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Vaccines can sometimes cause injury and death and these risks can be greater for some than others. Since 1982, the NVIC has operated a Vaccine Reaction Registry, which has served as a watchdog on reports submitted to the federal Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS). NVIC's Vaccine Reaction Wall is provided for the public to share their vaccine adverse event experiences and are displayed chronologically. Click to view stories about vaccine harassment and vaccine failures.

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  • Posted: Jun. 15, 2022
    I received the 2nd Pfizer COVID-19 booster in left arm. Experienced flu-like symptoms after 1st Booster. Aside from sore left arm and shoulder, no other side effects. While showering on May 31, 2022, I felt a large mass in my breast that was not present when I took my mammogram in April 8, 2022. On June 1, the lump was larger. I went to my primary care office on June 2, 2022. I was sent to The Breast Center for an ultrasound on June 7, 2022. A baseline mammogram was also taken to document the lump. No one know for sure what caused the lump. I was told that there have been several issues with the vaccine and lymph node enlargements in the armpits and underarms. The lump is still present and has not decreased in size.
  • Posted: May. 16, 2022
    My friend Arnold had his first (and only) vaccine in December of 2021. Within two months he developed shaking and skin "breakouts"(small red bumps that would come and go). He would develop wrinkles that would come and go in hands and toes, like his tissue would collapse, and intermittent fluid retention. He has heaviness, and weakness in his legs and feet, along with numbness and tingling. Sudden numbness in his upper back that comes and goes as well. He has multiple bulging veins and spasms and twitching near his elbows. As well as a spongy sensation on the bottoms of his feet. He has hair loss on his arms and legs too. He also has developed shortness of breath, chest pressure, rapid heartbeat, fluctuating blood pressure and vasospasms. His tinnitus has become much worse, he has blurred vision, optical migraines and photophobia. With these symptoms his doctor prescribed hydroxychloroquine which helped him greatly. However, Arnold tends to develop a sensitivity to many medications and this happened with the hydroxychloroquine so he had to stop taking it and some of his symptoms returned to the point of causing him to not be able to function with activities of daily living at times. He is so frustrated with the way that he feels and just wants to get back to living a normal life.
  • Posted: May. 15, 2022
    Hi, I'm Cat, a 49-year-old mother of two, Bailey 19, and Brandon 23. A rock music lover and professional freelance concert photographer/photojournalist known in the music community for that bright red smile you see snapping photos away. I am the one that talks to everyone I know and makes friends everywhere I go. I have always been full of life, love, and personality, and always been the person to step up and offer help to others and be the last to leave. Beginning after her first vaccine dose with Johnson & Johnson on April 1, 2021, we noticed her change in personality and stamina. I became overly exhausted and always tired, no matter how much sleep I had. We marked this up to possible menopause and the current sleep medication. But things began to get worse; however, we still did not associate this with the first vaccine. By November 9, 2021, I received her 2nd shot, the Pfizer booster. We did not notice any immediate issues and figured everything was ok. Within two weeks, we saw issues beginning to happen. Her hair started falling out in clumps. Slowly over time, we noticed neurological changes in her. I began to sleep more and fell asleep while sitting at my desk. The tiredness grew into chronic exhaustion where I could not stay awake and started falling asleep in mid sentences and driving. Getting up in the morning led to severe brain fog and small tremors. Small tremors that lasted for 10 minutes or less became three days at a time. My neurological changes became very apparent when speaking when my words began to slur over time, and I could not remember certain things or what I was talking about. The list of side effects grew, and now we are into one year since the J&J vaccine and six months since the Pfizer vaccine, and the side effects have gotten worse. I keep a daily medical diary to keep track of what is happening to me and inform my doctors and health care professionals of changes in my health. Here are some of the adverse side effects and neurological issues that I have on a daily basis. *Neurological issues including tremors and shaking (started off in the mornings after getting up out of bed and now is happening throughout the day, all day and lasts up to 3 days at a time) *Can't concentrate at all *Light sensitivity *Chest tightness and breathing issues *Hair falling out in huge clumps (2 times) *Chronic Headaches *Heart palpitations *Brain fog (every day, all day, worse in the mornings as soon as I wake up) *Stuttering *Chronic exhaustion & fatigue (every day all day long, never ceases) *Falling asleep in chair, driving, and anywhere that I sit within 5-10 minutes *Hands swelling and random red rashes or streaks on skin *Nausea *Falling and imbalance *My Body is heavy *Red/glazed eyes *Arm pain (happens with the hand swelling) *Ringing of ears (tinnitus) *Cold/Hot intolerance with the body feeling like I have a fever, but I have no fever (24/7) *Body pain Recently, I went through a round of bloodwork and testing was diagnosed with pseudoparkinsonism, dysautonomia, and Epstein Barr virus. A recent MRI test showed fluid in several spaces that were not prevously there and additional bloodwork showed positive ANA Antibodies and an abnormal urinalysis which confirms the issues I am having with my kidneys. I have 7 different doctors at this time, who all are working hard to find out what is wrong with me and how to cure me if I can be cured. It has been a long hard and difficult road to go through and facing this honestly feels so lonely at times. I am unable to work anymore full-time, I lost my job recently because my boss could not deal with all the doctor appointments in so many words and claimed it was on my job performance. I am financially, emotionally, physically, and mentally devastated by this. I can no longer sustain my household financially as I am was the only one working and sustaining our household due to the pandemic. Bills are piling up and I honestly do not know how I will begin to take care of them from now on. I have been through things in my life that was frightning, but nothing like this, that shows no end in sight. I am not sure if having an autoimmune disease (fibromyalgia, arthritis) and having the shots with this is what caused havoc on my neurological system and body, but being forced to have it for my job at that time, there was not options. But I was happy to take it to ensure that I as well as those around me were safe and with my parents being up in age, I was doing the right thing to keep them safe as well. I am no longer self-sufficient and independent. I have to rely on my children and boyfriend to help with with everyday life, including getting dressed, driving, housework and shopping. I have been gaslighted by medical professionals, friends, coworkers and people in the community. I have been chastized for taking it and chastized for claiming it has injured men and even saying the words vaccine side effects sends people running for the hills, including medical professionals. I have been dropped by medical professionals who no longer want to care for me and crusified for coming to the Emergency Room because I have not taken it serously enough and thinking they were going to perform a miracle. My days are spent sleeping and waiting for my body and mind to wake up and come around where I can communicate. There is a doctor appointment every week, and I research cures for my condition. I miss spending time with my family and friends, music and photographing concerts. I miss being independent, healthy and alive. I fear this is the rest of my life. My journey is like many others now. Unknown and scary. We should receive the care and support we deserve to get well.
  • Posted: Apr. 2, 2022
    My name is Justine Bennett, vaccine adverse reaction and injury. On 11/30/2010 I received the influenza vaccine: FLU (fluLAVAL Multi-Dose) with preservative quadrivalent (CVX=158) Lot# UH214AB I have narcolepsy with cataplexy my doctor wrote me a letter letting me know that the vaccine caused narcolepsy took me ten years to find out!!! i can not ever work or drive again due to cataplexy attacks also found out the vaccine was not FDA approved in the U.S till 2013 ???? still need some answers but know one will give them to me i have so much more info if you want to know reach out to me!! i have Youtube narcolepsymama tiktok narcolepsy925 watch my videos see what happens to me from the vaccine i was only 18 yeards old and just had my brand new baby

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