Vaccine Safety: Where we stand?

Barbara Loe Fisher, Co-Founder & President

National Vaccine Information Center
Institute of Medicine Vaccine Safety Forum
November 6, 1995

With the advent of 45 new vaccines, particularly the new supervaccine that reportedly will contain raw DNA from 40 different kinds of bacteria and viruses that will be squirted into the mouths of all newborn infants and time released in the body throughout life, we must be absolutely sure that the vaccine policies which we endorse today do not weaken the immune and neurological systems of and cause negative genetic changes in whole generations of children tomorrow. We must be scientifically certain that it is safe and effective to vaccinate babies or military recruits or pregnant women or sick people in nursing homes with so many live viral and killed bacterial simultaneously – or that it is safe and effective to vaccinate sick children or children with family histories of vaccine reactions or immune system disorders, which is the current policy.

The only way we can effectively detect and respond to vaccine adverse events is to have the will and the commitment to ask the hard questions and find out the truth about how vaccines impact on the body. And then we must have the will and commitment to act responsibly on our conclusions in order to protect the public health. To do anything less, in our view, is morally unacceptable.

Those of us who have worked for the past 14 years for meaningful reform of the mass vaccination system to make it safer, stand ready to work with you in any way we can to achieve that goal as long as we know that what is being done is not simply window dressing or maintaining the status quo or playing politics as usual. The time has come to take action before it is too late for many other children, who have no choice and have no voice, in a war on disease that is supposed to save lives and not take them.

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