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Vaccines can sometimes cause injury and death and these risks can be greater for some than others. Since 1982, the NVIC has operated a Vaccine Reaction Registry, which has served as a watchdog on reports submitted to the federal Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS). NVIC's Vaccine Reaction Wall is provided for the public to share their vaccine adverse event experiences and are displayed chronologically. Click to view stories about vaccine harassment and vaccine failures.

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  • Posted: Jun. 21, 2024
    Every well check we had to put up with the inquisition of why we don’t vaccinate. Her primary was very respectful but the nurses and other Drs they’d see weren’t so great. I finally was worn down. To me this flies right in the face of their Hippocratic oath to do no harm. Especially when the parent knows we all have a MTHFR problem. And my youngest several gene snps to live vaccines. One specialist she saw asked me if I wanted her genome interpreted by him. I said no it had been interpreted by three different companies to verify her issues. Because I wouldn’t let him see it, he put in his notes that he saw no reason why she couldn’t be vaccinated 😡 technically not a lie because he was denied permission to look at it. Anyway I gave in, I heard there’s more danger with an apple and it’s pesticides (not mine I buy organic) you take a more risk each time you drive your car (maybe) and my favorite when asking directly about possible reactions you get. Oh there may be some redness at the injection site or mild fever. Parents read the inserts to the vaccines. There are a lot of side effects listed. But for some dumb reason, I waited until the warmer weather was here and she they were at their healthiest. After her varicella she got real sick, 104* fever. I was up all night calling them and putting her in cool tubs. When I finally spoke with a nurse, when she was feeling better, she said oh she must’ve been coming down with something. Any other med they’d say she must’ve had a reaction and stop taking it. But those precious vaccines are protected by everyone all the way up to our government. I said no she was very healthy when I brought her in I think it was a reaction to the vaccine. Maybe we should report it to VAERS (yes I knew about that and the compensation website dedicated to vaccine injuries by the government) But she said oh no that’s not necessary, I said then I will, and I did. How can they keep track of these things if they’re not reported. We were lucky, no major injury. But many aren’t so lucky. Some of these injuries come later so aren’t connected. I’m blessed with two healthy daughters and we have a huge respect for life and how the body should be treated. My best friends boy was fine before his MMR shot and has autism. The CDC even admits it now. So why are we still forced to hurt our children in the name of health? And parents punished for their good judgment, the only judgment that matters. Those who are informed properly on all the risks can decide. I didn’t even realize that our religion was an exemption I was so focused on the logic of it all because I’m a holistic practitioner. The government does not belong in my medical care or my religion. And our constitution guarantees that as long as we stand up for it! Oh and where is the government when they’re injured by these vaccines? Leaving parents to deal with it on their own!! Expenses and all. Or 30 years in court to be reimbursed for damages, Any parent who goes through any vaccine injury would do anything to change that moment in time. Teach others! Be that voice for those making the decisions to learn from us! Parents should be the ONLY final say in their families health and religious beliefs! Respect those decisions won’t you government, please?! Forget about profits on vaccines won’t you please?!
  • Posted: May. 17, 2024
    Jennifer was pregnant at the time she got the shot and developed a chronic cough a few days after the shot was given. Was seen by many different doctors in quick care and ER for this and either fractured or bruised her ribs but was unable to get an xray due to being pregnant but the ER doctor diagnosed her with one or the other. To this date she still has a cough. The doctor has given her allergy pills thinking this was due to an allergy buy they have not helped to clear the cough. It has improved over time but still coughs every day and at night.
  • Posted: Apr. 20, 2024
    Born addicted, taken by CPS, bullied into forced vaccination, developed seizure like movement disorder, ADHD, learning problems...mother of this child had grand mal seizure at age 1yr old after MMR vaccine. Aunty blacked out after MMR, two uncles with ADHD in addition one of them also had Oppositional defiant disorder, Tourette's.
  • Posted: Jan. 24, 2024
    I received a shot at my local CVS around 12:30 PM on Tuesday. That night when I went to bed my arm was so sore I could not even put the blanket on it. I did not sleep at all from the pain and the chills. I kept adding more clothes but I could not get warm. My forehead and neck were burning but my hands were freezing. I did take my temperature and I did not have a fever. Every inch of my body ached from my head to my toe and all parts in between. I rested and took Tylenol and by seven at night I finally felt somewhat better. I have not been this sick in over 50 years when I got the flu that one time. I have never had a flu shot since then. I did have my two other Covid shots and follow up shot and had no reaction from them. However, this shot was different. I am so upset that I was this sick. I will never get another vaccine again, no matter what! I might mention that I am 82 and in excellent health, so none of this should have happened. Thank you.

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