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If You Vaccinate, Ask 8

Vaccines are pharmaceutical products that come with risks that can be greater for some people. No vaccine is safe for everyone. If you choose to vaccinate, ask 8 questions before you do...

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Texas Parents: Know Your Vaccine Choice Rights During Hurricane Harvey Flood Emergency

Current News

The Prospect of a Third Dose of MMR

It is not clear that a third dose of MMR will address the problem of waning immunity, or that it will not aggravate the problem by accelerating the evolution of the mumps virus, making the MMR vaccine even less effective with each dose given...

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odds vaccines harm are one in a million?
Odds of Vaccine Harm are One in a Million?

The true safety of vaccines routinely administered in the U.S. is not known. If all vaccine providers would report, it would give a clearer picture of the effects of vaccinations post-licensure and could be used to stimulate further research into vaccine-related injuries and deaths and identify individual high risk factors for reactions...

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Back to School, Navigating Vaccine Choices and Holding State Agencies Accountable

Back to school is a good time for parents to review school vaccine requirements and exemptions options in their state. Visit NVIC's updated state pages for reliable school information and state vaccine laws and policies...

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Class and Race Profiling in the Vaccine Culture War

The Vaccine Culture War is heating up. Ground zero is America, Europe and other economically developed countries, where the pharmaceutical industrial complex is raising an iron fist to protect multi-billion dollar profits by disempowering the people...

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Why Is Informed Consent to Vaccination A Human Right?

Without the legal right to protect autonomy and bodily integrity, without the legal right to freedom of thought, speech, conscience and religious belief, we are no longer free... Disponible en EspaƱol

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