am a so-called 'targeted individual,' and one of the things that's happening to me is, I am repeatedly being put into situations where I will contract the rabies virus again. I do not get it from bites, I usually get it by inhalation, and I always have to argue with the doctors to convince them that this is possible. I'm about to go through this process again right now. I have gotten rabies so many times now I have lost count, but it might be six, seven, or eight times now, and I've been vaccinated every time. The only part of the vaccine that works is the rabies immunoglobulin, which cures my symptoms immediately within a few minutes. The preventive shots do not work at all, or else, if they do anything at all, they may possibly be causing me to develop paralytic rabies instead of furious rabies, because every time I've gotten it again, it is a process of becoming weaker and weaker until I can't move. I don't know how many hospitals I'm going to have to go to, this time, because I never know whether they're going to refuse to give me the immunoglobulin shot or not, because they believes the preventive vaccines work, so they often refuse to give me the shot, assuming it can't possibly be rabies again because I've already gotten the shots so many times before. And yet, it is rabies, and every time this has happened, I go through the process of becoming weak and paralyzed, until the immunoglobulin shot. I may be described as being involved in a nonconsensual testing of the vaccine, which is being done by the groups of people who are 'targeting' me. I can only say, the vaccine is a total failure except for the immunoglobulin. I'm getting mentally prepared to start the process of driving around and going to hospitals, hoping to find one that will agree to give me the shot. I shouldn't have to be the one to educate all the doctors and nurses about how rabies really works, and how the vaccines don't work at all. Yes, you get rabies by INHALATION. No, the preventive vaccines do absolutely nothing, or else, possibly change it into the unrecognizable paralytic rabies, which doesn't count as the vaccines 'working.'
  • Posted: Apr. 19, 2023
    I am still awaiting a photo. My mother interpreted vaccine paralysis as a problem walking and her private orthopedic surgeon threatened to “break the baby’s hips” to correct the problem, and instead prescribed a brace that permanently altered my natural posture, creating organ failure, an operation, and in the chaos at the age of 41 my hips reverted back, uncovering a painful scoliosis which I have now spent 5 years correcting through PT which would have been the preferred solution to regain movement when I was a baby.
  • Posted: Mar. 23, 2023
    Back in 2010 I had just started to become skeptical of childhood vaccines. We had just moved from the DC Metro area to the Bay Area (San Jose). My oldest son who was then in 3rd grade contracted chicken pox for which he had previously been fully immunized. I took him to our pediatrician who didn't know what it was. So I took him to another pediatrician for a second opinion. He diagnosed him with chicken pox and I asked him how was this possible, because he had been fully vaccinated for that disease. He could not give me an answer other than to say he didn't know. 1 yr later I gave birth to my daughter. At that time there was fear going around about the whooping cough. In the hospital at the most vulnerable time after delivering my daughter, I was "advised" to get a booster vaccine for pertussis. The nurse brought me the paperwork and said sign this waiver. Do you think I took the time to read the fine print in my exhausted condition? No. I took the vaccine thinking it would prevent me somehow passing on the whooping cough to my daughter. 2 years later at the age of 2 she was diagnosed with a wilms tumor (kidney cancer). When asked to participate in a genetic study for the disease, I inquired, "will I be able to know of the results of the study or learn the cause for my daughters cancer?", they replied "no". So I said to hell with your study! Fool me once shame on you fool me twice shame on me. Still I have not been successful at refusing vaccines in the state of CA. Stupid laws here took medical tyranny to the next level. In 2021 my 3rd son was entering 7th grade and of course it was time for the required tdap booster. I took him to the pediatrician and asked if instead she could have his titers checked because I didn't want it to make his tourettes worse, and she said it was impossible to request such a thing. I should have just walked out and said no, but I didn't have the wherewithal to face the bullies in the Dr office or at the school so I capitulated. Thankfully my son has not suffered any immediate reactions or side effects from that shot as of now, but it's a crying shame that I could not have my request honored by my "trusted" pediatrician. I of course, left that practice never to return.

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