Homeland Security

Updated February 07, 2023

The Homeland Security Bill was a piece of federal legislation designed to address terrorism threats against the United States, federal health officials were given the power they had been seeking to force vaccination on citizens without informed consent and generally be held blameless for the vaccine-induced death or injury of any citizen. Understanding that public health and vaccine laws are under state control, in 1999 the Centers for Disease Control commissioned the drafting of model state legislation which would give broad new powers to public health officials.

Known as the Model State Emergency Health Powers Act (MSEHPA), this draft legislation would make it easy for public health officials to persuade Governors to declare a “public health emergency” and use the state militia, if necessary, to arrest, quarantine and forcibly vaccinate citizens, while those who make vaccines or enforce use of them would be exempt from liability for any vaccine deaths or injuries which occur. Below are selected statements relating to Homeland Security and vaccines.


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