Science for Hope and Healing: CHALLENGING THE STATUS QUO

As infectious diseases in childhood have dropped to dramatic new lows in the U.S., Canada and Europe during the past quarter century, there has been a corresponding dramatic increase in chronic disease and disability among children and young adults.  The numbers of children with learning disabilities, attention deficit disorder and asthma have doubled; diabetes has tripled and autism has increased 200 percent or more in most states in America. The question yet to be answered by medical science is: why?

After more than a century of persistent reports in the medical literature that vaccination can induce chronic immune and neurological dysfunction, the Second International Public Conference on Vaccination is bringing together distinguished epidemiologists, pediatric neurologists, microbiologists, cell biologists, gastroenterologists, immunologists, pediatricians, and internal medicine specialists from the U.S., Canada and Europe to discuss the biological mechanisms and possible high risk factors for adverse responses to vaccination. Pioneering researchers will present the results of their investigation into how and why vaccines cause chronic illness and clinicians exploring innovative treatment options will discuss how individualized therapies are being used to help heal children whose mental regression and immune dysfunction suddenly developed after vaccination.

MEDICAL POLICY: A NEED FOR CHANGE  After exploring the biology of vaccination, physicians, historians, lawyers and parent child health advocates will address controversial medical policy issues, including whether current vaccination policies place some individuals at unnecessary risk for vaccine reactions; whether vaccine licensing and safety standards are high enough; and whether product liability and conflict of interest issues are preventing the institution of safety reforms in the mass vaccination system. 

INFORMED CONSENT TO VACCINATION  The human right to informed consent to medical procedures which carry a risk of injury or death is the centerpiece of modern bioethics. Violation of the informed consent ethic has become routine in the U.S., as more and more punitive economic, educational and social sanctions are being levied against parents and children who do not conform to federal vaccine policies and state mandatory vaccination laws. At this conference, the freedom for all people of the world to make informed, voluntary health care decisions, including vaccination decisions, for themselves and their children will be defended. 
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