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Updated September 21, 2023

Download NVIC's educational posters by simply clicking on the images below. Get ready to explore and expand your knowledge!


To access the poster and observe a visual comparison of the recommended childhood vaccine schedule's growth since 1983, simply click on the image.

Discover more by clicking on the image above! Explore the CDC's recommended 52 doses of 15 vaccines before the age of 6, get answers to safety questions, and find out about  state vaccine requirements.

Get ready to stay healthy this  flu season and spread awareness about informed vaccine choices by downloading our poster. Just click on the image above and start learning!

Ready to download the poster? Simply click on the image! Take a moment to ask yourself these crucial questions before vaccinating and discover how to identify symptoms of vaccine reactions. 

Download the image and help raise awareness by using this poster as a gentle reminder that vaccines come with risks and may not always be effective. Let's spread the word together!

Grab your copy of our vaccine exemption poster and explore the medical, religious, and philosophical exemptions available on a state-by-state basis. Start downloading now and gain valuable insights!

Empower others and promote the importance of preserving vaccine choice and informed consent with this impactful poster. Share it widely to raise awareness and inspire everyone to prioritize informed consent. Let's encourage informed decision-making together!

Make a difference by downloading the poster and discovering how you can contribute through donations. Just click on the image above and find out how you can lend a helping hand!

Unlock valuable time-saving resources and access the poster by clicking on the image above. Discover a wealth of essential information efficiently and effortlessly with our carefully curated collection. Let's get you to the most important details in no time!

Click the image above.  Explore the ways in which you can engage with legislators, take impactful action, and connect with fellow citizens who share your values through the NVIC Advocacy Portal. Start your journey today!
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