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What Travel Vaccines & Visa Requirements Do I Need To Travel?

Updated December 28, 2023

Travel Vaccinations

Q: I am planning to travel outside of the United States? What vaccines am I required to take?

A: Travelers to foreign countries should do research and find out what the infectious disease risks are in the countries they will be visiting. The risks of contracting a particular infectious disease and suffering complications versus the risks of getting vaccinated and experiencing a complication have to be weighed in the context of the individual person's health history and risk profile.

The CDC website contains information for international travelers, as do several other websites, about which vaccines are recommended for which countries. It is also important to determine which vaccines are required for obtaining various visas, including travel to other countries.

Some countries will allow you entrance without particular vaccines but will not allow you to leave the country and travel to another country without getting certain vaccines. Be sure you understand vaccination requirements for entering and exiting foreign countries, including the U.S.

As with all vaccines, become informed about potential high risk factors when vaccinating by reviewing NVIC's "Ask Eight, Before You Vaccinate. It is also advisable to read vaccine manufacturer product inserts, seek out additional resource information and speak with a trusted health care professional. If you choose to vaccinate, you may want to consider spreading vaccines out over time rather than getting them all in one day.

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