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Paul Arthur

Paul Arthur is Chief Operations Officer. Following two years of volunteer service as a budget planning and program development consultant for NVIC, Paul retired from the military and became Director of Operations in August 2008. Currently serving as Chief Operations Officer, he is responsible for leading and monitoring internal operations and budget development, fund raising and NVIC’s social media program.

Born and raised in Boston, Paul joined the U.S. Air Force in October 1965 and served 20 years on active duty and another 23 years as a Department of the Army Civilian. In his military/Government Service career, which included 19 years of service in foreign countries, he was a Business, Food & Beverage Management and Training Specialist directing programming and policy for Officer and Enlisted Clubs and recreation facilities. As a Program Manager for Army Clubs worldwide he has taught accounting, marketing, personal management and business programming. He followed U.S. Troops to Kuwait and Iraq in 2003, establishing and initially managing the Soldier Return Program; ensuring soldiers were able to return home from combat for a two-week break.

Paul is an anthrax vaccine survivor. During the initial stage of Operation Iraqi Freedom, he was injured by the mandatory anthrax vaccination given to all service personnel and returned to the U.S., eventually unable to work for over a year while recuperating and undergoing extensive therapy to alleviate symptoms of loss of lung capacity, disabling fatigue, neuropathy and short term memory loss, from which he has partially recovered. Paul is the father of four children; grandfather of five and has two great-granddaughters.

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