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Steven M. Rubin, Ph.D., Complete Bio
Updated March 07, 2022

Steven M. Rubin


1978 Ph.D. from Carnegie Mellon University, Department of Computer Science
1976 M.S. from Carnegie Mellon University, Department of Computer Science

B.S. from Carnegie Mellon University, Department of Mathematics


2/10 - 2/17

Oracle, Consulting Member of Technical Staff.  VLSI CAD systems research and development.

Sun Microsystems, Distinguished Engineer. VLSI CAD systems research and development.
4/00- Static Free Software, president. Developing free VLSI CAD systems.
4/99-6/02 Sun Microsystems, consultant. VLSI CAD systems development.
12/97-12/99 Interval Research, consultant. 3D modeling and animation systems.
3/97-11/97 Electric Editor, Incorporated, chief technical officer and vice president. VLSI CAD research and development.
8/88-1/97 Apple Computer, principle engineer. Graphics and CAD research.
1/85-7/88 Schlumberger Palo Alto Research, member of technical staff. VLSI Design systems research.
7/81-12/84 Fairchild Camera and Instrument Corporation, computer scientist, Artificial Intelligence Laboratory. Research in VLSI design, design aids, and computer graphics.

Bell Telephone Laboratories, member of technical staff, Visual Communications Research Department. Research in computer vision, graphics, and VLSI design.

5/78-10/78 Carnegie-Mellon University, research associate, Computer Science Department. Research in computer vision and graphics.
9/73-8/74 Carnegie-Mellon University, part-time programmer, Computer Science Department. Computer graphics.
9/71-4/73 Carnegie-Mellon University, part-time systems programmer, Psychology Department.
Consulting The Chester Engineers (Coraopolis, Pa.); Three Rivers Computer Corporation (Pittsburgh, Pa.).
Summer Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory, graphics programming (1976), Sandoz-Wander, Inc., financial programming (East Hanover, N.J., 1973), Owens-Illinois, Inc., financial programming (Brystol, Pa., 1972), Vahlsing, Inc., financial programming (Robbinsville, N.J., 1971-72), Realtime Systems, Inc., financial programming (New York, N.Y., 1970).


1987 Computer-aided design tools, Stanford CIS, one-week intensive course.
1986 Computer-aided design tools, Schlumberger.

Computer graphics, Stanford University, one quarter each year.

1977 Computer graphics, Carnegie-Mellon University.
1975-76 Computer graphics, Carnegie-Mellon University (teaching assistant).
1975 Introductory FORTRAN, Carnegie-Mellon University.


How Free Software Pays my Bills,”Free Software Magazine 1, 3, March 2000.
A Real-Time Low-Latency Hardware Light-Field Renderer” (with Matthew Regan, Gavin Miller, and Chris Kogelnik),Computer Graphics Proceedings (Siggraph 99), 287-290, August 1999.
Lazy Decompression of Surface Light Fields for Precomputed Global Illumination” (with Gavin Miller and Dulce Ponceleon), Proceedings, 9th Eurographics Workshop on Rendering, (Drettakis & Max, eds.), 281-292, June 1998.
A General-Purpose Framework for CAD Algorithms,” IEEE Communications, Special Issue on Communications and VLSI, May 1991.
The Association of Textual and Graphical Circuit Descriptions, and Other Hard Problems in Computer-Aided Design,Proceedings, Canadian Conference on VLSI (CCVLSI) - 87, Winnipeg, October 1987. 
Computer Aids for VLSI Design, Addison-Wesley, Reading Massachusetts, 1987.
An Integrated Aid for Top-Down Electrical Design,” Proceedings, VLSI '83 (Anceau and Aas, eds.), North Holland, Amsterdam, 1983. 
An Integrated Aid for Top-Down Electrical Design,” Proceedings, ICCAD - 83, IEEE Computer Society Order No 518, September 1983. 
The Representation and Display of Scenes with a Wide Range of Detail,” Computer Graphics and Image Processing 19, 1982. 
Natural Scene Recognition Using Locus Search,” Computer Graphics and Image Processing 13, 1980. 
A Three-Dimensional Representation for Fast Rendering of Complex Scenes”(with Whitted), Computer Graphics 14, 3, August 1980. 
The ARGOS Image Understanding System,” (Ph.D. Thesis) C-MU Technical Report, 1978.
Representation of Three-Dimensional Objects” (with Reddy), C-MU Technical Report, 1978. 
Harp, A Low-Cost 25 MIPS Digital Processor” (with Kriz, Reddy, Rosen, and Saunders), C-MU Technical Report, 1978. 
The LOCUS Model of Search and its Use in Image Interpretation” (with Reddy), Proceedings of 5th International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence, August 1977. 
Graphics Display Processor Users Manual," C-MU Technical Report, 1976, 1978.
BRAILLEII, A Grade II Braille Transcription Program,Carnegie Technical, 1974.



5,264,836, “Three Dimensional Cursor,” a method for controlling a 3D cursor using a mouse, 1993.
5,050,091, “Integrated Electric Design System with Automatic Constraint Satisfaction,” the control system in the Electric VLSI design system (also Canadian Patent 1270067 and European Patent 86400429.9), 1991.
4,435,836, “Technique for extracting features from images,” a hardware method for searching an image, 1984.



Article written about Electric in Silicon Valley TechWeek, May 1999.
Article written about Electric in EE Times, November 1998.
Keynote speaker at Canadian Conference on VLSI, Winnipeg Manitoba, October 1987. 
Awarded NSF grant for VLSI CAD education, July 1987. 
Committee member, IEEE Computer Society Workshop on VLSI, Clearwater Beach, Florida, February 1987. 
Invited panel member for "Intelligent CAD Software: Current Status, Future Prospects", IEEE International Conference on Computer-Aided Design, November 1985. 
Invited panel member for "VLSI - Its Impact on Your Career", University of Calgary, February 1985.
Appointed Fairchild Key Technologist, March 1984. 
Fairchild Achievement award for the Electric VLSI Design System, March 1983.
Made film of thesis research: "Knowledge in Vision: The ARGOS Image Understanding System," 1980. 
Guest lecturer for course in Artificial Intelligence at Columbia University, April 1980. 
Invited showing of computer graphics art at Forbes Street Gallery, January 1978. 
Invited speaker on topic of Computer Graphics: Carnegie-Mellon University, October 16, 1975; Keystone Oaks High School, January 5, 1976, May 16, 1978.
Television news feature on computer games, KDKA television, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, February 3, 1977.



Married to Amy Lansky, two children: Izaak and Max.
Lead singer of rock bands S.D. (1985 to 1986), Severe Tire Damage (1989 to present).
Architecture studies: College of San Mateo 1987 to 1988; Princeton University 1979 to 1980. 
Reader at Recording for the Blind and Dyslexic.
Foreign languages: French. 
Hobbies: wood, water. 

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