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Updated February 13, 2023

52 Doses Brochure
50 Doses & CDC Vaccine Schedule
Learn about the CDC's recommended 52 doses of 15 before age 6, safety questions, and state vaccine requirements.
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Flu Brochure
Stay Healthy this Flu Season
Learn how  to stay healthy this flu season and about the influenza vaccine.
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Ask 8 Brochure
Ask 8 Questions Before You Vaccinate
Ask yourself these important questions before you vaccinate and learn how to recognize vaccine reaction symptoms.
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Law Reform Guide
Vaccine Law Reform Guide
Click the image above to view and download the fully referenced guide.

NVIC Special Report
Vaccine Strain Infection Infection, Shedding & Transmission
Learn about the potential of live virus vaccines like influenza, measles, shingles and chickenpox to spread illness.

C.A.N. Rack Cards
C.A.N. Rack Cards
Learn how you can connect with legislators, take action and network with like-minded citizens via the NVIC Advocacy portal.

Vaccine Culture War: Myth #1
Vaccine Culture War: Myth #1
Just like any other pharmaceutical product, vaccines carry a risk of injury or death. Gain knowledge today, learn more about vaccines and diseases and their associated risks.

Vaccine Culture War: Myth #2
Vaccine Culture War: Myth #2
Just the opposite is true. Most people who question vaccine safety are very intelligent and understand the difference between good science and bad science.

Vaccine Culture War: Myth #3
Vaccine Culture War: Myth #3
While we are all born equal with equal rights under the law, we are not born all the same. Get informed on vaccine exemptions to learn more.

Vaccine Culture War: Myth #4
Vaccine Culture War: Myth #4
You do not have to belong to an organized religion or state recognized church to hold sincere religious or spiritual beliefs about health and vaccination. Understand vaccine exemptions by reading more today.

Vaccine Culture War: Myth #5

The Institute of Medicine has confirmed that some individuals have genetic risk factors that make them more susceptible to vaccine injury and death. Inform yourself today, learn more about vaccines and diseases and their associated risks.

5 Vaccine Myths
5 Vaccine Myths
Download our five Vaccine Culture War Myths excerpted from NVIC's referenced commentary - The Vaccine Culture War in America: Are You Ready?

Informed Consent is a Human Right
Informed Consent
Become an informed consent advocate in your state and help protect human and civil rights in America at
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The Science and Politics of Eradicating Measles
Learn about the science and politics of eradicating measles in 2019.



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