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The New Internet Police Protecting You From Freedom of Thought and Speech

The new Internet Police scrubbing the World Wide Web of information they do not want you to see or talk about is part of the larger culture war going on today in our country and in many countries. When it comes to vaccination, discrimination and censorship is justified in the name of public safety and The Greater Good...

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U.S. Government Will Focus on Marketing HPV Vaccine in 2019

This report on vaccine related Federal Advisory Committee activities discusses government plans to change and expand vaccine recommendations and mandates in 2019...

More Than 100 Bills Proposed in 30 States To Expand, Restrict or Eliminate Vaccine Informed Consent Rights

NVIC is monitoring more than 100 bills filed in 30 states proposing to expand, restrict or eliminate vaccine informed consent rights. Among the vaccine bills that NVIC is tracking this year include ones that propose to...


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Bully Domination
NVIC’s “No Forced Vaccination” Message Back Up in Times Square As Americans Fight for Human Rights

The tiny minority of parents who have made a conscious choice not to give their children every one of the dozens of doses of federally recommended and state mandated vaccines are being once again relentlessly stereotyped, demonized and bullied. Whether it is in the states, on Capitol Hill or in Times Square, our mission continues: No forced vaccination. Not in America...

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Bully Domination
WHO, Pharma, Gates & Government: Who's Calling the Shots?

The five largest companies in the world and other technology corporations dominate online communications and sales and are positioned to join together to aggressively market vaccines and promote “no exceptions” vaccine use policies endorsed by the WHO and governments. The threat to autonomy and freedom of thought and speech posed by these companies is considerable...

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Parent and Doctor
Pediatricians Turn Well Baby Checkups Into Vaccine Battlegrounds

It is time to let our elected representatives know that we want them to put legal boundaries on the authority that doctors and public health officials wield in our society...

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The Pertussis Vaccine Blame Game

No contraindications. No medical exemptions. Not for children who are sick at the time of vaccination or have suffered high pitched screaming, collapse, convulsions and brain injury within hours, not for children who almost died after vaccination. If this can be done with pertussis vaccine, it can be done with every future vaccine that Pharma is creating and governments will recommend and mandate...

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U.S. Vaccine Exemptions Remain Secure in 2018

NVIC again asks DHHS officials to affirm the ethical principle of informed consent to medical risk taking, which includes vaccine risk taking. There is no single vaccine-related issue of more concern to Americans than protection of this internationally recognized human right for pregnant women, parents of minor children and adults of all ages...

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